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Amplify Your Guacamole with this ‘Superfood’

You'll be shocked when you find out what superfood I've added to my guacamole! How to amplify your guacamole - click the picture!

Are you seeking an afternoon high powered pick me up for the win?  Everyone knows guacamole is absolutely incredible, but what if you could take your guacamole to the next level?  It's time to amplify your guacamole with this ‘superfood.'  I've got a feeling you will never guess this tasty combination! 

Your Guacamole Just Got Better

If avocados weren't already the best food in the world– add some lime, onion, garlic, tomato, and spices and you've got yourself one of the most amazing snacks of all times.  But what if you would turn this incredible snack into a substantial afternoon pick me up and pack it with nutrients and turn it into a meal?

That's exactly what happened when I decided to experiment with two of my favorite #foodthatfuels.  

What is this mysterious superfood?  

biccumblueprint recipe sardines







I know what you're thinking, “Ewww sardines! I don't want to ruin my guacamole with that!”  I invite you to take a chance and just trust me on this one, you will be surprised at this tasty little combo. 


Sardines- They are better than you think! 

When I used to think of sardines, I always pictured my stepdad eating these slimy, disgusting looking fish from a can (not quite so appetizing).  Little did I know these little guys not only pack a TON of nutrients and are some of the BEST fish for you, they also are incredibly tasty!  When combined in the right way, sardines can provide you with a great source of fuel that is perfect for your afternoon pick me up (say goodbye to the protein shake and hello to the whole foods heaven.) 

Sardine's Incredible Benefits


ANTI-INFLAMMATORY- One of the highest natural sources of Omega 3's %64 DV

High Protein- 23 grams in 1 can

High source of vitamin B12

High mineral content– selenium, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, copper, choline, B3 

High source of vitamin D

Helps manage blood sugar

Helps increase satiety which can aid in weight loss

High levels of healthy fats- incredibly beneficial for the brain and can help with mood disorders such as anxiety and stress



Sardine Guacamole Recipe

Not only is this recipe INCREDIBLE, it also costs less than $3 to make (depending on avocado season of course) and it literally takes 5 MINUTES


1 Can Sardine (in brine or olive oil) 

1 small tomato

1/2 small onion

2-3 cloves garlic

1 lime squeezed

Few tablespoons chopped cilantro

Red chili pepper flakes (to taste) 

S/P (to taste) 


1.) Open and drain sardines 

2.) Wash and chop ingredients

3.) Mix and mash all ingredients in a bowl, chop sardines to your size of choice mix and enjoy! 


It's literally that simple!  

For me, this is more than enough nutrition to keep me fueled and full.  However, you can enhance this making it even more of a meal by tossing it with some freshly chopped cabbage, kale or spinach!

I hope you enjoy this tasty little recipe! If you try it out or have any other delicious recipes using sardines that you love leave a comment below! I'd love to try! 


Love & Light,

Amanda Biccum

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