5 steps to a healthier, stronger more radiant you!

5 tips to a healthier, stronger more radiant you!

My personal #lifehacks on The Path to Empowerment.


 #1 Spend time with yourself

 Meditation can be quite simple. It is less about silencing your mind and more about “checking in.”  This can be done on a walk, in a park, on your porch or in a quiet place in your home. Any place you can find where you will be undisturbed and in your own company will do wonders for your mind and soul.

My answer to almost everything is meditation; spending 15-20 minutes a day with yourself allows you to slow down and really connect.  Establishing a connection will help keep one stay grounded, centered and balanced which allows for an easier time handling the daily obstacles that present themselves.

#2 Choose foods that are not packaged and/or processed

 Packaged processed items that you buy from the grocery store are not foods… they are chemicals combined specifically to trick our taste buds. They are engineered to make you crave them, and at the same time starve your body of the vital nutrients needed to function as your highest self. When thinking of food, remember why we eat: we eat to uplift ourselves on an energetic, physical and mental level.

This one alone has made a huge impact on my life and overall health.  By cutting out these foods I was able to recognize what exactly my body responded best to and what foods were causing inflammation.  Always choose foods that fuel you! I’ll have recipes and brands I love coming out on the weekly blogs to come.  Check out last weeks recipe.

#3 Move your body

However you like to move, move! That might be dancing, running, lifting weights, stretching, playing a sport.  Of course my all time favorite is the yoga/acro practice.  I find some of my best days are when I wake up early in the morning and spend even just 10-15 minutes doing a few sun salutations with breath (click the hyperlink for an easy tutorial).

Whatever movement speaks to you make it happen and make it happen often. Not only does exercise increase endorphins—the feel good hormones—it puts us more into touch with the beautiful vessel that provides us with everything we need to thrive day in and day out.

#4 Drink tea “Never say no to a cup of tea.”

Never saying no to a cup of tea is something I learned while in India, and it has never steered me wrong.  Tea is a excellent beverage choice–the leaves of good quality tea will provide you with antioxidants, phytonutirents and minerals.

Need some energy?  How about reaching for a cup of tea instead of coffee?  Or try a kombucha. I know your first reaction may be like, “ahh, but its so bitter!” However there are so many brands and flavors out there, if you keep an open mind, I am sure you will find one that will resonate with you.  My new local Oakland favorite brand is House Kombucha, but GT’s is a popular second choice when I’m not at home. Still not satisfied? Try a Yerba Mate, or if your craving something slightly sweet and creamy make a home made chai!

#5 Get adequate sleep every day

By adequate sleep I mean around 6-8 hours on a regular basis keeping in consistent time ranges. This is HUGE for overall vitality and a major component to living a balanced and healthy life.

Not to mention having a regular sleep pattern is a key contributor to one’s overall adrenal health (adrenals are glands of the body which regulate our stress hormones). Getting into this rhythm leads to the adrenals working with you, instead of against you.

To read more on adrenal health check out the easy to read and fancy handout I made on one of my previous blog posts!

Taking daily actions with these 5 steps, I can almost guarantee you will start to feel better!  Have you tried any of these?  Is there something I might have missed you'd like to add that works really well for your daily flow?  Let me know in the comments below, and together we can find solutions so that rising to our best self is easily done and obtainable.

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