Quality you can taste, backed by a mission you can trust

When it comes to food, quality is the only thing on my mind.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, quality can be easily masked behind fancy labels and unscrupulous wording often favoring the company’s pocket instead of your health.  As a person invested in holistic nutrition, it has become my mission to seek out those companies which truly do have the consumers’ health in mind instead of their own bottom line.

Practice what you preach
Intention is everything.  It’s not what you do, but why you do it that matters most.  If your intention is pure, then your message and delivery will be, too.  This week, it is my intention to bring your awareness to three local Bay Area companies that practice what they preach.  These companies are on the forefront of the nutrition battle and will bring you quality you can taste, backed by a mission you can trust.

Luke’s Local- helping busy people eat well

“I just don’t have enough time.”  This is probably the number one excuse I receive when talking to people about making diet and lifestyle changes to ultimately increase overall well-being.

Have no fear, Luke’s Local is here!  Luke Chappell, the founder of Luke’s Local, had just that in mind when he created this innovative new way of getting fresh, local, organic, home cooked meals delivered straight to you.  Whether it be at the office or at home, preparing meals for you or delivering just the right ingredients to your doorstep — Luke and his team of professionals are constantly innovating new ways to keep meal time delicious and nutritious.

Luke’s Local cares about creating community.  They only serve top quality produce from local organic farms, all within a day’s drive from the Bay Area.  Not only so, they have significant personal relationships with all of the farmers.  In other words, they know exactly how the animals and produce used are being raised and harvested.

Everything about this company is intentional.  They pride themselves on having the least amount of waste possible from packaging to food consumption.  The kitchen team finds ways to repurpose any food they do not sell, making homemade sauces, preserves or other delicacies for the next meal.  They have a Whole Pig Program where each week a whole pig is delivered to the store and every single part of the pig, down to the skin and bones, are used.  Even their packaging is intentional; after enjoying your delicious meal, take the sticker off and place it right into the composting bin.  Presto, we are back to square one!  With gluten free, vegan, Paleo and dairy free options, you will be sure to find something that fits both your budget and your pallet’s needs.

The Nola Bar- integrity in a wrapper

Living in the Bay, I find myself busily traveling from one place to the next.  It’s easy to get caught up in the flow of life only to realize later you haven’t eaten for hours.  On the road to health, it’s extremely important to have good quality food ready and available, that way you’re not tempted to reach for the products that seduce your mind and starve your body.

The Nola Bar is here to save the day!  This bar is not just another granola bar.  It’s packed with intentional superfood ingredients such as pumpkinseeds, quinoa, coconut oil, chia and flax seeds.  This bar will leave you feeling energized and keep you going until your next meal time.  Jordan, owner of Nola Bar, was tired of dealing with digestive issues, which typically come from high allergen foods.  She decided to take matters into her own hands, creating a bar that is handmade with love – no syrups, colorings, or preservatives.  The Nola Bar has all the “buzz words”: grain-free, soy-free, paleo, dairy-free and gluten-free.  She hand bakes them herself (out of a community kitchen space shared with Luke’s Local) and delivers them right to your door, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Kuli Kuli- The super food with super powers

As an entrepreneur, I spend a decent amount of time in coffee shops and I am almost always disappointed by the lack of nutrient dense foods available.  Kuli Kuli is a company I stumbled upon while at a local coffee shop and it saved me from all of the fluffy pastry calling to me from the

window.  Little did I know this company was not only local, but it has a mission that stretches far beyond the East Bay.

Kuli Kuli is founded by Lisa Curtis who volunteered for the Peace Corps in West Africa.  Living with the locals and eating a local diet, she found herself quickly becoming malnourished.  Then she found Moringa- a local tree with highly nutritious leaves.  Shortly after eating this super food, she regained her strength and from this experience Kuli Kuli was born!  Lisa is dedicated to providing sustainable nutrition to all those who seek it.  Part of her mission is to create sustainable jobs for those who work the farms in West Africa, as well as keep this vital plant alive and thriving.

Supporting the Community

I am so pleased to announce that these three local companies are coming together to support the growth in this conscious community.  They will be on hand,  providing their labor of love snacks at the next Silent Disco Yoga event at Lake Merritt in Oakland on July 31st.  They will be there to talk about their company, as well as provide you with a taste of their delicious and nutritious snacks

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