I’m Amanda, a Holistic Wellness & Mindfulness Coach.

The majority of my work is with men. 

I provide men with the practical tools necessary in order to help them fully step into their power,  find their purpose and reignite their passion. 

We have been conditioned by society to believe a story about ‘what it means to be a man.’  These beliefs have created patterns, habits and limiting beliefs which often prevent men from loving themselves fully and tapping into their fullest potential. 


Through conscious belief work, lifestyle practices and mindfulness techniques, my clients are able to move beyond the patterns, habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve them. Creating the access point to embody the true source of their power.

Together, we will create a unique system of tools to help you feel strong and confident in your body, clear and decisive in your mind and fully centered in YOUR truth.

My Story

My path to ‘finding myself’ began back in 2009 when I moved to California to follow the typical ‘story to success’- college, a good job and thus living happily ever after… 

Fortunately, while following this road, I began to feel incredibly disconnected, alone and confused about what it was I truly wanted in life. This feeling led me down a path of the ‘inner journey’ where I discovered the powerful tools that mediation, yoga, mindfulness had to offer. 

Since then, I’ve traveled all around the world seeking knowledge from ancient traditions and cultures in order to discover what truly matters most when it comes to feeling happy, connected and living a life of deep inner meaning. 

After building up a successful yoga career in San Francisco and realizing I wanted to move beyond the ‘box’ and transcend time and space with my teachings, I decided to take my career online where I could continue to travel, teach and expand my ability to reach more people in a broader way.

My practice is built upon a wide background of techniques and tools including; holistic nutrition, detox, tantra, yoga, meditation, qi gong, ayurveda, Theta Healing Technique and more.

You may be asking why do I work with men?

For years in my practice, the majority of people who came were women; whether in yoga classes, workshops or my private coaching practice. I began to enquire with my colleagues and found for much of them, their ratio was the same. I began to ask myself “Why?” 

For years, we’ve been taught that women need to feel safe. I’m here to ask the question what about helping our men feel safe in their ability to express their authentic, vulnerable truth and find the strength that lies with that. For more, info on this movement you can check you the 3 Part FB LIVE series I created here