Tantra – SEX Like You Mean It

Tantra, the sacred sex you’ve always dreamed about


When you hear the word Tantra, images of naked bodies intimately intermingling often culminate in the mind. Ideas of kama sutra, exotic sex, and love making that lasts for hours create a magical script that ignites excitement and intrigue for many.


What is Tantra


The word Tantra is often loaded and has a subject in question for many…

What is Tantra really, and how does one begin to practice?

Tantra, at its core, is much deeper than sex — similar to how yoga, at its core, extends far beyond the asana. 

While yes, Tantra can involve sex, just as yoga does involve asana; ultimately, these practices in and of themselves expand far beyond the physical; they open up the doorway as another avenue to connect to the spiritual. 

Tantra is a gateway, a spiritual and energetic practice that allows one to experience deeper levels of conscious connection while in union with another. The practice of Tantra involves everything from meditation, to breath work, to rituals, and yes, sexual exploration.

Tantra, is not sex — it’s beyond sex. The force that drives this sacred act of play is rooted in energy, prana or chi. Without this life force, there simply is no Tantra.


Simply put, Tantra is soul sex

Tantric Sex

It’s beyond physical, beyond orgasmic, and arguably one of the closest forms of spiritual connection two beings have the ability to experience together.

Tantric energy is a magnetic energy; a force that runs to you and through you. It is an experience of ultimate bliss that has the ability to last not just seconds, but hours. Indeed, Tantra, at its essence, is beyond orgasmic.

Do you want to experience beyond orgasmic sex?

Most people have sex with the intention to orgasm, after all, what’s sex without the orgasm, right?

Not so fast…


In the practice of Tantra we view things differently.


Tantra is a practice where the end game is not to orgasm, rather to maintain riding the wave of ecstatic bliss that flows from one being to the next until the pleasure is so intense that the body eventually taps out, collapsing from exhaustion.

The idea is that we keep our energy within, in us, instead of releasing it out into the other. The sacred seed of energy expelled though orgasm, instead of being released, stays within, in a gesture to transcend.

This creates the ability to increase your vibrational frequency, enhancing connection to self, other, and ultimately, to spirit.

Sound too good to be true?

If you thought sex was good, Tantra is ecstatic.

Tantric Sex


By now, you may be getting antsy and ready to jump on the next beautiful being who walks your way. In reality, Tantra takes time, and the true practice of Tantra starts with no one other than yourself.

“You can only connect to others, as deeply as you are connected to yourSELF.”

Now, does this mean I am saying it’s time to whip out the toys and play with yourself until utter exhaustion? No, not quite (although if that piques your interest, then by all means have at it!).

Tantric Sex

What I’m saying is that before you go and try practicing Tantric ways with another, the foundation of Tantra lies with at first getting more deeply connected to yourSELF — in body, mind and spirit. 

How deep is your connection to yourSELF?

Do you know who you are at the depth of your own being?


If these questions sit at a level that is too deep to begin to understand, no need to worry. These questions are deep. They are meant to be open-ended and often open up an inquiry that truly lasts a lifetime.

To begin practicing Tantra you must start with an inquiry within.

Spend time with yourself in silence, with the very questions listed above. One must be patient and listen, if no answers come, keep sitting. 

Create time and space for yourself to just be. Only by being in the essence of your own company can you really discover the depths of your soul.

From there, we discover the ways in which we can connect deeply to another.

Stay tuned for specific breathwork and partner tantric practices in future blogs to come.

If meditation is new to you, it is a great place to start diving into oneself. Check out my previous blog titled “Meditation for the Modern Man.

What is it you want to know about the Tantric practices? Click here to go to part The Tantric Series BLOG part 2- True Tantra Starts with SELF.

Comment below, your comments have the power to script the next blog!


Love & Light from one God/Goddess to another,

Amanda Biccum

Holistic Health Coach



  1. Susie

    Beautiful Amanda, you’ve caught the essence of tantra in connection to the essence of the Self. Breaking the myths just tantra as sex orgies , rather a deep enquiry of the true self. Thank you x

  2. Grace

    Beautifully written. I was curious to see if you were going to post or list any resources for those who wanted to pursue their studies. I used to study about 15 years ago, but if you don’t have a partner who ‘get’s it’ then you don’t really get to practice the part that requires another person. I eventually decided that spiritual and energetic maturity either must be present in a partner or at least the willingness and discipline to pursue such. Otherwise, (energetically) it just feels like the man is dumping all his frustrations, angst and pent-up emotional refuse from the day(s) into my body. Annnnd… I am not a garbage can. Creating light together is way for fun and rewarding. Til then, I love myself and am perfectly happy creating art and chillin’ with my dog.

    1. Hey Grace,

      Happy New Year!

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Fortunately, there is a global awakening in this movement happening and myself along with other practictioners are starting to create workshops and retreats to bring people of like mindedness together in space.

      There might be some coming up in an area near you… Where are you located?

      A huge part when it comes to drawing like minded community and partners around, comes to increasing your own vibration through practice with SELF.

      I’ve got a new more recent blog below and there will be many more to follow 😉


      PS. I’d love to learn how you stumbled upon the article?

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