Food that Fuels- A Travelers Delight!

There came a time whilst traveling when I had to accept that the majority of foods that were around me were feeding my taste buds, but depleting my body.  It was only when my body began to show significant signs of imbalance that I finally pulled to plug on making excuses for my diet and started getting back in touch with my vitality and health.

Instead of using this realization as an opportunity for self-pity, I turned it around and decided to get excited about new ways I can create delicious food that fuels me despite where I am or what tools I have available.  Two of the snacks I have come up with I will share with you today!

Bliss Balls

These incredible treats are packed with energy, and no kitchen is needed in the preparation.  They contain all three macronutrients and leave me feeling nice and light after consumption.  A great snack if I need a lift before I do some sport or energy work such as Acroyoga or Thai massage.



Sesame butter

Sunflower seeds


Ground Flax

Coconut oil

Shredded coconut

Powdered turmeric

Raw cacao

*all ingredients can be measured out to taste based off preference


So simple mix all ingredients together except shredded coconut.  Form into balls.  Roll into shredded coconut.  And enjoy! (Best when served cold.)

Golden Elixir

Where I live today, the energy can be quite high and often intense.  I enjoy warm beverages but having a chai is not always what will serve my needs best.  Thus the “Golden Elixir” was born!


Coconut milk (or another milk substitute) 3 tbs

Powdered turmeric 1 tbs

Cardamom (green) 4 cracked open (black) 1/2

Star Anise 1

Cinnamon stick 1/2

Ginger 1 small knob

Cloves 4 crushed

Honey to taste


Boil 1 & 1/2 cup water with all ingredients except coconut milk and turmeric.  Boil until smells become evident (5-7 minutes).  Strain herbs and place water back in pot.  Add turmeric coconut milk and simmer on low 1-2 minutes.  Top with powdered cinnamon and enjoy!


Both of these recipes provide me with a good amount of energy to give me a lift throughout the day.  I encourage you to play around with the ingredients a little to find the best combination that suits your body and taste buds best!

I hope you enjoy them.  Stay tuned for more information on a stream of holistic health beverages known as Lucid Living- Intentional Elixirs as well as easy recipes whether on the road or at home!


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