The Answers to Your Ultimate Health & Vitality Have Arrived. 

Feel like you need to hit the reset button? Take a few moments and check in; where can you begin to re-engage with your path?

  • You wake up feeling exhausted, no matter how many hours of sleep you received the night before.
  • Stress and anxiety are two of your most commonly felt emotions.
  • You feel a sense of ‘brain fog,’ and lack of mental clarity. 
  • You know things you “need” to do in order to live a healthier life, yet for some reason you have a hard time sticking to it.
  • You’re got everything on the outside, yet feel alone on the inside. 
  • Having a full night’s sleep, waking up feeling fully restored is a dream you would like to make your reality.
  • You’re ready to connect deeper to the sense of vitality, somehow you’ve lost along the way.
  • You want a community of support that will help you step into your HIGHEST & BEST version of yourSELF 


The Mindful Detox with Amanda Biccum

Discover your own
Vitality Path

There is an inner wellspring within you waiting to be found.  A sense of enhanced energy, clarity and increased vitality awaits.

Through optimized nutrition, mindfulness and stress reduction techniques you’ll begin to rediscover your vitality.

Kris achieved these results with the 21-Day #DetoxNotDiet Program:

  • Relief from her constistant headaches
  • No more gas and bloating
  • Feeling connected to her body
  • More energy
  • An understanding of what foods work for best for her body
  • Creating a postitive influence in her community
  • Support from the community and Amanda

Detox Not Diet testimontial

In the Group Coaching Program you will receive: 

Welcome Kit – giving you all the tools you need to get started

Resource Kit – filled with additional information to help you achieve long lasting results

Community Support – added to a private FB group that will be going through the journey with you

Weekly FB LIVE’s and Q & A session (for group detox) or 1 Nutrition Coaching Session with DIY Version – Connect in for the weekly Q & A answer any questions that may have come up and additional guidance

My Support – ability to ask questions and seek guidance when you need it

Guide Book– a 34 page #DetoxNotDiet guide book that filled with everything you need to achieve the results you desire

Personal Guided Emails – I’ll be showing up in your email throughout the 21-days to walk you through the process every step of the way.

Join Future Programs at a Special Rate – plus, all the tools you need to do this process again in the future!

And ultimately, a transformation that lasts a lifetime.

Detox for gut health with amanda biccum

About the Author

Amanda Biccum #TheGutGal

Amanda is a Holistic Wellness & Mindset Coach who is currently living in Santa Cruz California. She spends her free time teaching yoga, building community and enjoying the adventures of the outdoors. She has successfully healed her own gut based issues (leaky gut, candida, dermatitis) using all natural holistic based protocols.  Now she works with clients around the world to help them restore vitality getting them back to ultimate health in body, mind and spirit.

Detox NOt Diet with Amanda Biccum

Have more questions? Of course you do!
Here are some answers to my FAQ! 

  • Can I eat out while detoxing?

    Yes, for the majority of the detox it is best advised to eat at home, however there are plenty of ways that you can edit menu items at some restaurants so that they still adhere to your detox protocol.

  • Can I start it straight away?

    Depending on what course you buy. The next Group Coaching Starts on May 7th. However if you choose the DIY,  you can start as soon as you like. For best results, it’s recommended to look at your schedule and find a chunk of 21 days where you have the least amount of social engagements to attend to/ vacations planned.

    (Note: there is no ‘perfect time to detox, there will always be something/vent/party trying to sneak in the way of you and your commitment to SELF.

  • Is there anything else I have to buy once I’ve started?
    Yes. There are a few all natural supplements recommending in the course including a; parasite tonic, diatomaceous earth, probiotics and ACV. Depending on your current health state and whether you are vegetarian/vegan other supplements are recommended but not required. The supplement recommendations and list will be given to you in the Welcome & Supplement kit.

    There is a portion of the detox that includes a 2-7 day juice & broth cleanse. For this portion you will need access to a juicer, this does not necessarily mean you need to go buy a juicer, many clients find success in asking around in their community and chances are one person has a juicer not being used for the week.

  • Do you only require one time payment?
    Yes. There is a one time payment of $375 for DIY or $475 for Group Coaching Program.
  • Do I get lifetime access?
    Yes, with purchase of this program you get lifetime access and connection to the private FB tribe. You also get the special chance to join the Group Coaching Detoxes as a special price not offered to anyone else!

Join The Tribe
DIY (anytime anywhere) $275

You can start anytime, anywhere in the comfort of your own home!