Beyond Sex – Understanding the Energies that Guide Tantric Play

As a society, we’ve been taught to be goal driven. Achievement, power and stature have been the gold standard of what the masses consider ‘success.’ When it comes to sex, the same concept applies. 

A young lad goes out with a girl and one of the first questions he is asked by his mates is, “Did you sleep with her?” This need to achieve, this goal driven ideology has truly been ingrained in almost every aspect of our society. 

But, what if we have it backwards? 

What if, instead of fixating on the end goal, our desire was rooted in the experience itself? In the journey, and every tantalizing and challenging experience that comes along with the magical, whimsical ride? 


This, is in and of itself, the key element when it comes to understanding the energies that guide true Tantric play. 

Tantric love

Our experience IS the orgasm

There’s a lot pressure when it comes to sex. The pressure of the ‘need to perform,’ the need to be hot, sexy and, of course, give the other that insane orgasm that is truly the measure of all great sex… right?

Not quite, at least not in the realm of Tantra.

You see, there is one thing raunchy porno (no matter what style you’re into) tends to be missing, the act of play – just for the sake of pleasure and play.

The essence of Tantra lies in the experience itself.

The moment two energies connect and the spark of intimacy is born, the Tantric journey begins. 

Tantra is rooted in the energetic connection. It is the play of energies that move swiftly back and forth as two (or more) energies begin to synchronize and dance as one. 

In the world of Tantra, every moment has the potential to express orgasmic bliss. It’s the tantalizing, energizing, subtle play of energy between each other that makes Tantric connections so magical.

In Tantra, it’s about moving beyond your own needs and desires in order to tap into the life force energy weaving in and around the other.

In true Tantric play, the individual is able to move beyond the self and tap into the divine radiance of the other, and from that space, together, they are able to ride the waves of ecstasy being channeled from one being to the next, moment by moment. 

When you take the goal out of the experience, the experience in and of itself is enough.

There is no beginning, middle or end, the entire connection, in its unique ebb and flow is the art of Tantra.

Seeing the Divine in the Other

Beyond sex - understanding the energies of tantra


We are all diving beings. The god/goddess within each of us is born the moment we step into this physical world.

Regardless of our skin, age, or sex, we are all divine creators in Leela, the play of life.

True Tantra, is tapping into this higher vibrational wisdom and seeing this as the truth that resides within us all.

When one is able to see the divinity within the other, your ability to move beyond the physical increases and a new orgasmic potential is reached.

When two energies merge as one, ecstasy ensues


Beyond Sex - Tantra


When you are no longer in the experience solely for yourself, a new potential is reached.

When you allow the solidarity of your body to be lost in the vibrations and pulsations of the other, a new level of sensation is reached, a sensation which often surpasses the physical orgasm alone.

This divine merge becomes the orgasmic play of Tantra;  an experience that bestows the power to transcend the reality of our space-time continuum.

Start tapping into your own Tantric experience by understanding and deepening your connection to SELF. Refer to this blog: “True Tantra starts with SELF.”



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