DFP 12 | Man Enough

Are You ‘Man Enough?’

DFP 12 | Man Enough


Society dictates that men should be bigger, better, faster, and stronger. They are pushed to embody this facade of having to be more than what they are in order to feel enough. Men are told not to be vulnerable and not get in touch with their emotional side. Bearing this deep burden, they become too closed off and detached from being their true selves and connecting with one another. It’s time to change this narrative of being man enough. It’s time to allow spaces for connection and honesty, helping one another to choose a life for themselves in order to see that who we are is enough.

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Are You ‘Man Enough?’

So much has been moving through me, having worked with men and being in relationship with men in different capacities. I’m able to see something and a part and an aspect of men that I don’t feel is often showed. It has to do with this story of, “Not enough.” In our society, we teach our men, “You need to be bigger, you need to be better, you need to be faster and you need to be stronger.” This feeling of needing to be more than you are or needing to embody a certain way of being in order to be enough. There’s this story around being man enough. Many of the men that I’ve been working with lately, their hearts have been covered by this story of needing to be man enough. What we teach our boys is that there are these certain qualities or these certain characteristics about what the ideal man is. That you need to embody and even outperform this story in order to be enough for society, for women, for your job, for your family, for whatever aspect it is. On the outside, we often don’t see the story being played out from our men because we teach them that it’s not okay to show your emotions. We teach our men that it is not okay to truly be open, honest, raw, authentic and vulnerable about how you truly feel. If you do, then that makes you less of a man.

My heart goes out to each and every single man who is here because I want you to know that I see you and that I feel you. For so long, we have denied your ability for you to feel you too. As a collective consciousness, we’ve told you that it is not okay or it makes you less of who you are if you express a part of yourself that we have told you as a society that is less than. Many men have been coming into my sphere lately both in a very interesting way as far as me working with them one-on-one. My clients are super successful and high level. They’ve gone out and they’ve done it. They’ve achieved or even people who are trying to figure it out. Trying to figure out where am I and what am I supposed to be doing and where am I supposed to be going? What I thought I was supposed to be doing and where I feel that I want to be going are in two different directions and I feel lost. I feel confused and I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing anymore.

We're no longer the warriors who are fighting to survive, rather we are the warriors who stand in alignment with our highest and best self. Click To Tweet

Many of these men to even romantic partners have been coming to me and sharing with me their open and raw and authentic and vulnerable truth about how much society expects men to perform. To show up and to perform whether in a relationship, whether at their work, for their families, in bed, wherever it is. We put so much incredible pressure on our men to need to show up and to perform. It keeps our men from each other, from connecting with one another openly and raw and authentically. In dropping in and saying, “I hear you, brother. I feel you, brother. I’m just like you, brother.” We keep our men in this state of competition because we’ve taught our men that they’re disposable and that if you can’t do it, someone else can.

My heart hurts for all the men out there who don’t get to share their truth. They’ve been told that it makes them less of a man if they come out and they speak these words and they share their vulnerabilities. They don’t want to be seen as the man who is lesser than the other because what would that do to their safety and their security? A lot of this has to come down to safety and security, but we are changing our reality. We are rewriting our reality right here, right now, in this moment and every moment moving forward. We are changing the story. When we begin to wake up and to become conscious that these stories exist, that these stories are not our stories, but rather the stories of our fathers and their fathers. We can begin to change and say that no longer does what it needs to be a man needs to be something that’s looked outside the self. Rather what it means to be a man can be something that each individual man chooses for himself.

I truly believe that we are in this area. We are in this place of modern warriors increasing. We’re no longer the warriors who are fighting to survive, but we are the warriors who are standing in alignment with our highest and best self. If there is anything that we’re fighting against, we’re fighting against the self that tells us that we are not enough, that there is not enough, that there is scarcity that we need to outdo, outperform and out-compete each other. I truly do believe that we have been taught to compete on the wrong team. We’ve been taught to compete on the team of I instead of on the team of we. I don’t just mean this for men but I mean this for all, both men and women. As we’re coming back together in harmony and union as one.

As the divine feminine is rising, so too is the divine masculine and I am here to help you understand who that is. The divine masculine within you is the ultimate potential that deep down you know you are capable of being. This goes for women as well as men. I work with men in particular to help them understand who and how to reconnect with this, “I am enough. I was born enough.” If there’s ever a trickle in my mind that tells me that I am not enough, that I need to do more, that I need to compete more, that I need to be more. I can confidently look at that and say, “I am connected to my highest self. I am honoring my highest self and in doing so, I honor everything and everyone else around me.” That is the most anyone could ever possibly do. As I’ve been connecting with more and more men, their hearts have been opening about how they want to connect deeper with each other and how they want a space to be able to drop in with one another, to be seen by one another, to be held and to be supported by one another.

DFP 12 | Man Enough
Man Enough: No longer does being a man is something that’s looked outside the self, but rather something that each individual man chooses for himself.


I’ve come across more and more men who said that they have felt isolated and that they’re alone. I am here to invite the new story of saying goodbye to the lone wolf and saying hello to the tribe. To the tribe of individuals who are here to step up, to help each other, to better one another and to help all of us move forward into that ultimate potential which deep down, every single one of us knows that we have the capability of being. When we stop telling ourselves the story of we need to be more like so and so and less like who we are, our not enough story starts to dissipate. We can start to have confidence and that who we are is enough and how we show up in the world is enough. It’s not about the outside world, it’s about ourselves. It’s about how we take a stand each and every day for ourselves. In doing that for our self, we help create a positive reflection of that divinity so that each and every single person can see and feel and radiate that energy and that essence too.

My heart goes out to all the men out there who have ever felt that they need to perform, that this has been programmed into their DNA. I don’t mean that performance isn’t good and I don’t mean that competition isn’t good. I’m saying that I invite a new reality where it’s an active choice of self-betterment instead of self-sabotage, which pulls us away from truly understanding and accessing our ultimate potential which lies in this moment. This moment is only where the true self-acceptance lies. I invite every single brother here, if you feel that this message resonates with you, if you feel that you want to change your story around needing to do something or to be someone other than who you are, I invite you to join the tribe of brothers. It is a conscious men’s gathering where all of the men who are ready to change the old story and who are ready to support one another. Who are ready to compete with each other instead of against each other. To help each other elevate into their full embodiment of the divine masculine.

I invite you all to join me and the other brothers who will be holding this space. It is my ultimate intention to create a space where every single man can see, understand, value and own his potential. When you start to see this self-worth, when you start to cultivate the self-worth, you begin to understand that you are never separate from your highest and best self. That you were always born enough, that you will always be enough but somewhere along the way through society’s conditioning, we forgot. I see you, brothers. I thank you for allowing you to let me see you too.

If there is anything that we're fighting against, we're fighting against the self that tells us that we are not enough. Click To Tweet

I know that it’s not a place that oftentimes men allow people to be in as this place of vulnerability. I want to hold you. I want to support you along with the other brothers who are feeling this too. Your heart matters, how you feel matters. Having a community and a system of support for those of you who are ready to do the work, who are ready to stop the self-limiting beliefs, to stop the self-sabotage and truly start to own your worth and your potential, I am here for you. I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart, I feel so blessed to have been able to hold space for all the men who have allowed themselves to open up to me. It has been a very challenging year for me to hold sometimes the space. I am so blessed because it’s my own stuff that I’m working through.

If you are interested in joining, thank you so much. If you are interested in joining the tribe, it’s called the Modern Warriors. This growing tribe of men are about men who were standing up and saying, “The story that we’ve been sold, I’m not feeling it anymore.” I’m ready to define what being a modern man means to me because men, the women are rising. I know that it can be scary because there’s a lot of pain and there’s a lot of rage with the #MeToo Movement. I see that and I want to stand with you, brothers, because I know that just as the patriarchy overcame the matriarchy, so too can the matriarchy overpower the patriarchy. That is the last thing that any of us want. We all want to come back to harmony. We all want to come back to unity within. I want to be able to hold the space for you who are ready to take that stand to meet me there. I can’t do it alone. All I can do is hold the space and invite you to come. This is my invitation to all you beautiful men. I hear you. I feel you. You’re not alone. You have this woman who is standing with you. I’m here to hold you and support you so that we can all begin to rise into our unlimited potential. May the divine masculine and divine feminine within us all truly help us elevate to the next level of what we are all capable of.

If this message resonates with you, please share it. Share it so that other people can begin to understand that they are not alone, that they are supported. Whether you are a man, whether you are a woman and you know men in your life who could use this support, I invite you to be a part of this tribe, the Modern Warrior. The warrior who stands for choosing his own reality and creating the confidence to support that so that we can all elevate to our highest and next level potential. My heart goes out to you. Thank you. If you’re interested in joining us, send me a direct message. I’ll be happy to send you the details on how to join us. Please share this. May we all begin to understand and embody our fullest potential. May I help you in whatever capacity I can. Thank you so much for my heart to yours.

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