DFP 11 | Embodying Wealth

From Chasing Wealth To Embodying Wealth with Stu Zimmerman

DFP 11 | Embodying Wealth


Success is not all about the things money can buy; rather, it is about what money can’t even afford to have. Chief Emanation Officer of Only the Source, a transformational media and human services company, Stu Zimmerman, is all too familiar with this realization. At the height of his financial success as a hedge fund manager, he dealt a blow that totally changed his idea and mindset about money when his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He shares this journey of how he shifted his focus from chasing wealth to embodying wealth, uncovering the hollowness in the conquest for material possessions and moving towards the celebration of daily life.

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From Chasing Wealth To Embodying Wealth with Stu Zimmerman

I am so excited to bring you this transformational story with a very special guest, Stu Zimmerman. We're going to be talking about from chasing wealth to embodying wealth. It’s giving a little bit of a background on Stu Zimmerman's story and what he's up into now and the new beautiful path that is starting to unfold and has been unfolding for him for a while. For those of you who don't yet know about Stu, he is a CEO, the Chief Emanation Officer of Only The Source. It's a transformational media and human services company delivering the next human OS. When he was a hedge fund manager at the peak of his financial success, his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Stu then shifted his focus from the kind of wealth that money can't buy, the celebration of daily life. I'm excited because l feel many of you who have been hearing some of the content that I've been putting out, it's been about how we shift our idea and our mindset around what success is. Stu, I feel like your story captivates that. I couldn't be happier to bring you on. Why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself to our audience and share whatever you feel is emanating from your heart?

Thank you for having me here. It's a blessing to know you. It's a blessing to be with you in this format and to see how we can all evolve together and go from this world of scarcity and separation into one of greater connection and abundance. The contrast of my being a hedge fund manager is back years ago, making more money than I ever thought I would and not having it buy me or my family what we wanted, namely the health of my beloved. It took me on a deep journey of what I thought my wife’s script was. It was definitely something different. It brought up some very existential and timeless questions for me, “Who am I? Why am I here? What is this thing about money, wealth and security all about?” Because it wasn't only me, but the smartest people in the world that I've met are even more obsessed with it than I was. That put me on a journey. It had me become aware of focusing on the kind of wealth that money can't buy, which is the presence of having and being more than enough. It took me out on a profound journey. It led me out of the stock market and I've been on this journey ever since to awaken to new possibilities and to study, to interview like you are.

I did a radio show for three years called Inside Wealth, interviewing people like Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch with Conversation with God, Marianne Williamson and the rest of the spiritual mafia to ask them what their definition of success was, what their secret sauce was, as well as what their vision for the world could be. Even have that conversation with some CEOs, some people who rose to levels of excellence in sports and continued on that journey like what you're doing, engaging in conversation and speaking with people so we can hopefully altogether unlock the collective wisdom of how we could live a more joyful life.

You and what you're doing right now and the work that you're doing is all about that. It's all about coming back to the Source, coming back to the one and coming back to the wisdom that we all have no matter where we're at. We do get lost along the way. I feel like we're remembering what we've always known. A big part of my intention and my reason for bringing men like yourself on is you have this wisdom. There is something to be said about years of experience on this planet. We're programmed from a young age that we need to seek outside ourselves in order to find the road to happiness or success and that can often be very so helpful in a way to help us understand a little bit at least try to understand why we're here but so often it's the blind leading the blind.

We have these roles of success and what success looks like. I found that many of my clients in the younger generation 20s, 30s and even up to their 40s have maybe followed this path and then like, “I was told that this path, I needed to do this thing and follow this road and get this job and do this career and make this money and have this house. I am doing all the things and I am so lost, confused, and I’m depressed. I can't share,” especially my men viewers. There's this stigma around not being able to talk about your depression or to talk about your fears or your insecurities because, on the outside, you've got your stuff together. What are you crying about? That hurts my heart and I can see here that you've felt that too. Would you like to talk a little bit about that in your experience?

One of them has to do with the conditioning of the masculine in terms of what's appropriate to express, what makes for a strong man. On one level, it's about being productive in one's career and being a provider. It also goes towards what energies and emotions are okay to express and still be a strong man and what is considered to be either weak or even to be ashamed of. If one is feeling depressed, feeling powerless or feeling confused. We all know in this new environment now, where all of these collective abuses between the genders are coming more and more to the surface with the entire #MeToo thing and the Kavanaugh hearings.

It's so easy for men to even second guess themselves like, “How do I relate to women now? On one level, she doesn't want to be objectified and we honor and respect that. I also have these energies and women like to be pursued. How do I pursue a woman who doesn't want to be objectified? How do I dance on the head of that pin?” I can appreciate that right now and let alone what you talked about in terms of going through the material conquest, which we've been thought to do and finding its hollowness. It's only the people who have done well financially, who knows what money can't buy because they have it and they aren’t buying it.

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The point being is that we always want what we can't have. This is just about our growth and evolution as human beings. We're programmed to expand. That's what we are to do. We are programmed to evolve. We're going to be where we are now, knowing what we know now. Thinking from where we are, what we want and going for that. Isn't that how we go there and we get that, and we achieve that, that we begin to understand that there's so much more that we weren't able to see because we were blinded by that narrow-minded point of focus? 

As we're starting to heal and bring back this understanding of all parts of ourselves, the masculine energy, the feminine energy that resides within all of us no matter where you are and what binary or non-binary spectrum. It's so important to realize that there are all these different aspects of myself that I've been programmed whether a man or a woman or anywhere in between to push down because they're not enough of who it is I'm “supposed to be.” That's what creates this division within ourselves which creates this desire, this need to go outside. Then we go outside to try to fulfill the self when all along it was all in the self, which is a big part of the work that you're doing. Share a little bit more about how you even found that and how you begin to understand that. Your wife, this turning point was pivotal and you are realizing the internal with what you were seeking all along. Would you like to share a little bit more about that journey?

I’ll take us back in time a bit just about into that twenty-year phase where my wife was diagnosed with cancer, which wound up being terminal. The chemo and radiation were so nasty and so toxic to her system. There was zero quality of life. I had at the time two young children from a prior marriage who were eight and six, as well as a child that we had together with my wife with cancer who was about three at the time. There was one particular weekend where nobody was in the house. My wife went off to her parents and brought our young child with her. I didn't have my girls from the prior marriage so I had a moment to be alone. I had told myself that I had to wear the suit of armor every day. I needed to be functional, my family needed to be.

I was taking care of my girls on the side, my older girls when I had them, as well as my son who was living with the nanny every night. There’s no rest for the weary. By many measures, I felt like that cartoon character Wile E. Coyote, but the building blew up and I'm frazzled holding a brick. I gave myself the permission to drop the brick and have essentially a dark night of the soul. I allowed myself to feel and to feel all the anger and the powerlessness, that sense of feeling betrayed by God for being with somebody. Finally meeting somebody I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and knowing that she wasn't going to be with me. As well as having some real fear of what it could be like to possibly be with an emotionally scarred son who would be losing his mother at a very young age.

DFP 11 | Embodying Wealth
Embodying Wealth: Part of our growth and evolution as human beings is to always want what we can't have.


With all of that and feeling like the weight of the ball and the pressures of being a hedge fund manager with your name on the door, it's rather intense, to say the least. I curled up in a ball and said, “Here I am, the house of pain and I typically avoid going to, for all the rational reasons needing to be functional, bring it on.” I started to cry, but I went to a place that was so dark. It felt like beyond tears. I describe it as like a fetal cramp. It's almost not even breathing, and everything was clenched shut dark, “What else have you got? Bring it on.” After a period of time of being in that timeless darkness, I noticed that things started getting light with my eyes closed shut. I said, “You've got more pain for me. Bring it on,” and there wasn't.

More and more the light started to shine through until even with my eyes clenched shut, all I could see in my inner vision was light and I got it. A couple of things, one, that the reason why I was experiencing so much pain is that I love so deeply and I love life so deeply. If I didn't, it wouldn't have bothered me so much. The loss of life, if you don't have that much love in your heart, it doesn't matter that much. Having that sense of love was important to me to find out and to hand that visceral experience that I am loving at the core and that nobody can take from me what I am at the core. My wife's name is Terry. God bless, Terry. If it's her journey or soul contract or whatever you want to call it, that she's only going to be on the planet in this life form for a relatively brief period of time, then that's the soul contract. It doesn't take away from the loving essence that I am. Having that sense of depth of knowing of who and what I am at the core has been something that I not only find great relief in. It's something that carries me moment to moment. Even though I have my moments, when I don't seem all that loving, I'm human too. Having said that, it's a deep part of my foundation.

I love hearing your journey and feeling you in that moment of darkness, a moment of desperation, and in that moment of true surrender. At the end of the day, it was like, “I have nothing else left to do. This is the only thing that I can do.” In that surrender, finding liberation often, this what many of our men struggle with. It’s going into that pain, going into that place of feeling because it's scary and it's painful. The mind considers it as very painful. You sharing that, “This was the only option that I truly had. I was resisting. I was fighting. I was holding strong, but I wasn't truly allowing myself to feel into what the reality is and was and also, allow myself to release it.” That's truly what it was at the end of the day. It was this acceptance. It was this surrender. It was this, “I cannot do anything else other than surrender. Through that surrender, I can find liberation. Freedom from myself, freedom from my ideas about how things are supposed to be. Freedom from the victim mindset of this isn't fair.”

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Truly allowing yourself to be like, “It's not about me. It never was about me. All I'm going to do is be with what I've been given and find gratitude and appreciation as best I can.” That doesn't mean that there wasn't more pain later. That doesn't mean that there weren’t more challenges later. We are conditioned by this human mind, however in going through that, it sounds like it was a pivotal point that allowed you to probably even hold more strengths for your family and your wife even too when she did eventually pass.

It opened up a gateway to me to appreciate grief in a way. Not resist it or to view it as either weakness or even view it with pain as something to possibly resist on some level. I remember as her end was close talking to my friends and they're asking me how I'm doing. I was crying and saying, “I feel great,” because it felt so good simply to love so deeply, knowing full well that the object of being of my love is slipping away and yet somehow my heart remains open. That comes full circle to even though I didn't fully process it this way at that time, through almost twenty years’ worth of continued exploration, study and refinement. Coming now to understanding that everything is energy including whoever and whatever we think we are at the core. That we are so much more than a bunch of experiences and a set of thoughts that we call beliefs. We are so much more than that.

As energy beings, we have only scratched the surface of our capabilities. Whatever we call this thing love to be, it's nothing more than a description of what it feels like to have this energetic flow, this energetic connection, and bond. That's all that it is. Even within the spectrum that's called love, there are this fraternal love, the brother and sisterly love. There is an erotic love which can be juicy, sensual, and sexual and the love of family members which has its own characteristics to it. Like Eskimos have always different words for snow or ice because that's the world they live in. I'm imagining that we're going to have even more words for the types of love that we experience. As we migrate our energies up, open our hearts, open our entire energetic fields to more connection, delight and joy, then we start to create some new words to describe those feelings.

DFP 11 | Embodying Wealth
Embodying Wealth: As we expand ourselves, so does our capacity to love and understand what love is.


What came to me was like as we expand so too is our capacity to love and understand what love is. I feel that's been a big part of my journey. I keep telling in my community, my friends, my family like, “Someday, I'm going to write a book,” and I will someday. I have fallen in love so many times with so many people, both men and women. Each time, my capacity to love and my understanding expand. It's funny because every time I fall in love so deeply with someone, I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with myself. That's where the source of everything is. The source of all that you're seeking in the energetic and physical realms truly is coming from the wealth spring within us. When we can learn to tap into and to connect to that, we have the unlimited potential that rests at our fingertips. You and I both are on track with helping individuals understand this magic that absolutely lies within each and every single one of us. Your wife passes away, you were the head fund manager. Then you went through a series and you left. What made you realize that you needed to get rid of the job? I knew you had a lot of transitions in between then and now?

There are several things. I lived in Tiburon, in a high-rent district outside of San Francisco with the view of the Golden Gate Bridge. As I was doing this hedge fund thing and managing money for people who had hundreds of millions, if not over a billion dollars of net worth, which is still a lot of money years ago. It was even that much more of a lot of money. As I was going through my process, I certainly noticed that people with all of this money didn't seem to be any happier. In many cases, I noticed that their possessions owned them. There is something right there. I also noticed that as much as I was doing my best to make that money, the real truth was I set myself up in a rather benign environment. No matter how much money I would make for them or even lose for them, it wouldn't change their lifestyle one iota. It would change mine, however.

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I realized that I set myself up in a very benign environment not to have that much of an impact on other people's lives. In coming full circle to getting the sense of love, having and being more than enough, really focusing on the kind of wealth that money can't buy was the final nail in my coffin in my career of being a money manager, which I was living a dream. On some levels, when dreams or things get fulfilled, then it is time to move on and have another one. I was in Hawaii during the election time of 2000, where we didn't know who the president was. Whether it was Gore or Bush and the markets were getting collapsed every day. I was in paradise. I can't enjoy the physical beauty, the air, the belongingness, and the Aloha spirit. I was too busy focused on what the market's doing and I said, “There's something wrong with this equation,” and that was it. I was done.

Then 9/11 hit, which was a few months after I unwound my fund to completely. By some measures, I felt like the world and certainly, New York was going through its version of my personal apocalypse of having this sense of the unthinkable occur. What occurred to me was if the unthinkable can occur in something that's so horrific, all that it does is it expands the spectrum of possibility in both directions. Maybe it's equally unlikely but possible that something more amazing than anything we've ever experienced can also be possible if something so impossible could occur. Maybe it's unthinkable for us to live in terms of, “I'm having an unearthly existence here.” Why not pay attention to that unlikely possibility and see if that can be manifest?

DFP 11 | Embodying Wealth
Inner Security and Infinite Wealth: Merging Self Worth and Net Worth

That's essentially what has taken me to write a book called Inner Security and Infinite Wealth: Merging Self Worth and Net Worth. That radio show I talked about, I did a TV show for the last years called Get Conscious Now! down in Santa Barbara, having people in the studio on television and interviewing people. Asking them the same things about how we can bring forward-thinking and heart-opening mindfulness into at least one aspect of everyday life. Then I formed this company, Only The Source. We can talk about that because ultimately, only this Source, whatever we call, God, Spirit, the Universe, the Unified Field of Energy, by whatever name it's called, Quantum Physics is showing us that there is something infinite going on here which dovetails completely to what the ancient scriptures would have us believe.

This new OS is an operating system of Only The Source. Imagine what it would feel like if we were able to walk around moment to moment feeling and breathing that whatever this unified energetic field is that's beyond our ability to even see but we can perceive it on other levels. If we allow it to be fully present so that we feel that within ourselves and that it's such a blessing to be in this form for all the possible life forms that exist. Somehow the universe has conspired for us to be in this one, which may be a lot more interesting than some of the different life forms that are out there. We have that blessing going for us and then recognize that in each other. No matter what anybody else is showing up looking like, even if they are unaware in the moment, they are not remembering their connection and aspect with source. The connections that we can have with each other and the beauty that we get to perceive that's beyond man's ability to make itself is so exquisite and so extraordinary that our lives can skyrocket.

We met at SoulPlay. There are a lot of people at SoulPlay and there are a lot of deep connected conscious seekers there. You and I connected in a workshop. Then we connected after outside in front of the pool. There was this moment where I felt it when the first time we connected. Then we reconnected and when we were looking at each other's eyes and it was like, “This person is emanating the source. We are one.” It was automatic. You don't get that with everyone but when you do find those people who are these reflections, these divine pillars of consciousness, it's like we're all on the same team and some of us have just woken up to realize we're on the same team. At least my experience in meeting you was like, “He's got it going on.”

That was my experience as well. Looking into your eyes and having that energetic presence of a union, feeling that there was no separation here, just that deep heart connection and even a heart-mind connection. I honor who you are. Life experience has a lot to do with where we are in a given moment. For you and in relatively tender years of your walking the earth on this planet, I honor the wisdom and the energies that you exude because they're gorgeous.

I went to a festival. I was hosting a Men's Circle at a festival a couple of weekends ago and I met Carrie. Carrie was the photographer for SoulPlay. She was like, “Amanda, sometimes I don't know if you're a 101-year-old man or a four-year-old little girl.” It's funny because I do believe that people say, “We've been here before. There are these realms that we've made before.” I feel that some of us may have been going through the realms a lot longer and have been on this experience a lot longer and who's to know and who's to say. Ultimately at the end of the day, it comes back to the Source to tapping in and tuning into that. 

No matter where you are on the path. No matter if you feel like you awoke or you're waking or you’re not even sure, but all of a sudden, this type of consciousness conversation is coming into your vortex. You have this feeling that something hasn't been right, and you've been living this road that you knew deep down wasn't resonating. Wherever you are, every person has the tools to tap into their inner greatness. Every single person has the ability to do the self-work to connect to the source, to connect to spirit and create space for that connection to show up because it's always there. It will always be there. It's about you recognizing and making space for it. That's when you start to feel these shifts and you start to connect deeper to whatever it is that's waking up your purpose. What your purpose is here, what ignites your soul and ignites your passion and that's one thing too.

A big part of what I'm doing is about helping men specifically who are in their 20s and 30s or maybe even in their 40s begin to wake up to their purpose and their passion. You and I were speaking and we were talking about how fired up we are. It's like I feel I have so much energy. I can do backflips in circles. I can work fourteen-hour days and I still am excited to get up and to do it again. I do that to finding our purpose and to fining our passion, into connecting to source, into listening and into living in alignment. It's so important that every person understands that we all have the source within us. That we all have these gifts that are waiting to be recognized so that we can bring it to the world. That's something that you're doing with your Only The Source projects. Tell us more about this and about your baby.

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With Only The Source existing and you pointed it out, that's true whether we pay attention to it or not. I've decided to leverage as much science as I possibly can to help to break free of whatever these bonds are that keep me or any of us in that state of limited self-identity. Ultimately and this is going to Tesla, not the car company, but the guy whose name is now worth billions for the car company, Nikola Tesla, as well as Einstein, that everything truly is energy including us. What's remarkable is that we have some very basic simple tools that we can use that are highly reliable to shift our energy specifically that stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain that conspired to have us feel good in the body.

Neurotransmitters like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, GABA. There are all these different things that we can be doing such as breathing, which we do no matter what. When we do it consciously and breathe in deep, and there is the saying, “If you're going to do something big, take a deep breath.” There is a reason for that. What's remarkable is that as something as simple as going into some conscious breath, even if it's once for five minutes every 90 minutes. To take a pause from what you're doing to breathe in. I created a course around this called Give Yourself A Raise! where we'd go into breath, sound, movement. Even the power of smiling, which is remarkable. That even a fake smile can send signals to the brain that the body is not in danger and we'll start to send a little happiness our way throughout the nervous system.

When we get our eyes involved in a smile and it kicks those neurotransmitters into a bigger gear. Simple things like that with dancing and making sounds. The science is the source or God's way of creating breadcrumbs to awaken to itself through us. What's beautiful is that these breadcrumbs are highly reliable in shifting how we experience life and how we feel in our body. That alone helps to make new decisions. Let's say you're dealing with bills and you're getting freaked. It’s easy to do. You do some breathing, you do some dancing or you go out in the sun and inhale a few sun rays. You go back to the bill, it's still the same amount. What has happened is because you feel better, your relationship to that bill has changed. When we make money in whatever we do in our career, it's all based on relationship and how we relate to other people. Back in the day, Hoover was a great vacuum company and even Hoover didn't make money in a vacuum. We all need each other on some level to connect with each other too. That's how money flows and gets exchanged. To that extent, how we breathe, sound, move, how we shift our energy, how we connect with others, ultimately, you’ve determined how much money we make.

There's so much power in what you're doing. That's something that I relate to and know not only from my own experience and navigating life but also helping many clients with. What you're focusing on is going to bring you more of that. We can understand that and even physics talks about that but what's important, what's pivotal and what I love about what you're doing is you're giving people the tools. We can have an understanding. We all know we're supposed to eat healthily. We all know that we shouldn't have pizza and donuts but how do we create tools to help reinforce positive habits? When life does get stressful or when we're in a place that is not desirable, such as losing your wife or losing your job, or who knows things are going to happen, do we have the right tools and equipment to begin to interrupt old patterns and habits that prevent us from fully embodying our highest and best self? Taking these obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow?

Embodying Wealth: We're all human and we're all energy. To that extent, we're all going to oscillate from various moments from time to time.


In the course, we offer people some scientific underpinning that has been researched and documented as being a reliable cause and effect. If you breathe or you dance, you will be stimulating some neurotransmitters. You will be increasing your neuroplasticity, which is essentially how your brain makes new neural pathways. You will be employing epigenetics, which is a science that shows that rather than being as hard-wired as original genetics would have us believe, that we are more responding. Our physical selves respond more to our outer environment. To the extent that we surround ourselves with love and life-affirming beauty, plants, nature and different things that have us reliably feel good and consciously informs ourselves how to evolve in things that are healthier. It's remarkable. To offer people at least some scientific factoids so the mind can grasp. That if I do these things, I can reasonably expect good things to happen as a result because it's science and not woo-woo.

I love that you've done that work because I haven't. Coming from the masculine is about like, “Give it to me because I want to know, I want to understand.” The feminine is like, “I don't need to know. I feel it and that's enough.” I feel that bridging the two helps us understand. For me, I've seen it, I've felt it, and I've experienced it in my own life and in my client’s lives. I know and I'm like, “You've got to trust. You've got to trust yourself most importantly. You've got to trust the universe that having someone else who will do more of the research, the background and the science behind this. It's important for people who are like, “I can't trust. I don't have that trust. Why should I trust you? Who are you? How do you know?”

We all come from these different experiences which have cultivated where we are and having both sides of it. Having the scientific like, “You don't have to just trust. Here's where the proof is in the pudding.” Not only in if you do it, just wait and see but also here's what research says, which I appreciate that you've taken all of that into your program. That's important for people who are a little bit more skeptical and have a little bit harder of a time trusting.

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Even for the people who are reasonably far along the path. On one level, we're all human and we're all energy. To that extent, we're all going to oscillate from various moments from time to time. No matter how evolved we seem to be, in any given moment things can seem like a struggle. It can be easy to go to a place of fear or mistrust. Having this additional depth of knowledge of knowing the interrelatedness between some of the things that we get to do as a more of a conscious exercise and how we can expect it will impact us. Frequently, that's the difference between doing something and not doing something. It's great to know that we have more choice as we experience life than we ordinarily may believe that we have.

The power of choice is so big and something that has often been taken. There's been an illusion that we've had it, but it's been taken away from us in a lot of ways and we're just beginning to understand that. It's only taken away if we allow ourselves to be fooled that it was taken away in the first place, which is powerful. With this course, it's online or how is it? How will people find it? How do people access this beautiful, amazing information?

We have posted some things on Facebook with links. It's hosted on this site called Kajabi, which is a learning management platform. It also includes four live classes with yours truly over Zoom, over the same platform here. What we can do is when you post this video, you can include a link of how to come on. We offer what I feel is a great deal. It's a Bogo deal. You buy one, you get one free. For a course that has over four hours of prerecorded content, pre-recorded lessons spread over eight modules as well as a bonus module on money called Right on the Money. It’s because there were four phrases on the back of the $1 bill, the instructions on how to best use it, who knew. It's true and one of them is, “In God we trust.”

It's easy to have trust issues around God because what kind of loving, beneficent God would allow for so much human suffering? It's easy to go to a place of mistrust. We break it down in terms of how we can come to a place of our own whoever we are, being inseparable from that which is interwoven throughout all creation. That which is eternal and timeless, which is allegedly what God is supposed to be. By whatever name it's called, if we can trust in our own direct connection with that in every single moment and that we are inherently good, that's a great place to start.

We go deeply into the money thing and give yourself a raise. It's about raising one's mood, one's consciousness and one's vibrational presence. To be able to have the tools to influence it as we choose from moment to moment with reliable tools. Each person has guided to create their own toolkit. For some people, they'll be more into smiling than others. Some people will be more into dancing than others. The good news is there is a whole spate of them. We do a module specifically on self-love as well because that gestalts and ties everything together because how can we possibly love others if we don't love ourselves?

We have this Bogo thing going on where you buy one for $197, that's less than $200, you get hours and hours of stuff, pre-recorded live exercises. You get to sign up your best bud for free at no additional charge. Not only do you get to split the cost of the course, which then brings it down to under $100, $98.50 to be precise, but you also now have a study buddy to integrate with, to grow with and to hold each other accountable. That way you help to ensure that you get the most out of this course and you wind up with somebody you're going to love even more than you already do.

Thank you, Stu, for doing the good work.

There are so many different ways. One thing about Only The Source, the OS is that it's also an open source. There are infinite ways to awaken to that, which is already ever-present and within us. To that extent, I'm humbly offering up my share. You are beautiful, Amanda, in the way you offer up yours and we're all in this together. If we can create this as being a movement and with energy. The way energy grows is it starts with a cell. Then the second cell starts to swirl and get a little exponential with Fibonacci going on. All these things from an energetic standpoint, as we connect with each other. Remind each other who and what we are at the core and see that spark of divinity in each other. All that does is amplify the energy that feels so good and it is contagious. It's like a smile. More and more people want to be on what we're on, “I'll have what she's having because it's so delicious.”

Sometimes people joke about my energy, my enthusiasm or my passion and I'm like, “I'm just having prana.” When you start to live at that vibrational level, you need less and you have more. It's all only coming from within. Stu, it's been truly amazing to share. I love connecting with brilliant minds and people who have powerful and passionate stories and are doing powerful work in the world. You've shared a lot of wisdom here and you've given our audience a lot to chew on. If you, our audience, like this, please review us on iTunes. It does help with boosting this so more people can see it. I always ask at the end of these interviews, you have to be 50 or older in order to come on because there's this level of wisdom. If you could give yourself some wisdom knowing what you know now, what would be the advice that you would tell yourself if you were 30?

I would say don't believe everything you think. You get what you settle for. The deeper you go, the lighter you get.

They brought me back to that moment when you were in that darkness. That is some encouragement for our audience. That if you're in a deep place or in a dark place, just go there. Allow yourself to go there. If you need help and support to go there, then by all means, use it. Take it. It's truly powerful. Stu, you're an amazing, incredible divine god. I appreciate you being so inspiring and doing the work of the worlds. Thank you for your time, your energy and your efforts. This will be available on iTunes and Stitcher and all the platforms and we can spread the word of consciousness.

Amanda, thank you so much for this time. I feel so great connecting with you. You're just brilliant.

Thank you.

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DFP 11 | Embodying WealthAs Only the Source creator, writer, talent and investor, Stu wears many hats on his shaven head.  A reformed hedge fund manager, he has focused on wealth beyond money for the last fifteen years;  his conscious media endeavors include co-authoring Inner Security and Infinite Wealth, hosting the nationally-syndicated Inside Wealth radio program and co-hosting the award-winning “Get Conscious Now!” television program. His unique blend of loving presence and interest in science combined with his natural wit and light-hearted nature makes one think of the Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein and George Carlin all rolled into one… or so he likes to think. Contact Stu at [email protected].


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