New Moon Rituals

Celebrating the Sacred- A New Moon Ritual Honoring Your Higher SELF

Ritual=  a practice of turning something monotonous into something sacred.

New moons are a time for new beginnings. This is a tradition that has been practiced for centuries, in cultures across the world.

This new moon energy (October 30th) specifically brings our awareness to the element of communication and opening our connection to the divine.

New moons represent darkness, for it is when the moon is new that the night sky becomes the darkest. Yet, only when this darkness is present are we able to see the illumination of all the night's stars– shining so brightly, their effortless beauty awakening the sky.

Understanding that we are just microcosms to the macrocosm, we can use this reflection as an analogy for SELF. When you embrace the darkness within, you are able to see the beauty that comes from the shadows; if you accept them, they become your inner stars.

This new moon I invite you to go into the darkness. Go into those places that scare you. Look deep inside yourself, journey into the shadows and ask:

“What is holding me back from my ultimate potential?”

Write it down, get familiar with it. Be honest, be open and be vulnerable with yourself– for only when we experience ourselves in true, raw authenticity do we begin to understand what holds us back from living our truth.

Sit with it. Close your eyes and go deep inside yourself– feeling where these limiting beliefs lie inside your body. Explore them, explore the energy that contains them.

Accept them, breathe into them, and use this breath (pure life force energy) to move beyond them. Let the breath be the current which opens you up to new life, new possibilities and the ultimate potential which resides within.

Now, transform it!

Using a candle and sage can be a powerful tool

Lighting the candle in front of you– as fire represents transformation

Burning sage to clear the energy awakening your senses to the present moment– the only place where pure unlimited potential lies.

Manifest it

Now we begin to harness the manifesting current.

Rewrite your destiny by looking at what's holding you back and choose empowerment allowing it to propel you forward.  After you've transformed the ‘darkness' energetically with the actions listed above, it's time to transform it mentally so that mind can become attuned to the manifesting energetic current residing within.

Rewrite your limiting beliefs into words, sentences, or pictures that propel you forward.

An example might be:

What is holding me back?

Ego- my insecurities that what I have to offer will not be appreciated or accepted.

Transforming darkness into stars…

“I offer light from my heart, the gifts I have to give are made for those who are ready to receive. I am whole, connected to the divine, my spirit is a reflection of this”

Repeat the new empowering mantra's you create.  Believe in it.  Believe in your power.  Believe in the ultimate potential that resides within.  And know that only from this place can you begin to turn your dreams into your living reality.

Love & Light,


This is the first step to living The Path to Empowerment, the only thing holding you back, is you.

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