How to Discover What It Is You REALLY Want

Last week I posted an article on “How to go from dreaming your dream to living your dream in 5 simple steps.”  As simple as these steps may sound, putting it into practice is what matters when it comes to whether you are dreaming your dream or living your dream.  After receiving great feedback, I realized it is all fine and dandy if you know what it is you want, but the real question is: 

“How to discover what it is you really want?”


In this article, I will give you the tools that I have used over the years to begin to get a clear vision of who I am and what it is I REALLY want.

Let me be clear by saying this typically not something that happens overnight.  Understanding deep down who I am, and what it is I really want, has been a journey I embarked upon about 7 years ago– it's truly a journey that never ends.

Self-discovery is what drives me on a daily basis.  It is the sole factor that has lead me to where I am today and all that I am doing with my life's work.  I am constantly seeking to improve my awareness, presence, and intention in each moment; this is NOT easy.

Every day I am challenged by life's myriad of distractions, illusions and my own internal confusions.  I question myself, I question my path and I question if what I'm doing is what I should be doing.

What keeps me going?

The KEY that keeps me on this path, is practice.  The practice that keeps me connecting to myself, despite what is going on around me.  No matter what I am feeling within and no matter what is happening around me, the very thing that keeps my grounded and moving forward is the commitment I make to myself every day.

The commitment to myself is the most important tool I have.


What is the commitment to SELF?


Commitment to self is a commitment to sit.  Yep, sit.

I sit with myself every day.  I commit to silence.  I commit to being present and doing nothing else other than just being.  Somedays my mind roars like a wild animal.  Somedays, my time to sit only lasts only 5 minutes, while others it may be  40.  The length of time is not important, but the commitment I assure you is.  

Excuses are real.



What are excuses really?

Excuses are just you getting in the way of yourself.

Excuses are you choosing to prevent yourself from being all that you can be.  If you are not where you want to be right now, STOP MAKING EXCUSES.  It's no one's fault.  Accept responsibility for all that you are and all that you've created and get on with it.   It's time to stop dreaming and start living, the only person stopping you, is you.


Here is the #biccumblueprint on “How to Discover What It Is You Really Want” 



Remember: “When you sit, rather than walk away– growth happens.”


May love & light be with you on your dream journey,

Amanda Biccum


ps. if you didn't get a chance to read my last blog “How to Go From Dreaming Your Dream To Living Your Dream in 5 Simple Steps,” click here.  And for more tips on health and wellness check out this amazing resource I often refer to


  1. Thao O Connor

    This is so relevant to me right now. Thankyou for this <3 . You are helping me so much!

    1. I am so happy to hear this Thao. Our journey together has truly only just begun. I feel so happy to have crossed paths with you. You are such a light to this world <3 May you only continue to shine

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