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10 Truths About Fat- not one will make you fat

The world of nutrition can be confusing at best.  Although the internet can be an incredibly helpful tool, it can also be complicated when it comes to knowing where to get your information from and the validity of the sources you choose to follow.  As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I strive to use the tools I've gained to sift through the junk, to give you the facts on what health really is and the tools on how to use it to benefit you best.  Thus I bring you, 10 Truths About Fat- not one will make you fat!

1.) Fats don’t make you fat

Over consumption and under exertion creates a net gain which is often deposited on the body as fat. 

2.) Fats are the primary fuel for our brain

Our brain is made up of 60% fat, primarily DHA or omega 3’s which are essential to the body and must be consumed from outside the body.  Nourish your brain with these fats and you will help to increase your brain's ability to perform.  Want more of the scientific details click here.

3.) Fats are essential components of each cell

There is a phospholipid bilayer (made up of fats, cholesterol and some protein) which creates the main outermost structure of our cells.  Its primary function is to communicate the needs of the cell, allowing the nutrients it needs inside and keeping toxins out. This layer plays a huge role in helping protect us from free radicals, toxins, and oxidative stress. Click here for more info.

4.) Saturated fats are not the cause of high cholesterol

Inflammation of the arteries causes plaque to build up, cholesterol then moves to the area of damage in order to patch the surface, this causes cholesterol levels to increase. Inflammation is often caused by trans-fats, highly refined processed foods and additives which are found in our packed processed foods such as; colorings, preservatives etc.  Cholesterol is not bad and is actually needed to maintain optimum levels of health. Click here for more info.

5.) Even the “good” fats need to be in balance

There are 2 essential fats our bodies need; Omega 6’s and 3’s. Historically they have been in a balanced proportion of 1:1. Today, our modern diet is typically at a ratio of 5:1- 20:1 this imbalance can create inflammation in the body leading to various symptoms such as; digestion issues, skin problems, fatigue etc. 

6.) Fats provides long lasting energy

Fats are the slowest form of energy to be expended by the body. The energy they give to the body burns the longest.  By adding fat to your meals you help slow down the uptake of sugars (regulating insulin) as well as create longer lasting energy keeps you fuller longer.

7.) Not all fats are created equal

Trans fats are the kind of fats that cause the most havoc to our health.  They are typically used as shelf stabilizers, found in man-made products under the common name; hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oil. Multiple studies have shown these fats are linked to inflammation which is a key issue in most modern diseases. Here is a link to the healthiest sources of vegan fats.

Dissecting the Types of Fats

Saturated fats- found in both animal and plants (more common in animals) are high in products such as; cheese, meat, coconut oil, and dairy.  It was long believed that saturated fats caused high cholesterol, but no clear link has been drawn to this idea.

Unsaturated fats (mono & poly)- are traditionally considered “good fats” and they help to reduce inflammation.  Examples are often found in healthy vegetable oils such as; olive, sunflower, safflower and food sources such as; salmon, avocado, and sardines.

In summary, help to reduce inflammation by reducing amounts of trans-fats (processed foods) and increasing amounts of unsaturated fats (olives, nuts, sardines etc.)

8.) Fat’s increase one's satiation, leaving us feeling fuller longer

As mentioned before, fat is the slowest form of energy to be used. Increasing our intake of fat will help keep us feeling fuller longer.  Leptin is a hormone found in adipose tissue, which helps regulate metabolism, hunger, and energy expenditure. Leptin is the key hormone in helping our bodies recognize when we are full, having a healthy fat ratio keeps this hormone in balance. 

9.) Fats increase the health of our skin

Essential fatty acids are the key building blocks for our cell membranes. They can help us fight free radicals and oxidative stress which can be damaging to the skin.

10.) Fats are needed to help us absorb key nutrients in the body

Without fats, our body is unable to absorb the essential nutrients our body needs in order to survive.  Vitamins such as A,D,E,K, are crucial for cell maintenance. Without fats in our diet we are unable to utilize these vitamins, reducing our bodies ability to thrive.

In summary, don't skimp on the fat!  Your body needs fat in the best, high-quality sources to continue to operate at an optimum level.  Fat can actually enhance brain function. If taken in the right way, in combination with a healthy diet, it can aid in weight loss by decreasing cravings and increases one's ability to feel fuller longer.

What are the best types of fat to increase in YOUR DIET?


Bone Broth

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Nuts (in moderation, best if soaked or sprouted to increase bioavailability)


At the end of the day, the truth about fat is that it doesn't make you fat.  Higher calorie intake versus output creates a storage of extra energy which is often converted to fat.  Poor understanding of proper food choices combined with little to no exercise is a key contributor to our global weight problem.

Want to learn more about ways to increase your health and vitality?  Detox is a great way to give your body a boost! Check out this blog here where I talk about the importance of DETOX & give you tools on HOW TO!


For more information on this topic check out Dr. Hyman's video on “Why Fat Doesn't Make you Fat.”


  1. Sharmila

    Enlightening and so rubbishing myths over fat consumption,but would be more helpful if u could throw more light over the good fats by naming them explicitly.

    1. Great Feedback Sharmila, I will update this blog in the next week or two with all that information! Thanks for the comment, your feedback is always appreciated!

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