Grace Basak ~ Artist

Grace was a part of the 1st Goddess Collective Experience. She is an ______ based artist based in london. Click below to see her work.

Grace's Experience

I met Amanda in Thailand which at the time I described this as a ‘coincidence’, however this turned into the most life-changing journey I could have ever possibly imagined. 

I began with the goddess initiation circle, a 3-month journey with a group of beautiful women from all over the world. This experience was powerful and intense and more than I could have ever hoped for. It came at a time in my life where I was ready for this transformation and to take responsibility for my growth. Amanda holds such a magical and safe space for us all to open and grow. I felt so held and able to express my soul without fear of judgement. Every session was incredibly powerful for differing reasons, and I feel whatever needed to arise in the collective was held. Amanda expressed what we were ready to hear, providing us with tools and tasks to further explore ourselves and challenge our old beliefs. 

   The other women were inspiring amazing beings, none of which I had ever met before and yet I felt so safe to confide and connect with them. Months after the experience has ‘finished’ we are still in contact, supporting each other, holding space for each other; and for this I am forever grateful. I am amazed at how similar we all were, even with our different lives, different problems, we reflected each other in so many ways. This was so beautiful to experience and it helped me realise how connected we all are. I experienced negative competitive damaging female relationships growing up, however this goddess group helps to heal those old wounds and stories about female friendships. Where there was once competition and jealousy, is now love and sisterly support. When women come together like this MAGIC happens.

        This experience taught me the power I have within my own life, the importance of understanding your masculine and feminine, how to channel my anger/sadness, how to surrender and trust in the universe and yourself, tuning into my body and escaping from destructive thoughts, self-care, self-love and how to find happiness in the present moment. The goddess circle taught me how to raise my vibrations and how wonderful life can feel when you trust your gut, listen to yourself and live your truth. Now I know how good life can feel I never want to go back to my old patterns and habits. However I learnt the importance of compassion when you feel low or disheartened that you are not always in that good place. Wow I have learnt so much… and it is beautiful. 


I went on for private coaching with Amanda to explore more personal struggles that I had not felt ready to cover in the goddess group. I am ready to receive and this was reflected by Amanda channelling source energy, providing guidance and reflections that I was ready for however unable to discover myself.

I am so grateful for everything I have learnt this year and to Amanda and the goddesses for enabling and guiding my growth. I love and appreciate how Amanda shows up in her presence, how she is honest and open in sharing her own journey and how it never feels divided like a “patient-carer” role.

   I did not know much about life coaching before this year and now I believe there is not a person on this planet that could not benefit from this and I encourage anyone who feels ready to invest in themselves in this way. I myself had scarcity stories, I was unemployed at the time, but this has been the best decision I have ever made, and is literally the first time in my life I have invested in my own happiness and myself. There is so much power in that and it is only the beginning for me. 

Thank you Amanda for sharing your gifts with those around you, to help them step into their power and find alignment and happiness in their lives. Thank you fellow goddesses who have supported me through this journey and thank you to future goddesses who are taking the leap of faith and saying yes to themselves and thus everyone around them. Thank you and I love you.