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Yoga is for EVERYONE

The Art of YOGA– It’s more than you think.

Some days all I can do is show up… those are the days where all I need is to show up.  You see, the true pactice of yoga isn’t about performance, it’s about presence.  It’s about awareness. 

How present can you be when you arrive, whether on or off your mat?

How aware can you be with every muscle, every breath, every thought, every word?

Can you fully accept the experience as it is, not resisting or trying to make it any different?

The art of Surrender in yoga

This is the true the practice of yoga…

Understand that it doesn’t need to look or be a certain way in order to be a “good” practice (both good and bad are mere aspects of the mind).  Some of my best days are the days when I can hardly move.  The days where my mind is thrashing back and forth between one thought and the next.  The days where honestly just staying on the mat for longer than 30 minutes becomes my greatest challenge. 

“When you sit rather than walk away, growth happens.”

These days provide me with the opportunities to grow, to see myself as I really am– a bundle of mixed emotions, trapped inside skin, structured by muscle and bones. 

Showing up is by far the hardest part.  Showing up means you have to accept.  Accept where you are, who you are, and how you are in that moment.  There are no distractions rather than the self trying to get in the way of the SELF.  Yet you would never know if you didn’t take the time to practice.   

Yoga is for everyone. 

It doesn’t matter your shape or your size.  It doesn’t matter your limitations in the asanas due to any physical restrictions you may have (after all true yoga extends far beyond the mat.)  What matters most is that you commit.  Commit to accepting, embracing and fully allowing yourself to experience all the sensations that make this human experience what it is… sensational.   

“In life, we are taught to avoid the uncomfortable as much as possible, in yoga we do the opposite.” 

In the moment, it’s easier to look the other way; to avoid feeling whatever it is deep down inside us that ultimately we are afraid to feel.  Yet in the long run, it’s detrimental.  It keeps us from allowing ourselves to be seen and felt authentically both by ourselves and the world around us. 

This world needs more yoga.

But not the way West has implemented this practice, which unfortunately has been solely rooted in the physical, creating more barriers and boundaries to keep us separate rather than connected.  The practice of yoga is to use the power of the body in order to move beyond the mind and dive into the depths of sensation, which makes us feel alive.  When we practice like this, we move beyond our blockages allowing us to create freedom both within and without. 

The true practice of yoga does not begin the moment you step on the mat and end the moment you step off, that is only the beginning.  In fact, one may never even need to step on a mat in order to live this beautiful and life changing practice. 

The Asana is great— a beautiful expression of the human body in its many forms, undoubtedly powerful on its very own.  Yet, it’s the experience of existence which is where the yogic roots lie. 

Have you discovered the depths of your own soul?

Have you taken the time to be still and really dive into everything you are and all that you can be?

This the practice.  This can be done by anyone, all you have to do is show up.

With Love & Light, 

Amanda Biccum


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