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Meditation for the Modern Man

When most people think of meditation, they think of silence.

Ask the majority of people what it means to meditate, and “silencing the mind” is undoubtedly the most common answer. And while yes, silencing the mind is indeed a form of meditation, even the most experienced meditator will tell you, the silence spaces are often few and far between.


Meditation goes far beyond silencing the mind.

In fact, silencing the mind is just one technique. Before anyone can even begin to find silence, they must first move through the murky waters of what is often anything but silent.


Meditation for the Modern ManMeditation – the doorway to the subconscious


With so much distraction in our modern day world, finding the time and discipline to even sit still for more than 5 minutes is challenge in and of itself.

The moment one begins to sit, is the moment the mind runs rampant with ideas and starts to go over the thousand tasks on your to-do list.


“I can’t sit!” the mind exclaims. “There is way too much to do!” And from there one gets up and continues on with handling the daily chores left undone.

This is often the point when a once dedicated meditator gives up, loses hope, and decides that meditation is not for them. Little do they know, this exact pattern IS meditation. To meditate is to become aware – nothing more, nothing less.


Meditation is the doorway to the subconscious mind


The moment one finds stillness, is the moment all thoughts that have been pushed back begin to surface; the feelings, ideas, limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns play over and over through your mind.

This, although sometimes uncomfortable, is the subconscious mind,  the silent director who runs the show and creates the storyline of our lives.

Meditation for the Modern Man


In the beginning, there is so much unawareness that all things begin to surface, bubbling up at once. For many, this aspect of meditation practice can be, in and of itself, overwhelming.

This sitting, watching and observing IS meditation. Meditation is a practice, and just like anything else, in order to become good at meditation, it takes time, discipline and dedication.

Meditation is nothing more than a tool one can use to begin clearly seeing where energy is being pulled.

With life being so full of distractions, how can one be sure they are spending their energy in the best ways, the ways that honor them most?


A daily practice of ‘meditation’ (choosing to sit rather than walking away) can help the modern man begin to redirect, focus and consciously change the patterns of his/her life.


Are you happy with where you currently are and the direction you are headed?


If not, meditation could be the first step on the path to discovering the answer to that question and helping you find a new direction in which to head.


Meditation is much simpler than it’s made out to be.


It’s not about silencing the mind. It’s about becoming aware of all the thoughts that prevent you from finding stillness within. It’s about becoming aware of all the external energy that pulls you in various directions leaving you feeling spread too thin and exhausted at the day’s end.


Meditation is a tool to help even the most modern of men create space, find time, and create a deeper connection within.


The next time one goes to meditate, there is nothing more to do than just sit… just be.




What thoughts are playing though the mind?

It is the pile of work sitting on the desk?

The important discussion ahead with your lover?

The things that need to get done before vacation?

How the kids are performing in school?


Watch, observe and become the witness. One mustn't trail off and let the story line take you for a ride, (although surely it will). The moment there is awareness of the story and where the energy is being pulled, gently make note of it, then come back to the idea of observation, of simply sitting and breathing gently.

Set the timer for 5 minutes. At the end of the 5 minutes grab a journal and write down all the things that came up, all the topics and feelings surrounding those topics. Again, just be aware. Do not feel the need to immediately take action.


Meditation is the practice of awareness; BEing is the opposite of doing.


Repeat this practice every day and slowly you will begin to realize there are fewer thoughts, the urge to move and do decreases and the ability to just BE becomes more tangible.

Meditation for the Modern Man


Meditation is for the modern man.

It allows them to find stillness in a world where everything is anything but still. It allows for a deeper connection to SELF, a connection that is of upmost importance when it comes to being happy, whole, and ultimately fulfilled.


There is no better time then now to start pick up a meditation practice. I invite you to try some free guided meditations which you can find on soundcloud here.

If you want to learn more ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life, I invite you to check out this BLOG on “5 Steps to Mindful Eating.” 


Love and Light

Amanda Biccum

Holistic Health Coach #TheGutGal

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