Emily Floyd (USA)

"The goddess is attainable within myself and the divine lives in all of us. l have experienced so much growth and expansion within myself and a deep connection to sisterhood through this journey."
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Elin Iderberg (Sweden)

"Ever so grateful for the relational platform that holds me, supports me and awakens me. It makes me braver and feeling safer as I know Im not alone. It helps me daily. I use it often. And I would never want to be without it."

Angelica- Model (Sweden)

"This experience has helped give me the confidence to pursue my dreams, follow my passions, see and align with the Goddess within me."

Grace Artist (UK)

"This experience taught me the power within my own life, the importance of understanding your masculine and feminine, how to channel my anger/sadness, how to surrender and trust in the Universe."
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Samantha Photographer (USA)

"I've been able to face my shadows, see and have compassion for the inner child within me. I've been given the tools and support to move beyond my 'victim' story and am stepping more into my power."
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Susie - Reiki Master (Ireland)

"Through this journey and the power of this collective group I have uncovered so many layers of myself. I've gained the tools to share my truth and now have the empowerment within to share my gifts with the world.

Nicole - Childhood Educator (AUS)

"This experience has helped me in ways I could not have imagined. I have so much support from Amanda and my sisters and have been able to up-level in ways I could not have imagined."


"This experience is helping me re-define my relationship to myself. I have felt so supported, so seen and loved. I have learnt that the highest gift a woman can give herself is self-worth"

Michelle Hodges

"I thought I knew myself...this has enlightened me to open up & expand. It’s one of the most divine experiences I’ve had to engage with like minded & supportive woman "

Anna La Verge (Holland)

"I've gained so much insight on how my inner world is a direct reflection of my outer world. I wanted to gain more clarity on my purpose and how I want to show up in the world and now I have clarity, direction and focus for how I'm choosing to follow my soul's purpose."

Demi Barrington (USA)

"I’ve gained knowledge, insights and new perspectives on who I am, clarity on where I’m headed, and a beautiful connection with soul sisters across the world... and that’s only touching the surface"

3 Months +

4 Goddess Gatherings + 2 New Moon Ceremony's

One Transformational Sisterhood Experience


Welcome to the growing Goddess Collective,

When inspiring empowered women from around the world choose to show up for themselves, each other and the collective to do the ‘inner work' so that they can challenge old stories, step into their power and reconnect to the Divine Feminine within. 

Through a series of Goddess Gatherings, New Moon Ceremonies along with rituals, practices and tools, women are given the space to be seen, felt, heard and access vulnerability so that they can change the way they show up for themselves and the world. 

The biggest tool of transformation, whether your desiring to transform your body, your relationships or your purpose in life, comes from connecting within. This experience helps sisters feel the deeper layers of themselves so that they can move beyond habits, patterns and habits that keep them from fully stepping into their fullest potential. 

Each group is special and unique. Set in an intimate container of only a few women, we have the chance to go deep. 
You'll receive guidance from Amanda, multiple avenues of support from your sisters and weekly practices and rituals to help you truly EMBODY transformation that lasts. 

The next experience begins Jan 2020. If you're interested in discovering the tools to own your worth and truly step into your power. you can sign up below to learn more on how to join the growing sisterhood.

Elin Iderberg
Elin Iderberg@elinutz
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"I was in awe of the accuracy and the deep resonance I felt with the tools that Amanda provided me with - I did not expect this. I felt like they were so much in sync with who I am at my core, my deepest longings, and my deepest being, I found it quite humbling and moving. And through her space holding, coaching and tools given she helped me get to know myself deeper and deeper, pealing off the layers that were in the way of my full expression. Ones I started navigating from a different place in myself things started to shift. Quite fast and big."
Demi Barrington
Demi Barrington@seevenus
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Thank you so much Amanda! For everything, for this journey, for making this space for women a reality. We are always growing, but ever since I started listening to your podcasts my life has changed... and now!! WOW I’m blooming haha I am so beyond grateful for being a part of this experience, thanks to you 🙂
Melissa Butler
Melissa Butler@u
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One of the best things I did this year was invest in a life and spirituality coach with Amanda Biccum. My confidence has skyrocketed, my abundance is now flowing with ease.