I teach yoga, but it’s not a job… it’s a passion

I teach yoga and it’s a passion, a life passion. You see, yoga is not just an activity that fit and flexible people do on a mat so that they can sweat and feel good about themselves. Of course this happens too, but true yoga is a daily practice that extends far beyond the yoga mat.

Like most people when I first stepped onto a yoga mat I was ready for a change. I came excited and prepared to undertake this physical practice that seemed to be all the rave. What I didn’t come prepared for was the transformation that would extend far beyond the limits of my own body… Little did I know over time this would become my life.

I teach yoga and it has become my way of living. I have the privilege of waking up each morning and guiding beautiful souls through a journey. Together we discover ourselves; our strengths, our weaknesses and our fears become known, perhaps not to the world but deep inside we are exposed, open and vulnerable. Together we breathe, we sweat, we feel and we dive deep into the depths of our bodies and our minds. The reasons we show up to the mat each day are different, but the intention is the same; we come to grow. It may start as a physical endeavor, but I assure you what keeps us coming back is something far greater.

Teaching is not just a privilege, it is an honor that truly challenges me each and every day to be the best person I can be. The practice goes with me everywhere, not just when I step onto my mat or into the studio, but it encompasses my thoughts, embodies my energy and it becomes my actions. I am by no means perfect, I struggle just as much as the students who sit before me, but it’s my practice that gives me the strength to continue on this path. It has become my life path. My goal is to inspire and help people connect to their center so that they can feel empowered on a daily basis. We are all strong warriors, with a deep burning desire to connect, to be loved and to be free.

I teach yoga, but it is not a job.  It was a gift given to me and now its my dharma to share it with the world.  May we all be happy, peaceful and free.


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