A year on the road… Now what?

It’s been over a year since I left the place I once called home.  I left without a plan.  I left knowing only one thing— that I needed to go.  There was abundance around me yet somehow deep inside I felt that this wasn’t it, this wasn’t the way I was to be spending my life.

At that point, I had already planned to visit India, on a short stay to train with my teacher, I was certain I’d be back. Then one day in meditation I was consumed by an overwhelming feeling that words can simply not explain.  Shortly after, there was a little voice inside my head that whispered I would not return… at least for while.  “Just trust, let go, and trust,” whispered the voice, and so I did.  Even though my mind tried to battle, the moment I chose to surrender, things effortlessly began to fall into place.  Less than 4 weeks later I was off.  I left with a roundtrip ticket knowing I would not return.

It can be a scary thing to leave everything you’ve ever known and dive into the infinite depth of the unknown.  The mind can often struggle– it’s inability to comprehend what it simply cannot not know can be suffocating at best.  However, as with all things in life there is always a choice.  One can choose to see the unknown as a place where fear, doubt and worry lie, or they choose the opposite. They can choose to see the unknown as the place where ultimate possibilities reside and instead of fearing it, they embrace it, knowing that this space is the place where anything and everything is possible.

On November 27th, 2016 I made my choice, I chose to surrender.

Since leaving I’ve been faced with a multitude of emotions— everything from fear, to doubt, to ecstatic bliss and unbelievable joy.  Let me be clear by saying life on the road is no easier than it was back home.  I still have days where I struggle, days where I question myself and my path, and if in the grand scheme of things what I’m doing even matters.

There is one thing that makes all the difference though, when it comes to choosing to live this life verses the one I left back home and it’s the pure fact that I no longer live to work for money so that money can buy me happiness.  I now live to love, and in that love there is the source of infinite abundance.  It is that source that I believe will continue to provide, just like it always has.

I have realized that I do not need much. In fact, I do not want much.  Life on the road has taught me the meaning of simplicity.  When everything you have is on your back, the path of least resistance really is the only option.

I am on a journey— a journey which has no end.  It is my intention to give everything I can and all that I am, to continue to make this world a lighter, more connected, and loving place.  The tools I’ve gained on this path are honestly invaluable.  Through my exploration of different cultures, I’ve been able to more deeply connect the dots between the union of mind, body, spirit.  My understanding of nutrition has vastly improved as I have been able to learn from both Eastern and Western perspectives.  By exploring elements of massage and energy work such as Reiki, Thai massage and Chi Nei Tsang, I have realized the important role that these subtle and energetic bodies play on our over all health and ability to thrive in this world.  My understanding of self, and what I have to offer has exponentially increased.

No amount of money can be placed on the value of self transformation.  When I stopped studying what I was told to study and started studying myself, doors began to open in places I never knew existed; each door that opens lets a new light in and that light allows the essence of your soul to shine.

Through this journey of self discovery I have learned and developed tools that help to keep me on this path, the path I call “The Path to Empowerment.”  This is a path where one decides to no longer play the victim— blaming everything and everyone for why things are not the way you want them to be.  The path that gives you, the individual, the power to flip your world upside down and start living the life you dream to live instead of the life you were told would make you happy.

So where do I go from here?

We go together. I’m here for you and invite you to join me on a journey of healing and transformation.  No matter where you are in life, or in the world, there are ways to connect– together we can walk on The Path to Empowerment.  You are not alone, and that deep desire to fulfill your soul’s yearning for a higher purpose and deeper connection starts the moment you decide to take the first step.


Online-  It all begins with the initial meeting.  Let me know where you are at, where you want to go, and what you feel is preventing you from making that next step.  I offer nutrition advice, personal guidance, private meditation, and distance energy work via Reiki.  In each initial meeting I will give you 3 tools to take with you as you begin to walk on your Path to Empowerment.

In Person- I am available for private classes through the means of yoga, meditation, and educational cooking classes. I often teach group classes, host workshops and am happy to sit down for to discuss health issues and/or personal nutritional guidance.

Retreats-  In 2017 I’ll be seeing you for a transformational retreat in Mexico!  Stay checked into my website for when the details roll out!

Book me in a city near you-  I love to hold elixir ceremonies, workshops, retreats and general transformation experiences for you or a group of people.  What is a transformational experience?  Connect with me and we can discuss all potentials based upon your intention.

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