Love- Infinite, Expansive, Bliss


What is love but a true form of expansive and infinite bliss?

Who is to capture your love, captures your soul

To see beyond what meets the eyes and gaze into the depths of what your soul hides

To be naked, vulnerable and fully complete

No need to hold back, be ashamed or compete

Love is formless

As each wave is different in it’s energy, intensity and sound– so is the love that permeates this solid ground

To love one deeply, does not mean the depth of love shared with the other is feeble

No… love is expansive

Each time you open your heart to another, you expand your ability to love the other

To take love is a shame, to receive it is a gift

To embrace it, and give it fearlessly is perhaps the greatest test of our time

Embrace the essence, believe that it’s true

Embody this essence and let your love pour through

– The Space Holder

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