3 Tools to Transformation

3 Tools for Inner and Outer Transformation

A year and a half ago I left the comfortable city life in San Francisco in order to embrace the unknown and follow my heart's passion.  I left with the intention to “connect, inspire and empower” through the means of #intentionaltravel— it was my deep desire to learn and experience the expansiveness of life in its various forms.  I yearned to learn from great teachers so that I could better understand ancient healing arts from cultures across India and Southeast Asia.  Along the way, I picked up many all of which have led me to have a deeper understanding of myself and the sacred connection that holds us all together.  It has been my deepest desire to pass on these teachings on to you, my readers- giving you applicable tools to help you optimize your life so that YOU too can begin to live the life you've always dreamed.

And from this, The BICCUM BLUEPRINTS were born.   Now I present to you one of the first and most powerful blueprints so that you too can begin your transformational journey– there is no better time than now to begin.  May these 3 tools to inner and outer transformation help you discover the Path to unveil your highest and best SELF.

1.) The Check In

Almost every day we spend 99% of our time giving.  We give to our families, our bosses, our communities, and loved ones.  We love to give, as giving often fuels the soul.  However, if the person doing all the giving, never gives back to themselves the wellspring within will eventually tap out and there will be nothing left to give.  (We often see symptoms of this which show up as imbalances and dis-eases in the body: adrenal fatigue, weight gain, ODC, auto-immune diseases, burn-outs and more.)

How then do we continue to love and give without running our own tap dry?


It starts with The Daily Check-in.  It sounds quite simple, and truly it is.  It's a check in to remind yourself to connect.  In order to truly and fully connect to others, we must first connect to ourselves.  By taking 5 minutes each day to check in we begin to deepen our relationship to ourselves in a way like never before.  We enable ourselves to move beyond the mind, beyond the doubts, the fears and the “struggle” and we begin to listen to the inner steady flow of peace and abundance that resides within us.  It is this space that reminds us that all is okay, always was and always will be.  The check in provides us with the space and clarity we need to continue to not just survive in this life, but thrive.

The Practice:

First thing when you wake up of a morning have a seat.

Set the timer for 5 minutes and allow yourself to be.  Just be.  Listen to the breath, notice if thoughts come in, do not cling to them, just watch.  Listen to your breath and allow yourself this time and space to relax and feel– nothing more, nothing less.

When the timer is up, close and honor that space before you begin the rest of your day.  It is important that this practice is done 1st thing in the morning.  The mind LOVES to make up excuses for why it can't be tamed.  Do your best not to allow it.  Honor your SELF, let this be the first thing you do each and every morning.  After all, you give to everyone else all day, you owe it to yourself to give to you.

2.) Mirror Mirror on the Wall

As humans we deeply desire connection.  Feeling love, compassion and connection is what we all crave; regardless of our color, age or culture.  The place of true connection starts from within.  Only when you begin to connect within, do you have the ability to open up and truly connect to others.

The Practice:

Stand in front a mirror and begin to allow yourself to really be seen.  Look at yourself, look at all of yourself, then focus your energy, on your gaze.  Take the next few moments to breathe into the depth of your own eyes.  Embrace your own presence.   Whatever comes up allow it to rise to the surfact and then gently wash over you, allow yourself to feel whatever it is that comes your way.  Do not judge it.  Do not try to control it in any way– just release.  Give yourself about 5 minutes to complete this exercise.  This can be quite deep and personal.  Allow yourself some time and space before going along with the rest of your day.

3.) Awareness Log

This has by far been one of the most transformational practices I have taken on.  It has been a practice that I am able to come back to over, and over, and over again, each time learning something new.

If done right, this practice has the ability to show you parts of yourself you didn't even know existed.  It can be both humbling and awakening.  What you put into it will be what you get out of it.  Be as specific as you can, and as honest as you can, you may be surprised with what you experience.

The Practice:

Imagine this journal becomes your best friend for the next few days (3-7).  Take it with you everywhere you go.  Start in the morning by writing down how you feel; mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically (just like you would do in your check-in but this time you will write it.)  Then throughout the day check in before meals & make a note of it.  Write down everything you put into your body from what (every ingredient you can think of), from how much, to what time you consume.  Then 30 minutes later write down how you feel.  Do you feel tired, energized, irritable, or happy?  Again physically, mentally, emotionally just notice and write it down.

The more detailed you can get with this practice, the better.  This is the key to building awareness of yourself; understanding your habits, feelings, emotions and cravings.  If done properly, you can discover more about yourself than you maybe even are ready to know.  Once you've finished your 2-7 days go back and read it, being open to what you see.

These practices seem so simple and they have honestly changed my life.  They are constant measures of awareness to keep me checking in, instead of checking out– which is key when it comes to consciously manifesting your reality.


Enjoy the journey & I'll see you on The Path.

Love & Light,

Amanda Biccum



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