Yoga & Meditation with Amanda Biccum

Amanda Biccum is well known for her unique style of yoga, which is heavily rooted in slow mindful movements focused on breath and alignment. Her teachings draw from her time spent living in India studying the Iyengar Methodology. 

She works privately with individuals to help them connect deeper to themselves and find alignment both on the mat and in their daily lives. 

Living throughout India and Southeast Asia, she has cultivated a wide range of mindfulness practices from various lineages around the world and helps students deepen their connection to SELF through; yoga, meditation, taoism, energy work and tantra.   

Amanda Biccum Yoga

How to work with Amanda

Currently, Amanda is living and teaching Yoga in Santa Cruz and the Silicon Valley, CA.

You can work with her privately with one on one sessions.

Don’t live in the area?

Amanda hosts private and group online yoga and meditation classes.

Find out how to join her on the mindfulness path and inquire below. 

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Study Mindfulness based practices with Amanda Biccum and get the answers to reducing your stress and anxiety.

You can work with Amanda in person or online.

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