DFP 13 | From Wimp To Warrior

From Wimp To Warrior with Broderick Boyd

DFP 13 | From Wimp To Warrior

Author Broderick Boyd tells his journey from wimp to warrior and shares how one can embrace their inner wild man masculinity the healthy way. Brody struggled for years with loneliness, depression, and suicidal thoughts before he finally broke through, hired a dating coach, and shortly after met his amazing and highly supportive wife, Anita. Brody has now been helping thousands of successful men all over the world for over thirteen years to attract the high quality, beautiful and intelligent women of their dreams ASAP without fear, frustration, or wasting any more time with disappointment, rejection, or regret.

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From Wimp To Warrior with Broderick Boyd

I am excited to be bringing you a special guest, Broderick Boyd. Brody struggled for years with loneliness, depression and suicidal thoughts before he finally breakthrough. He hired a dating coach and shortly after met his amazing and highly supportive wife, Antia. Brody has been helping thousands of successful men all over the world for over many years to attract the high quality, beautiful and intelligent women of their dreams ASAP. Without fear, frustration or wasting any more time with disappointment, rejection or regret. Welcome to the show, Brody. Thank you so much for joining me.

I’m super excited to be here, Amanda. This can be a juicy conversation.

I’m familiar with the overview but there's a lot that I have yet to uncover. I’m excited to dive a little bit deeper in these aspects of ourselves or our characters in the masculine and learn a little bit more about your journey with this. You have this beautiful, amazing, romantic relationship with this woman who is super supportive. Sounds like you've met on a lot of different levels, but it sounds like it also wasn't always that way. I'd love to start wherever you feel inspired to start and tell us about your journey.

I feel like a lot of men can relate what I had to go through. I grew up in a household with a controlling mother. Growing up, I felt like I was being held in this golden cage where I was safe and protected but wasn't free. I couldn't do what I wanted to do. My mother wouldn't even let me hang out with my friends because she was concerned I was going to get hurt or something would happen to me. She was always telling me what I could do, what I couldn't do. She also took the masculine power away from my father as well. She kept him on a tight leash. I didn't have any strong role models for a healthy masculinity or a healthy femininity growing up, I had a masculine mother and feminine father. Fast forward into my dating life. When I got into college, I worked towards breaking free of my parents' influence and becoming my own man. I had been single my whole life because of this. I hadn't had a dating life at all. Even once I got into college, I was still struggling. I started reading a couple of books. I started working on myself. The first book I read was a book called Secrets of Speed Seduction Mastery. It’s on how to seduce women with NLP and hypnosis, which even then I thought that was a little weird. I at least opened my eyes to the idea that, “I could improve in this area. I don't have to be stuck with no results, essentially nothing. No connections with women, just being in my own shell.”

I started working on myself and finally attracted my first girlfriend. We were together for about a couple of years. We had our ups and downs. It was an okay relationship but ultimately, I wasn't able to be the man she needed. I still hadn't broken through my own inner demons, my blocks from growing up in the childhood that I had. Eventually, she left me. Surprisingly, when she left me, I was devastated. I felt like I screwed up. I wasn't being the best man I could be. I didn't understand women and what they wanted. I wasn't in my masculine power. I entered this super deep depression. I was severely depressed for more than a year and a very dark place. I remember one day I was sitting in my car at the depth of my depression. I had this gaping black hole in my chest and I was like, “This isn't working. My life isn't going anywhere. I don't know what I’m doing here.” The pain was so great I started having suicidal thoughts. I started thinking about ending it all. At that moment a stronger part of me, the king inside of me woke up and said, “You could end this. You can kill yourself but what if instead you did whatever it took to get this area of your life handled once and for all,” and that's what I did. I put my stake in the ground. I said, “I’m going to do whatever it takes. Get this handled.”

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I started this journey of studying everything I could get my hands on in relation to women, dating, relationships, psychology and evolution. I changed my degree from Biology to Communications and Interpersonal Relationships. I went to all these different workshops and seminars, spending thousands of dollars getting all this information. That still wasn't helping me to connect with the high-quality women I wanted to be with. I decided to hire my own one-on-one dating coach and that's when I started having great results. This man took me under his wing. He showed me what I was doing wrong, what I needed to do differently. He got me on track and held me accountable. I broke through. I had the mindset shifts that I needed, the deep inner shifts within my own masculine core that I needed. I started having great connections with women, meeting amazing women, having a fun dating life. I realized I wanted to have a super high-quality woman. Have a loving, long-term committed relationship where we're connected on all levels but also changing the world, impacting the world in a bigger way, making a difference and leaving a legacy.

As soon as I made that decision, I attracted my amazing wife, Antia. She's from Germany. We met in Hawaii. We were living in Hawaii at the time in Oahu and Waikiki. I was living in Waikiki and she was living in Oahu. We met at a spiritual self-improvement workshop, a meetup and we connected right away. We were talking about masculine-feminine dynamics right off the bat. I invited her to another meetup and we ended up that night kissing under the Hawaiian moon. It was romantic. I told her that night, “You're the woman from my story,” because I had written what I called my story; a list of everything I want in my ideal woman. She was everything on that list. The rest is history from that. We dated and then started this business together helping because we both became passionate about wanting to help other singles to find the right partner for them. She had a similar journey to me growing up in eastern Germany with an emotionally distant household. We decided to start helping singles together. I'd already been helping men for a long time. That's what we do together. I help the men to find the right woman for them. She helps the women to find the right man for them. It's been a beautiful experience and we've helped thousands of singles all over the world at this point. That's why I’m here now. That's why I’m passionate about this work and these topics.

I’d love to back up to go to the household, the family dynamics. This is something that is incredibly crucial for all of us in the way that we form, the way we relate, the way that we see our parents and their dynamics. Is it healthy or is it unhealthy? Is it balanced? Is it unbalanced? As we're little kids, we look up to role models, all of us, whether it's, “Who do you want to be when you grow up, Johnny?” “I want to be an astronaut,” or you're looking at your parents to see what healthy relationships are. It's powerful that you were able to point out the imbalance in your mother and father's relationship. Use that as an opportunity to reflect on your own self and realize that there was an unhealthy imbalance between your own masculine and feminine.

By using that and by becoming aware of that, not to self-judgmental but self-aware, you were able to say, “Here's where the imbalance lies. Here's where it comes from. Here's where I want to go. Now knowing all of these kinds of pieces, I can choose to navigate and create and get clear,” which I heard a lot. Once you started to do the self-work, you became clear on what it was you did want. It's never right away you have everything you want. It is a journey. In that pursuit, you went through a lot of changes and situations in relationships that taught you even more about how to get even clearer. You finally wrote it down, did the work and manifested it into reality.

I started to create my life rather than living by default. That was the biggest shift and seeing the patterns. The awareness that came from starting to work on myself and starting to see, “I’m out of balance like my parents were out of balance. If I want to have a better life than they had, I have to start getting into balance. I have to start working on myself. I have to start discovering more about myself and learning about masculine-feminine energy and the archetypes. What it means to be a man and how to create rather than be at the whim of experience.”

DFP 13 | From Wimp To Warrior
From Wimp To Warrior: If I want to have a better life, I have to start getting into balance. I have to start working on myself.

Something that you pointed out was the fact that taking responsibility for where you are, what you've created and what has happened. How can you use this instead of playing the victim mindset of like, “My mom was super masculine and didn't show me how to be a man,” and being like, “I can learn from my parents and choose to take responsibility and move forward in a way that I want to so that I can be the change.” Instead of talking about, “Why I can't be who I want or live the life I want or have the love I want?”

Many people will see this all the time and this could have easily been a path I went down. They unconsciously but purposely in their unconscious lives that are messed up and are horrible because they're secretly trying to get back at their parents for having such a horrible childhood. They're saying, “It's your fault. I want to show you what you did so I can get back at you for the horrible parenting job that you did.” That awareness of taking control of forgiving yourself, forgiving your parents for what they did or didn't do when you were growing up and saying, “It's up to you. You can be the adult that you never had. You're going to take control of those patterns.” That's a huge starting point to get out of any sucky situation in your life. That's a big root of the cause for a lot of people.

Some people have amazing childhoods and bless them. I’m excited to hear that is a thing. A lot of us have some imbalance in our relationships with our parents. I know for me personally, the moment that I decided to have compassion and realize that my mother and my father did the best they could with what they were given. Release all of the other should have, could have, would have and truly have much compassion for them. I began to have compassion for myself and I feel that's been huge in personal growth and self-development.

That's a massive step. If everybody in the world did that, forgive their parents, we'll see huge shifts in the world.

I love the talk around masculine and feminine. It's something that's been coming up a lot, at least in my sphere and the people that I’m working with. I feel that there is the imbalance that has been had for so long. We're starting to become aware of the imbalance, therefore we're starting to be able to change it. Last time I talked to you, we were talking about the different archetypes of men. One of the archetypes that you brought up to me was harnessing the power of the inner wild man. If you want to give a brief overview of what archetypes are for anybody who's like, “Archetypes of men, what?” They can get a background and then we can dive a little bit deeper into the wild man.

If you're having any problems in your life, it's probably boiling down to the fact that you're out of balance within yourself. There's either a part of you that you're repressing or there's a part of you that it's being overexpressed or there are parts of you that are in conflict, they're fighting each other or you're out of balance. You're not a whole human. You're not a whole man. This was true for me in my journey. It’s one of the big things I had to learn. This also leads into how to create a healthy masculine-feminine polarity. A masculine energy if you're a man, feminine energy if you're a woman is having these parts in balance because I feel once we're in balance, we naturally express our core essence. We don't need to force anything, nor do we need to suppress anything, it naturally comes out.

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The key to getting into balance is to first off learn about yourself and learn about the different types inside of you. Become aware of what are the parts that you are not expressing fully. What are the parts that are being repressed? One of the models I created, I added two parts onto this, but the original four came from Carl Jung, is the six masculine archetypes. Six masculine archetypes start out with the four basics which are the king, the warrior, the magician and the lover. There's a book called King, Warrior, Magician, Lover if you want to go deeper into those archetypes. Over the years of doing this work, I realized those four didn't encompass all the ranges of which a man needs to embody him or a woman. There are also the opposites of these for women as well. The other two that I added on is the little boy and the wild man.

The king is a part within you that's the leader, which sees the vision, which makes the final decisions on things. The warrior is that part of you that gets things done and makes it happen. The lover inside of you is that part of you that enjoys all the pleasures of the senses and can feel and can be sensual. The magician inside of you is that part of you that likes to solve problems and be creative and be artistic. The little boy inside of you or little girl for women, is that part of you that likes to play, to have fun, to be curious, to be innocent. The wild man inside of you is the fundamental masculine core. The wild man is that part inside of you that is purely instinctual, that is like a caveman, that's like a Neanderthal in some ways. It's the most primitive part of you that has the primitive instincts of reproduction. The killer instinct is in there, wanting to eat, wanting to survive. All those primitive instincts are inside the wild man. It's the most untamed and most in-touch with nature, the most natural part of you as well. Those are the basics of the six archetypes. With those six fundamental archetypes, the key to start working with them is to go through them with yourself and say, “How expressed am I in each of these archetypes in my regular life?”

You can ask yourself this question, “How strong is your king? How strong is your warrior?” and you can rate them on a scale of one to ten. “How strong is your lover? How strong is your magician? How strong is your little boy? How strong is your wild man?” and you can start to see where you might be out of alignment. You say, “I’m good at being in my lover. I’m good at cuddling, being spiritual, enjoying nature and enjoying the connection with people. I’m good at that but I’m bad at making decisions or having a plan for my future,” which would be the king and the lover or, “I’m bad at getting things done and accomplishing tasks off my to-do list,” which would be the warrior or, “I’m bad at finding solutions or being creative with my problems,” which would be the magician or, “I’m bad at embracing that wild part inside of me that wants to be free and I’m bad at expressing my inner desires, letting those come out and being in harmony with those,” which would be the wild man or the little boy, “I’m bad at playfulness, being curious and letting myself have fun and be on the playground.”

To look at which of those parts for you may be weak and which are strong. Some of those also might be what's called a strong suit. They call that in a landmark, but it’s a part that you rely on too much like, “I’m good at getting things done,” you’re a workaholic and you get it done all the time. To look at what is the strong suits and what are the weaknesses, it's about getting that balance. I recommend starting with these archetypes and starting to get an analysis completed. Sometimes you need to work with a coach or a mentor to get clear on where are these in conflict? Where are you suppressing certain parts? Usually why you're weak in a part is because you're suppressing it and then you can start to work towards getting into balance.

DFP 13 | From Wimp To Warrior
From Wimp To Warrior: We have repressed our wild man. We're taught to feel ashamed of that part of ourselves.

Tell me a little bit more. Let's dive into the wild man.

I’ve identified the wild man as the masculine core, the masculine essence. The reason why the wild man is important is that masculine-feminine polarity, especially if you're a single man. If you're a man who struggled in the past with relationships with women, either thing has come out sideways. You enter a relationship with women and women get angry and you don't know why. The women are upset and you don't know why that you've dated in the past. You don't find you can create that attraction, that chemistry. Maybe you get put in the friendzone a lot. You have a lot of female friends but when you're interested in them, they don't reciprocate that. They're not romantically or sexually interested in you. There's not that spark, there’s not that chemistry. Maybe you've even had women that have told you, “I don't feel that chemistry. I don't feel the spark. I don't feel that passion.” If you're getting those symptoms, that's a great sign that you're not in connection with your wild man. You're not in connection with your masculine core. If you're in connection with your core, you're naturally going to be attracting feminine women. You're naturally going to be attracting the feminine to you. It's like a magnet. It’s the Law of Polarity. When you're in your masculine, you can't help but attract feminine beings to you because it's a Law of the Universe.

It's a division of labor where those energies seek each other out because you offer something to a feminine creature when you are strong in your masculine energy. Same with women, you offer a unique energy to the masculine being when you're in your feminine expression and the beauty of that. That's the reason why the wild man is important because you can get into your masculine core through the wild man. The reason why the wild man is challenging for men is that I found we've repressed it, I included and many men in the world. We have repressed our wild man. We've been taught that the wild man is not good. The wild man is dangerous. The wild man is not safe. If you embrace the wild man, you're going to be one of those jerks out there who abuse women, who destroy the world and who make all these bad things happen, wars and things like that. If you tap into that wild man, you're going to be a bad man like all the others.

We as men we're taught, “We should feel ashamed of that part in ourselves.” We all have it. There's no way you can get rid of any part. We all have it inside of ourselves but if we think something inside of us is bad and we repress it, there's going to be consequences of that. It's the Law of Matter. Matter cannot be destroyed, it can only change form. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form. What happens is when you suppress your wild man, it changes form. It becomes the thing that you're trying to avoid. When you suppress something, it becomes the shadow. It becomes a shadow of itself. What happens when you suppress the wild man is it becomes a shadow wild man, which will come out in disgusting, sideways and dangerous ways. That's when you have instances of people being passive aggressive or people who seem to be one thing but behind the scenes, they’re the other. We saw this lot with the #MeToo Movement where a lot of men who were supposedly good men out there, men who are speaking up about the virtues of feminism and the virtues of being a civilized man. Behind the scenes, we find out these men were the ones who were paying women to watch them masturbate in front of them. Who were sexually harassing women behind the scenes and doing all these disgusting weird stuff because they were suppressing their own parts.

The ones who speak out the most are often the ones who are most judging themselves for those things they're speaking out about. It comes out sideways. That's what leads to the shadow masculine of people becoming violent, people becoming abusive, people becoming destructive when they're suppressing this energy. The key is to understand why you may have suppressed it. If you were taught by your parents, if you were taught by your mom, “No, you have to be a good boy. You can't do that. You have to sit down. You can't run around. You can't express yourself. You have to suppress that.” That's one of the causes that have happened to you why you are not in your masculine energy because you have been suppressing it for years. You have been locking the wild man in a cage.

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There's a great story that is where the wild man came into our Western consciousness, the archetype of the wild man. It’s called Iron John. Sometimes it's called Iron Hans. It was written by the Brothers Grimm. The story of Iron Hans is there is this kingdom in this forest and these men were going out. These hunters were going out into the woods but suddenly the hunters were not returning when they would go out into this certain forest. Finally the king said, “I’m going to send soldiers to go find out what's going on in this forest.” The soldiers went into the forest and none of them returned. He sent 100 more soldiers and none of them returned. He gave up and said, “Nobody's allowed to go into this forest.” This adventurer came into the village. He said, “I’ll find out what's going on.” This adventurer went to the woods and he went to this pond. All of a sudden, this hairy arm reached out and grabbed his dog, pulled it into the pond. He said, “I found the problem,” and he got some buckets. He got the villagers. He got the other soldiers. They bucketed out the pond. At the bottom of this pond was this hairy, dirty, slimy creature, this wild man at the bottom of the pond.

The soldiers captured the wild man. They took him to the kingdom. They locked him in the cage in the middle of the village for everyone to see, to look at and to throw things at him. The wild man was there for weeks. People started forgetting about him. One day the king's son, the prince, was playing with his ball. The ball rolled into the cage. The wild man took the ball and he said, “I will not give you back your ball unless you go get the key and let me out of this cage.” The boy said, “No, I want my ball,” and he said, “No, give me the key to the cage. It's under your mother's pillow.” The boy said, “I’m going to do it,” and so he went to his mother's bedchamber, took the key from under her pillow. He let out the wild man. The wild man grabbed the little boy, put him on his shoulders and said, “You're coming with me,” and he ran into the forest and took him along with him. There are many metaphors in this story and this is where he first came in Western consciousness, this idea of the wild man. The metaphor is this is what we have done like men. We have kept this wild man under these layers of water in the depths of the forest. Once we started getting in touch with him, we still kept them in a cage but we never let him out of the cage.

In the story, what happens is the wild man mentors the young prince. He gets into this other kingdom and ends up defeating this other army with the help of the wild man and he becomes the king of this other kingdom. That's how the story progresses. That's how it can progress for us as men are that when we integrate the wild man when we use his power for good, we can then become the full expression of the powerful men we’re meant to be. That's also what will attract women to you, this knowingness that you are not suppressing these parts of yourself. When you need to, you will take action. When you need to, you will defeat the enemy army. You will kill the lion that's trying to attack your wife and daughter in the cave. You will ravish your woman when it's time to ravish her and show her the depths of your passion. You'll go to those limits and you'll go to that depth of your instinctual self and not be repressing that. Not be afraid to embrace that. Those are some metaphors, analogies to start working with this knowledge of the wild man power.

I hear that and I hear the story of the wild man. I’m like, “Go, wild man.” I feel my biggest awareness having worked with men is that there are many different aspects of ourselves that we repress and this is male or female. One of the ones that I’ve been working on a lot with men is repressing their feminine. Going back to childhood, what we’re taught by our mother and our father is like, “Grow up, Johnny. Big boys don't cry.” All of these things prevent men from truly tapping into their emotions and truly tapping into what is coming up for them because you're not allowed to express. You're not allowed to get support. You're not allowed to get help, even thinking about personal growth, yoga, meditation or any of the different holistic healing practices.

There are a lot more women who show up for these types of things than men and they feel like a part of that is because we've taught our men that they also need to repress their emotions. Especially things like depression, stress, pain and sadness. It's interesting for me to hear this other aspect which after hearing your story and listening, I can definitely see how this is another area, an old story that we've been taught to repress. Going back to what we said which is understanding where you're at, what you're repressing and what you have repressed. Using what your parents taught you as an opportunity to learn how your subconscious has been preprogrammed to where you are now.

DFP 13 | From Wimp To Warrior
From Wimp To Warrior: Let the wild man out of the cage. Healthily integrate the wild man so that you can be your fully expressed self.

That's a big part of the reason why I recommend starting off with getting clear on where you're at. What are your archetypes that are already expressed? If some men who are reading this may already be fully expressing their wild man. I’ve integrated my wild man. I have my healthy killer instinct. I can ravish my woman. I have my masculine passion. I can be in my instincts. That's all good but then they might have another issue, which would be the repression of their love or repressing their lover or their little boy. Which would then prevent them from knowing what they're feeling, being into their emotions or being able to express that. That's a whole other problem, which is why it's great to work with a coach with all this and have someone who's there to customize this for you. There can be a lot of different aspects that are blocking you with these archetypes, different ways that they're repressed.

We often have blind spots and we don't know what we don't know. We can't see more. We're blocking ourselves. We can't see where we’re repressing ourselves. It takes someone outside of us to show us what's the missing piece here? What's the block for you? If you're a man reading this, it depends on where you're at. If you're good with the wild man, then you're going to have to work on other archetypes. You're going to have to work on getting in touch with your lover or a different archetype. If you're finding that you're not attracting women, you're getting put in the friendzone. This is a lot of men that come to me. Most of the men who come to me, they're coming to me with a repressed wild man. 95% of the men who come to me, the core of their issue is they have a repressed wild man. They were never taught how to be in their wild man. They have shame around it. They were taught sex was bad. There are all these different things they were taught. They have to get past all these things in order to be a full and balanced man otherwise they're going to be the nice guy.

The guy who is accommodating to people, he's appeasing. He's kind and caring, but he has no backbone. He's not able to stick up for himself. He doesn't get people to respect him. He doesn't get people attracted to him. That's a huge problem from that way. The other problem would be a different problem where he's not able to connect. He's not able to be sensitive to nuance or emotions or his own emotions. He can't cry and that's a totally different challenge. At least for the men who come to me, this is primarily their problem and it depends again what your symptoms are. With the wild man energy, if you're having a symptom of you're not attracting women, you're not attracting people to you that are of the feminine energy, this is where you're going to need to work on.

Once this aspect has been integrated, the key is you're letting the wild man out of the cage. You're repressing out of the cage and you're letting them be free. You’re healthily integrating them so that you can be your fully expressed self. It's not about like, “You've integrated the wild man. You're going to be wild all the time. You're going to be purely following your desires and doing exactly what you want to do at all times.” You’re going to need to get into balance where you know can do it. Once it's time to have sex or once it's time to have to defend somebody who's attacking you that you can go there, and you can make it happen. You can fully express that archetype. You can kill the bad guy or you can ravish your woman, whatever needs to happen. For the other archetypes that once it's time to cry, you can cry. You can express your emotions. You can be fully sensitive to the nuance of the emotions around you. Once it's time to make a decision you can fully go there, but you have your baseline where you're balanced in the middle. Whatever the situation calls for, whatever your goal is in the moment, you can express those archetypes without any guard rails, like those when you're bowling. You can fully express what needs to be expressed. You can fully go where you need to go and have that courage and have that ability.

Now you're a fully embodied man. You're a fully matured man who can do what's best for yourself, for the world and for your woman. You can do what's best for all those different energies because you've expressed all those. That's going to be a huge part in integrating the wild man if that's your block. If that's the part that you're missing, you can start to work on integrating other archetypes. Next, you can go onto the magician or the lover, so you can be this fully embodied man. Once you're fully balanced as well, you're going to naturally be in your masculine power. You're going to be naturally magnetic. You're naturally going to be attractive to the right person for you, to your opposite, your polar energy that you want to attract into your life. You can be that match for it and draw them in. It depends on where the man is at and what his symptoms are, what his challenges are so he's no longer suppressing.

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That's one of my main messages here with the wild man, as with all the archetypes, that you can't suppress. If you try to suppress any of these parts, it's going to come out sideways. You can't block the energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form. You're going to end up being passive aggressive or you're going to end up beating yourself up. That's usually what I see with nice guys and also with women who do this. We have a whole training that we do called the King Queen Matrix. On one side, it's the nice guy for men and on the same side, it's the doormat for women. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the jerk for men or the wench for women. These are the extremes. There hasn't been integration. Once you can integrate both those parts, you're that fully balanced human. You want the best from both of those. You want the power of getting people to respect you, standing up for yourself and making things done that the jerk has. You also want to have the kindness and the connection to your heart that the nice guy has. You're balancing. You're taking the best from both of those and you're bringing them together harmoniously. You can be a fully balanced man without suppressing these types because it will come out sideways in some way.

One of the things that we often talk about in this business is the face test. Who is the person who's coming to you? What do they look like? What's their avatar? There were a couple of men who have either worked with me in some capacity or another where I feel like when you're sharing about the type of man that comes to you I’m like, “These clients would be good.” I got them on one level of their personal growth and self-development and helping these two men embody their wild man. You passed the face test. If some of our readers here are like, “I am missing my wild man. This is me.” What advice would you give them? What are some of the things that you could tell our audience who feel as though they've been not connected to their wild man? What are some of the things that they can do?

I recommend some things that I’ve taken my clients through. I occasionally do a workshop with my clients called the Wild Man Training Day. I’m considering doing it as more than one day as well. What we do in the Wild Man Training Day is we go out in nature and we reconnect with that wild part of us. That's one of the first things you can do, what I recommend. Like in the story of Iron Hans, the wild man was living at the bottom of a slimy, dirty, muddy pond. He was like a serpent. He was like a dragon living in this pond. If you think about that image of this wild man, imagine this hairy man living at the bottom of this algae-infested pond. It's like tapping into the fundamental nature of the natural world. What I recommend is go out in nature and pretend you're an animal. Pretend you're this caveman. You're one of the first humans on the planet and you're foraging for food. You're foraging for a mate. You're like an animal.

Watch animals. Go to the zoo. Go outdoors and watch wildlife and see how natural they are. See how they’re purely following their desire, “What do I want to do now? Where am I going to find some food? Where am I going to find a mate?” They're purely following their instincts. If you as a man go out in nature and throw some dirt around, throw some rocks, break some tree branches. Run around and scream at the sky, scream at the trees. Get into your primitive caveman and express that natural instinct that you have to live, to thrive, to grow, to reproduce and to be life. Get into life energy, life force because that's essentially what the wild man is. He's pure life force. He is life and life only desires to live. Life desires to keep on living. Be in that energy and express it fully.

One thing you can do even without going out in nature, you can do that at home as well. Oftentimes, the wild man is about expressing the unexpressed. Expressing your desire, expressing your anger, expressing your fear, expressing whatever emotions are inside of you, getting it out. One thing you can do also as a man if you're experiencing like you're running on a constant level of anxiety or fear or anger, practice for a few moments in your quiet of your own home letting that all out. Expressing the fear, expressing the anger, so screaming into a pillow. One way you can do this that’s easy is jump on your bed and start kicking, punching and screaming into your pillow. It's a healthy way. This is a great practice because you're learning how to express your wild man energy without hurting anybody. You're doing it in a constructive way because the wild man, he's power. Masculine energy is power.

DFP 13 | From Wimp To Warrior
From Wimp To Warrior: You can channel your energy and use that killer instinct to kill obstacles that are in your way, to solve problems, to kill your own resistance, and overcome your fears.

Power can be used for good or can be used for evil, depending on how you use it. You can't suppress it because it's going to come out sideways, so you have to choose. The only thing you can choose to do is directed toward a constructive cause. Otherwise, the natural recourse of it is it's going to come out sideways and it's most likely going to be destructive. It's going to hurt somebody, if not you. You have to consciously direct this energy. That's why you have to integrate your wild man or else you're going to hurt people. That's a good knowingness for nice guys out there because nice guys don't want to hurt anybody. They don't want to hurt women. They don't want to offend anybody. If you don't embrace your wild man, you are going to hurt people. You're going to do more damage than you realize.

I believe the most dangerous people in the world are men who have not integrated their wild man. They do the most destructive to our civilization, into society. On the surface seem good but are passive aggressive and doing damage under the surface. Realize you will do damage unless you integrate it. Take that power, harness it and release it in a constructive way. Once you did good at releasing that energy and getting it out of your system in a constructive way where you're not hurting anybody, you can say, “How can I also channel this energy, channel my instincts into creating civilization? Creating a great relationship? Creating a business? Creating a great life?” You can channel that power and you can use that killer instinct to kill obstacles that are in your way, to kill problems, solve those problems, kill your own resistance, kill your own fears. Overcome those fears. Use that killer instinct and use that power to do well in the world. Those are some basic things. There are many more you can do. Those will be some great ways to get you started on learning how to tap into that energy and for good not for evil.

If you don't embrace your wild man, you are going to hurt people and you're going to do more damage than you realize. Click To Tweet

I can feel your fire and your passion. I love it when people are passionate about whatever it is that they're doing and that they're in alignment with their life's calling. I can feel that from you. You gave us some amazing tools. For anyone who feels that, “I’m going to do these things. I’m going to embody these things,” and if they want more help, how can they find some of what you're doing? What's the best way to get in connection with you?

The reason why I’m passionate about this work is that I see the world heading towards a scary place. I feel for the men out there. I feel for the men who have not integrated this part and we need to step into this power. Not just for yourself and having the life of your dreams and the woman of your dreams, but for the world. The way to get in touch with me is to start that process and do this together because I want to help you. I want to help the world in this way. We can integrate this mask and power in a constructive way. Go to my website which is WinTheWoman.com. I focus primarily on getting you into your power, so you can attract the woman of your dreams. You can attract the relationship of your dreams. Even if you're in a relationship but you're finding that your woman's getting angry or upset, this will help you to integrate so you can have the harmonious relationship you’ve always wanted. If you go to my site, there's a special link I have on my on my site. You can get to my online calendar. You can book a time that we can talk together, and we can do a one-on-one session. I’ll offer that complimentary where we can go deep, explore and see where the sticking points are for you. I can give you my advice and get you on the right path to integrating your masculine in a healthy way and attracting the love, the romance, the life of your dreams.

Thank you so much for helping dive into this topic. Thank you for doing the work in the world of helping men embody more of the wild man and attract the beautiful, amazing, romantic partnership that many of us are hoping for.

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