flow with intention transformational retreat

Flow with Intention on a Transformational Retreat- An attempt to explain the unexplainable

To Flow with Intention is to choose the conscious path and begin to witness your life manifest before your eyes.  

isle verde restaurant view
Hotel restaurant view

Flow with Intention in practice


When you wake up each morning guided by an intention that aligns with your highest SELF making sure that every action matches and aligns with that intention; bliss will undoubtedly be found.  

The challenge is that most of us are sleeping– choosing to check out instead of check in, which leaves us unconsciously manifesting realities we never truly wanted.  

We often play the victim, blaming things outside ourselves for the reasons why inside we feel the way we do.  

Can you see the conflict? 

The truth is you always have a choice and even when you choose not to choose, you’ve made a choice.  Our lives are a compilation of all the choices we’ve made up until this moment.  

Empowerment comes when you realize each moment offers you an opportunity to choose something different. 

The transformational retreat a uniquely different experience for all.


No matter what you’ve lived, where you come from, or what your expectations are, you will always get what you need.  

One of the biggest lessons received by the group this week was that when you have an open heart, you can never truly go wrong.

 It was our open hearts that brought us together.  It was the power and belief that we had in ourselves, as well as one another that made this experience so strong.

Can you let go of expectations and just allow yourself to receive? 

The mind will always try to understand, the heart doesn’t have to try, it knows. 

“When you know, you know and when you don’t know, you know.”


This was a powerful quote that came up for us all this week.

There is so much happening around us in every moment that one can never truly understand the meaning of it all– it’s exhausting to even try.  When you can release the expectations of the mind, letting go of the ideas of good and bad, accepting that every experience is your life’s teacher, only then do you have the opportunity feel fulfillment in every moment. 

yoga shala view guatemala
View from the indoor yoga shala

The overarching lessons from this retreat




Check in daily and check in often. The more you check in, the more you connect. 

Be present with all sensations, even in the darkest and most unknown of times.

Move slowly and mindfully.  The slower you move the more aware you become– conscious creation is rooted in awareness. 

Trust fully and completely, most importantly trust yourself. 

Accept responsibility.  Realize that everything you are and everything that surrounds you would not be brought to life without you.  This means entails both the light and the dark.  

Responsibility is as much of a blessing as it is a challenge.  Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it.  For when you embrace it, you find the true power that lies within.  

Trust in your heart, have patience and believe that adversity is your teacher and imagine that yes YOU CAN. 

The doing is great but the practice of being is truly golden

Savasana yoga with Amanda Biccum
Yogic Being- Savasana


We did many “things” yet our greatest treasures came from the reflections we had in the silent spaces that we held. 

We explored the historic city of Antigua seeing its chapels and enjoying its street food.  learned about the history, origin, and practice of the sacred plant cacao.  We learned to make delicious chocolate from bean to bar, we ate so much that it almost made us sick! 

We learned about the history, origin, and practice of the sacred plant cacao.  We learned to make delicious chocolate from bean to bar, we ate so much that it almost made us sick! 

We road through the Guatemalan mountains, boated across the pristine lake and landed at our beautiful sanctuary in Santa Cruz called Isle Verde.  Here we shared morning practices, evening workshops and delicious 3-course meals that constantly blew our minds. 

We played in the water and restored in the hammocks.  We reflected, we practiced and we watched the rain and soaked up the sun. 


grandfather shaman ceremony
The Sacred Mayan Grandfather

One of the most powerful pieces of this journey was the trip to Santiago when we were invited into a traditional Mayan shaman ceremony where we prayed, chanted and released our fears together.  It was a unique experience that left us all feeling a mix of emotions that I’m sure will take days, if not weeks to understand. 


It was a powerful journey for each and everyone one of us.  We entered the space with our own individual challenges and ended with feelings of love, compassion, and joy. 




I am completely honored, humbled and overcome with gratitude. Leading a group of people on a journey of transformation through intentional travel has been an absolutely incredible experience.  What made it even more magical was having my best friend and co-facilitator Carson Watts by my side.  We’ve been dreaming about facilitating these journey’s for over two years and having this first one come to fruition has been nothing less than a dream come true.




Needless to say, I look forward to the next.  May you too be inspired to flow with intention with us on our next transformational retreat.


Con Amor y Luz,

Amanda Biccum 


View from the yoga & sun deck









  1. Suz

    When you know you know and when you dont know you also know…so true Amanda beautiful words and lessons throughout .I would love to join you on your next retreat, intentional travel at its best sounds like you all grew in that week. Much love keep up the good work ??

    1. Thank you so much for reading Suz. I am so glad you gained some insight from this transformational retreat’s reflections!

      I would LOVE to have you on the next retreat! Sending love and light your way!

  2. Ranjot

    This is super stuff Amanda.. so amazing to read your experience.. you are doing some amazing work.. love the check ins !! Keep growing.. keep shining and keep flowing with intention.. intent to join you soon on one of these journeys !! Much love light and bliss your way..

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