I’m Amanda, your Spiritual Evolutionary ‘Life’ Coach.

As an Evolutionary ‘Life’ Coach, Amanda transforms individuals limiting beliefs, old patterns habits and lifestyle choices into optimized lifestyle routines and practices for personal transformation. 

By helping her clients decondition the deeply rooted societal conditioning her clients begin to connect to themselves in a way like never before.

Her deepest passion lies in helping expand the collective consciousness. Through embodiment practices and spiritual ‘life-hacks’ Amanda helps transform her clients from where they currently are, to where it is they desire to be. 

If deep down you are feeling like ‘there must be something more to life,’ and you are feeling the call to ignite your passion and step into your soul’s purpose- Vitality Path Coaching is waiting for you.

My Story

My path to ‘finding myself’ began back in 2009 when I moved to California to follow the typical ‘story to success’- college, a good job and thus living happily ever after… 

Fortunately, while following this road, I began to feel incredibly disconnected, alone and confused about what it was I truly wanted in life. This feeling led me down a path of the ‘inner journey’ where I discovered the powerful tools that mediation, yoga, mindfulness had to offer. 

Since then, I’ve traveled all around the world seeking knowledge from ancient traditions and cultures in order to discover what truly matters most when it comes to feeling happy, connected and living a life of deep inner meaning. 

After building up a successful yoga career in San Francisco and realizing I wanted to move beyond the ‘box’ and transcend time and space with my teachings, I decided to take my career online where I could continue to travel, teach and expand my ability to reach more people in a broader way.

My practice is built upon a wide background of techniques and tools including; holistic Nutrition, Detox, Tantra, yoga, Meditation, Qi gong, ayurveda, Theta Healing Technique and more.