You are a Modern Warrior.

You’re driven, dedicated and committed to owning your greatness on every level.  

Yet, despite knowing what you’re capable of… something is holding you back.

It’s time.

Time to stop allowing old patterns, habits and limiting beliefs hold you back from truly stepping into your unlimited potential. 

Time to join a community of support who, like you, are ready to  start living their soul fulfilling purpose. The Modern Warriors have gathered; a group of brothers have chosen to step up to support one another in fully accessing their highest potential.

It’s time to discover your purpose, reignite your passion and fully step into your power.  Embark upon the 9-month Modern Warrior’s Path- your chance to be reborn. 


Change your mindset. Awaken your body. Reignite your soul. 


       release limiting beliefs & fears           reignite your creative passion         reinvent your daily life


reawaken your body’s vigor    reduce stress, beat fatiuge  enhance vitality


reconnect to your intuition & drive             rediscover soul’s purpose              reinspire your ‘daily grind’

What’s Included:

  • 3 Private one on one’s with Amanda
  • Monthly Mastermind Call with Your Tribe
  • Accountability Brother for Deep Dive Connections 
  •  Weekly Support via the Exclusive Warrior Group 
  • Practices to Increase Your SELF Worth & Confidence
  • Systems and Tools Proven to Increase Your Personal Power
  • Weekend Warrior’s Path ‘Retreat’ 

At the end of this 9-month program you will have been given the tools to help you identify and clear the habits, patterns and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from owning your truth.  

Your relationships will improveYour confidence grow. You will gain strength in your body, have more clarity in your mind and feel connected to your soul’s purpose.

You’ll be given guidance on how to harness your intuition so that you can make choices that are truly aligned with your life’s purpose instead of those which are driven by scarcity and fear. 

You’ll have a space to connect, feel and truly develop deep meaningful relationships with other brothers who, like you, are committed to the path of becoming their highest and best men deep down they know they are capable of being.   

Are you ready to say YES to
The Warrior’s Path?

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"Even when I pushed her buttons, pushed her comfort zone, she committed to the process with me. She doesn't just tell her clients to do things -- she walks the walk and joins you on the path to health and wellness. The last month I have been a runaway train, knowing that my path to greatness will not be stopped, with or without others support. I would recommend this coaching to anyone who could use some extra support. The commitment is worth every penny because it will change your attitude for the rest of your life!"
Dan Gregory
Amanda Biccum Mindset Coach

By waking up and becoming conscious of the stories in our mind, we realize that often these stories are not our stories but rather the stories of our fathers and their fathers — we then gain the power to ask ourselves if these stories truly honor our power today.

The Modern Warrior fights for his truth; deciding HIS story of ‘What it means to be a man.’ Realizing that it no longer needs to be something looked at outside the self, rather, what it means to be a man can be something that each individual man chooses too embody for himself.




Ignite The Power Within

  • Reconnect to the body
  • Clear and channel the focus of the mind
  • Enhance your potential  
  • Accelerate growth 
  • Become the Modern Warrior.

What are you waiting for?
You were born for greatness, your purpose is waiting.  

This program is designed to help you tap into and enhance every aspect of your life. By diving into doing and committing to do the ‘self-work’ we develop the tools to navigate our lives so that we are living in alignment with our highest truth.   

The best investment you could ever make is an investment in yourSELF.