Cleanse energy in a space

How to Cleanse and Clear Energy in Any Space

Have you ever walked into a space and instantly felt uncomfortable?  Or maybe you've walked into a space and felt warm and welcomed?  The feeling that you get when you walk into a space is determined not only by the decor but also by the energy that encompasses it.  In this article, I'll be discussing the role that energy plays when it comes to creating these feelings and will teach you the #biccumblueprint for how to cleanse and clear energy in any space.  


We are ALL energy


Beyond the physical lies a subtle and energetic realm that encompasses all things.  

We are energy, everything we touch, do, think and say, changes that energy. When we become conscious of how we interact with the environment around us, we consciously change that energy.   

Understanding this, we can begin to create spaces that invite more of what we want and remove that which we don't want. 

How to cleanse and clear energy


Anytime I visit a space that I know I will be staying in for a while (I travel a lot), I always set the intention to cleanse and clear the energy.  I have created this ritual which helps me to remove any lingering energy the person before me may have left behind. 

Why is this important?

Energy is permeable.  If someone resides in a space for a while, their energy will inhabit that space. For example, if the person before you was going through a tough time (maybe they just went through a break-up, were in the middle of a ‘mid-life crisis', or they were just working through some of their own challenges) that energy can linger in the space until it is cleared.  If I am about to embark on my own journey, I want to set a clean and intentional space, both for myself and others I welcome. 

This practice can be really helpful in your workspace or at home.  


If you have employees that carry a lot of stress around, a boss that isn't your favorite, a roommate that has just left or one that is about to move in, this ritual can help you tremendously.  


The ritual to cleanse and clear energy in any space



What you will need: crystals




Soul's Journey Cards (optional but very powerful)


Once you've settled it, it's time to get intentional.  Ask yourself: 



Why are you here?  

What is your intention for being where you are?  

What do you want this cleansing to bring? 

Once you are clear about your intention find a space where you can set up your stones, cards, and sage (some people call this an alter) any meaningful things you have, images, etc can also be placed here, make it personal!  If you have the cards, now is a good time to shuffle and pull, let that card be the center of what keep you grounded on this new journey.

Next, let's cleanse the energy! 

Grab your sage lite it up and begin to make your way around the space in a clockwise motion– stay as close to the perimeter as possible.  Move slowly, take your time and really be present with this action.  Think about your intention, the card you pulled and how you ARE consciously creating your new beginning.  

Once you've finished put out the sage, resting it on your alter and close this practice.  

I like to sit for a while in a meditation and really just resonate with the practice I've just completed. 

Why this works

Saging is a practice that has been used for centuries by people all over the world especially in the America's.  It has been used for healings, ceremonies, and prayers to the Gods.  This is cleansing and clearing offering; a true moment to be thankful for where you are and how far you have come, wherever you are on your soul's journey.

By making this practice you are becoming present and intentional.  These two actions help weave the blanket to allow you to consciously create and manifest your own reality.  This practice removes blockages that may be in your way.


Make this practice your own


There is no right or wrong way to do this practice.  Anything done with mindful, conscious intention has the power to transform.  

When I first heard the word ritual or ceremony, I was intimidated.  I felt I wasn't qualified enough and didn't know enough to perform such an event which is simply just not true.  

The truth is as long as you are coming from your heart there is no way to do this wrong.  I invite you to use this as a guide and allow this practice to transform the way that feels best for you.

I hope you try this– it's truly transformational.  There is a whole world of energy happening around us that we just can't see.  By getting intentional, and connecting to it we can begin to slowly connect and transform it.

As always thank you for reading.  I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.  Please let me know how you used this ritual or if you have a ritual you like to do in the comments below!  


From my heart to yours, 

Amanda Biccum 





  1. Emma RB

    Good stuff Amanda! I usually do a cleansing if I feel a very bad vibe around but I think I should do like you and do it whenever I have to stay for a long time somewhere. Because at the end, as you say, that we want it or not or that we feel it or not, our energy is transform by the one already present. When I think of it, the least you realize this other energy maybe the worst it is, because maybe you will slowly slowly start to change, if it is good energy fine but if it is a darker energy then you just wake up on morning not understanding your feeling!
    On my side, I have learn Reiki, so I how I do it:
    Open all the door and window
    Burn sage or anyother herbs or woods of the same properties and
    I say; I am now brunging light into this room/house, if you want to stay you have to stay in the light and become light. If you do not want to, you have the choice to go. And I point the door and windows open.
    So different but same same!!!
    Thanks for the oportunity to share.

    1. How beautiful with the mantra of light! Yes, I agree, there are so many powerful ways to cleanse and clear energy, the intention is I believe the most important part. Thanks for sharing the way you do it. I will definitely give this a try.

      Sending love

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