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The Best Nap You’ll Ever Take

Reduce Stress, Increase Vitality & Boost Mental Clarity With One Of Nature’s Best Kept Secrets!

Are you ready to uplevel your napping game? You're about to be exposed to one of my ‘dirty little secrets' when it comes to the game of productivity and energy enhancement.  That's right, get ready for the best nap you'll ever take.


I’ll be honest; I love to work.  I love the way it feels to see something you yearn for, then do everything in your power to manifest that dream into reality.  It’s feeling you get when it’s all falling into place that makes me come alive.  To be fair, manifesting dreams isn’t always easy.  It takes hard work, constant dedication and complete faith that you can and are making it happen. 


When life gets challenging, how do you stay connected to your center remaining calm, focus and have the energy to carry on?


I’m here to share with you this powerful tool that has kept me going even when I felt the world was going to swallow me whole.  It’s so simple; it almost seems so good to be true.  Believe me, if it weren’t a game changer I’d be spending my time writing about something else. 


So, what is this magical tool?

A Crystal Reboot


A what?!


Yep, it sounds just like it is, but I promise it’s more powerful than you would imagine. 


Crystals are powerful energetic formations that have been used for centuries across different cultures to help protect, heal and preserve energy.  Their structures are made from minerals, and their molecules are arranged in a specific geometric pattern that is repeated throughout. (More on crystals here.)

The Biccum Blueprint

The beauty of this practice is you can virtually do it anywhere as long as you can lie down and be uninterrupted for 10-15 minutes. 

Create some space & lie down where you can be uninterrupted for the next few moments

Grab your crystals (I have found that having at least 3 is best)

Place your crystals along the column of the spine (best places are often the 3rd eye, heart, and belly if you have more, I often place one in each hand)

Lie down & open your chest by moving your shoulder blades under your body.

Close your eyes and begin to check into your breath.  See if you can focus your energy at each point the crystals lie.  Continue to breathe & allow yourself to relax.

For me, within minutes I’m “out” I go into a deep meditative sleep and almost always come to about 15 no longer than 20 minutes later.  I naturally reawaken and what seemed to be hours is only a few minutes later.

Once you have reawoken, gently remove the crystals and continue on throughout your day.  (It’s best if you can rinse the crystals with running water after you’ve finished.)

Sounds too good to be true?


You’re right it does and yet it works every time.  Many crystals are surprisingly cheap and beautiful to have around.  They help to cleanse energy and are great to keep around the office or your computer to help with EMF’s.  (There is a ton of information on crystals out there and if you’re really keen to learn, let Google be your guide.)

What crystals should I get?

As you learn more about the crystal world and the energies that each can contain, you can become more selective.  I say that choose the stones that resonate with you most.  Go to a store and pick a few that you are drawn too, size doesn't really matter.

In the end…

There is little to lose to try it.  Best case you are surprisingly pleased and start to receive some of the amazing benefits immediately, (I suggest you try it a few times before you allow your mind to judge).  Worst best case, you get a nice little nap and have some beautiful decorations for your home or office.



What are you waiting for? 

Your road to your vitality is waiting.



Love & Light,

Amanda Biccum


  1. Selysa

    I did this and it worked! I was a skeptic of the crystals, and now I’m a believer.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Yes! Thank you for letting others know it’s not just a bunch of hippie mumbojumbo and it works 😉 I do this daily, it’s so so so powerful.

      So glad you tried and now have another powerful tool to add to your toolbox.

      Sending love and light to you sister.

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