Attract What You DESIRE-In 3 Simple Steps

Attract what you Desire in 3 Steps

If someone told you that attract what you desire much easier than you think, would you believe them?

I invite you to take a moment to pause and really think about it…

Deep down, what do you feel? Do you believe you have the ability to attract all that you desire?

If not, maybe it’s a feeling of resistance that keeps you from expanding beyond your perceived potential. You begin attracting what you desire the moment you understand what blocks you from believing you can receive. And in that moment, receiving what you desire can begin.

It’s true.

There are only a few things stopping you from attracting your desires — your limiting beliefs are one of them.


Limiting Beliefs – What are they and why do they matter?


Identify Limiting beliefs
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There are two spaces from which we operate on a daily basis, our subconscious and our conscious mind.

The majority of the time we operate from the subconscious, the space that has been preconditioned and patterned by our past experiences, relationships and society.

Since birth, our experiences have become ingrained in our psyche and largely shape the reality we perceive to be true today.

For example:

If, when you were a child, your father was absent from your life it is likely you will adopt the belief that:


“My father didn’t care about me.”

“I wasn’t worthy enough to have the love of my father.”

Or anything else that mirrors your experience as a child.

This is a prime example of a limiting belief.


At first glance, it seems natural to only understand the reality of what is happening based upon our own personal experience.

We expand and contract depending on the outcome of the situation and our relationship to it. From there, our patterns and habits are formed and our limiting beliefs are created.

These beliefs become ingrained at a young age and are often the biggest force in what we perceive to be our reality today.

Our thoughts create the reality which we perceive to be true.

The key here is to create enough space so that instead of operating from the subconscious mind, we begin to operate from the conscious mind. Here we become the witness to our limiting beliefs and from this space we can begin to change them… consciously.

This, of course, takes practice, patience and dedication. One of the best ways to begin to practice moving beyond limiting beliefs is through the practice of mediation.

Once we’ve begun to identify and rewrite our story and limiting beliefs, we come across the second hurdle, finding clarity.

Clarity- Simply put, if you don’t know what you want, you’ll never get it.


How to get clarity - by Wellness Coach Amanda Biccum

The paradox of choice is most certainly real in the 21st century.

We live in the world of choice. We have more choices available at our fingertips today than ever before.

This can be both expanding and crippling.

Shiny object syndrome and FOMO are much more than just a term modern day generationals use in order to describe the wandering mind.

The fact is, the majority of choices available to us are really just distractions pulling us from one side to the next, moving us away from clarity of mind, body and spirit.

If you don’t know what you want, you’ll never be able to attract it.

The Law of Attraction is powerful; yet most of us can’t attract what we desire because we aren’t 100% clear on what it is we want.

We put something in motion, it starts to come to us, then we get distracted by an opportunity, person, place or idea and all the sudden, we are on a different path, wanting different things.

And we ask the question, “How did I end up here?”

Sound familiar? 

In order to attract all you desire, you must be clear, direct and focused.

You can refer to this blog to help you gain focus and clarity. 

Alignment with yourSELF is KEY


How to step into find purpose by Wellness Coach Amanda Biccum


With so many distractions today, it can be really hard to connect with yourSELF.

Alignment comes when all aspects of our body, mind and spirit are connected.

Connecting with SELF is about connecting with your highest SELF – the self that is beyond the ‘monkey mind’, beyond the ego and beyond the story we tell ourselves.

In essence, it is the space within ourselves where,  when we connect to it, we feel awake, alive, clear and connected to something greater.

This is where your connection to the collective consciousness lies.

Being in alignment with oneself is KEY when it comes to attracting your desires.

Alignment comes when your intentions match your actions.

When your intentions match your actions you begin to consciously create your reality and life begins to flow — with you and through you.

When you are not aligned, you may often feel stuck, stagnant and off- center. You might be feeling that nothing is going right and you keep hitting bumps in the road.

If this is happening in your current situation, it’s a great time to stop, take a step back and really think about whether you are living in alignment with your highest truth.

Are you living within the wisdom of your heart … or the logic of your mind?

Alignment is about being aligned with your highest SELF – the SELF that is connected to everything and everyone around you; the SELF that is connected to the larger consciousness at play.


So, are you ready to attract your desires?

It’s not a matter of IF manifestation is or is not real. It’s real.

It’s truly a matter of if you’re ready to put yourself in the state of receiving.

Do you believe you can attract what you desire?

Are you making daily choices that bring you closer to being in alignment with what you know deep down is possible?

Are you aware of your limiting beliefs? Do you know that deep down they hold you back? Limiting beliefs are thoughts like “I’m not good enough, don’t have enough, there isn’t enough _______.”



Have you taken enough time to be by yourself and sit with what it is you truly want?

Within you lies the ability to attract your desires. If you are feeling stuck in any aspect of your life, take some time to ponder these questions and bring awareness to any resistance that may be coming up. For in removing the resistance you will find the path on which lies alignment, manifestation and conscious creation.

Love & Light,

Amanda Biccum
Wellness Coach & Mindset Mentor


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