To India and Beyond…

Six years ago I took a chance, I made a choice that changed my life forever.  That decision was the best choice of my life.

I chose to leave everything I knew, and almost everything I owned behind me in order to move to California, a place I had idolized as long as I can remember.  There was nothing pulling me here other than my own hopes and dreams. As I take the time to reflect, my life today has far surpassed anything I could have ever dreamed of then.  The most beautiful part of this story is that I never stopped dreaming, in fact I only dare to dream bigger.

Fast forward six years and who would have guessed that my life although very different, the path feels almost the same.  I’ve sold everything I own except a backpack, some clothes and a few stones— this time instead of moving across the country I decided to move across the world.

In just a few hours I will be boarding a flight to India, where I will embark upon a new journey- a journey full of intention. This time I’m on a mission to connect, inspire and empower people along the way.  This is a journey I hope to share with all of you and together we can learn, grow and create beyond our wildest dreams.

I have 3 community offerings to keep me inspired along the way and I hope you all will join.

#1 The AcroYoga Project

AcroYoga has honestly changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.  It has brought me incredible joy, I have established some of the deepest connections I have ever had and have learned more about myself in the last year “playing” than I ever thought was possible.

This project is about spreading the gift of this practice to as many people as I can, in efforts to create community.  I will be giving “first flights” to all of those who are willing and able.  It has been my experience in AcroYoga that when you teach someone to fly they light up from the inside out.  They embrace their fears, learn to trust and through that trust they gain an incredible sense of confidence that is worth 1,000 smiles.

I have a shirt that has been created as a symbol of this movement.  On this shirt there is a map of the world.  For each person I fly I will have them place a little dot on the map of where they are from.  As I travel the shirt will begin to be filled with little dots from all over the world.  These dots represent a story— a story of each individual who chose to embrace their fears and trust a stranger to learn to fly.  The hope is that after they play they take this practice with them as they continue on their journey.  They can link up on the “For those Traveling AcroYogi’s” Facebook page (where their first flight picture will be posted).  As they travel along they can reach out to other travelers who may also be looking to play along the way, or perhaps connect with someone new and teach them to fly, too.

#2 Beyond the Asana to the Roots of Yoga

Yoga has been around for over 2000 years, it’s a transformative practice that creates union within mind, body and spirit.  It creates harmony both within and without.  As this practice gains increasing popularity in the Western world I have noticed that one element has been embellished, while the others have been left behind.  I respect and appreciate the power of the asana yet feel that it’s the other limbs of this practice that make this path so valuable.

As I travel throughout India I will be studying with various teachers from different lineages.  I will be reflecting on what I learn to create content that is valuable for all those who chose to follow this journey.  I will utilize the power of social media to realease this content in various forms.  For inside stories, tips and videos as well as information on the new shirt releases, you can sign up to be on the mailing list (here) where I will release quarterly updates!

#3 Nutritional Podcast and Private Counseling

Because we live in the modern age we are blessed to have connection at the touch of our fingertips.  The past 18 months I have been working hard to complete the Holistic Nutrition Consultant program at Bauman College in Berkeley, CA.  The course is finally coming to an end and I cannot wait to share all of the information I have learned.  My intention in taking this program is to help people along their life’s journey by utilizing the power of healing whole foods.  I will be creating a podcast with some of the valuable content I have learned in hopes to inspire you to take action and step into your highest potential.  For those who sign up and listen to the podcast I will be selecting 2 people to do private consoling with for FREE!

As I am still in the making of this offering please feel free to email me with any health and nutrition related questions you may have.  This podcast is for YOU, so I will do my best to create content centered around your questions.


Six years ago many people could have looked at what I was I was doing and saw it as a risk… I decided to see it as chance.  The best part about life is that we have a choice.  You can choose to stay grounded or you can choose to spread your wings and fly.  I choose to fly.

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