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Heal Your Skin From Within – How to Heal Perioral Dermatitis Naturally

Skin has never been a big problem for me… that is, until I had my episode of perioral dermatitis. I struggled on and off for nine months with this devilish condition. I researched everything from scientific journals to blogs and YouTube videos. I asked dermatologists and doctors and found next to nothing as a cure. As a Holistic Health Coach, I was determined to find a natural solution. After nearly nine months of searching, I finally have the solution on how to heal perioral dermatitis naturally. Whether you’re dealing with a skin based issue or other symptoms, I believe this protocol can help you heal, too.


Skin-based issues are gut-based issues


When most people think of skin, they think topical.get natural clear skin

Have acne? Use this face wash.

Rosacea? Here is a cream.

Mystery skin condition? How about an antibiotic?



This is the problem with conventional medicine. They look to solve the symptom instead of addressing the deeper layers by getting to the ROOT cause. This is why many of us end up on pills masking the symptoms only to be put on more pills hoping that one day the problem will just magically go away.

News flash, if you don’t understand the ROOT CAUSE of what created the symptom in the first place, chances are you will not be able to heal. Those pills will become your new normal, and it’s only a matter of time before you will likely need more pills to cover the symptoms of the first pills. #firstworldproblems


Regardless of your dis-ease it can be skin, weight or even more serious issues like autoimmune, one must look at the root cause and remove it in order to fully heal.

The thing is, the root cause is difficult to address.

Anything can cause anything and you actually have to treat the PERSON instead of the dis-ease. This is timely, and sadly. It’s much easier for the medical profession just to slap a name on the symptom, call it a disease and send a patient home with some meds than it is to take the time to actually work with the individual in front of you.

As humans, we all express our body’s imbalances differently. For some of us it’s skin issues, for others it’s digestion or allergies/mucous and weight gain.

Regardless of what your symptom is, regardless of how “bad” it is on the scale of manageable, this is your body crying out to you that it needs help. If you don’t listen, the symptoms get worse, if you choose to only suppress the symptom with a quick fix, this is how neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases and even cancers begin to form.


What you put into your body creates what you get out of your body


Perioral dermatitis cure


It’s hard for me to believe that the majority of people don’t understand that food is our fuel. If you put packaged, processed, chemical ridden junk into your body, your body WILL eventually break down.


If you are dealing with any physical ailment, DIET is the first step to healing your body from within. Change your diet and I can almost guarantee you will begin to see drastic results in whatever your symptoms are.


My Top 3 Diet Tips:





So How Did I Heal Perioral Dermatitis Naturally?


First I changed my diet


I did the top three tips mentioned above, eliminated all foods cooked in low grade vegetable oils (this means say goodbye to most restaurant meals— at least for now), and I started drinking daily bone broth.

If you only do one thing, drink bone broth. It is a superfood for the gut and will help you heal and seal your gut wall allowing your body to heal faster than anything else.

I was already pretty healthy and had been following the above diet for close to two years, I just became more strict during this healing phase.


Next I eliminated toxins


This last outbreak was the second time I had PD and this step was the step I overlooked.

I wondered why my PD came back after seemingly I had healed it. Two reasons: one was toxins.

Toxins are everywhere. They are in our food, our air, our cosmetics, water, air, you name it. If your body is struggling to function, toxins could be the culprit.

Detoxing your body by ridding it of toxins is one of the best ways to give your system a break. Doing a heavy metal detox and parasite cleanse are two of the most important steps you can take when it comes to your journey of health and healing.


I tested for food sensitivities and candida


Food sensitivities affect the majority of people without them even knowing it. Healthy foods like almonds, eggs and bananas can be giving your body problems without you even knowing it. This puts the body on overdrive, creating excess inflammation in the body which shows up on skin, as weight gain, or as other immune issues.

You can do the above two steps and get drastic results, and if you don’t test for food sensitivities or get to the underlying gut imbalances which could be candida, the chances of it coming back are high.

This happened to me. I did the first two, found great success, thought I was healed, then bam it happened again. It wasn’t until I rid my body of candida and eliminated the foods I was sensitive to that  my body finally fully healed. (You can order a test from me here and have it delivered straight to your door.) 


Last but certainly not least, I worked on reducing my stress with SELF-CARE


Stress truly is the silent killer. Stress does not just come to those with high profile jobs; it can affect anyone from the house mom to the college student.

Stress negatively impacts our hormones, our body’s ability to fight intruders and impairs our body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

I can’t tell you the number of clients that come to me with physical issues and once we work on their stress management alone, the majority of their symptoms begin to subside.



SELF-CARE is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Below are some of the top ways I self-care.


1.) Self massage with RAD rollers (10 minutes a day can make you feel brand new- here is a video on how)

2.) Epsom salt baths with essential oils

3.) Yoga and meditation

4.) Good, healthy, home-cooked food

5.) Spending time in nature

6.) Moving my body and breaking a sweat (sweating helps to remove toxins)


Are you ready to heal your skin from within? I have compiled the exact system I used to help me and created a program to help you heal, too. It’s called the 21-day Detox Not Diet ‘System Reset’ Program.

If you want to be walked through your healing journey every step of the way, from stress management to proper food choices to detox methods, look no further.



I know all of this information can seem overwhelming. With all of the mixed information out there it can be hard to know what the right protocol is and where to even begin your healing journey.

I’ve done it for you, so you don’t have to. If you are interested in the program, you can learn more about it and apply here.

I am a human being, just like you. I know the frustration, pain and emotional discomfort that is present when your body is suffering. I am here to help. You can schedule a complimentary strategy session with me here if you want to discuss the road to your body’s health.

Love & Light,

Amanda Biccum


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