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Re-writing My Contract With Worry


Worry, I'm giving up on you.

No longer will I allow your foolish ways to impact the moves my soul yearns to make.

I'm tired of the game you play with me– the back and forth, the doubt and most importantly the questioning of myself.


Enough is enough, I'm letting you know right now we are through.


reduce stressWorry, you are a wasted emotion. Your fear suffocates me, your energy poisons my soul, asphyxiating my ability to be free.


When I think about the times we've spent together, not once did I find enjoyment in your company.


Your best interests are not with me– in fact, it's quite the opposite. You take my energy, whirl it up inside you and once you have it you only want more, nothing I give is enough. Our relationship is unbalanced it's time I let you go.


Once in for all, I surrender.

Gone are the days where I choose to worry.

I will no longer worry about the way I choose to express my boundless being.

I will no longer worry about the way I look, the things I say or the way I choose to spend my time.

No longer will I worry about what other people think about me, the world or anything else for that matter.

No longer will I question my path, my commitment or my soul's divine journey.

I will no longer worry about the future, what happened in the past or where I am supposed to be right now. In this moment I accept and recognize that where I am is exactly where I am supposed to be– in every way shape and form.


Worry, our contract has expired and a new one has begun.




I accept you.

In fact, I honor you. Thank you for showing up and teaching me that there is a better way to be. Now it's time for you to respect me and let me be.

From this point on I will embrace the unknown both within me and around me.

I will no longer fear the things I cannot control.

I will do my absolute best to continue to be the best me I can be and at the end of the day, I'll surrender because I know that IS ENOUGH.

We've had a long go you and I, and I know that honoring this commitment won't be easy.

The thing is I'm watching you… I know your sneaky ways and I'm letting you know now is the time I'm committing to me.

This is my new contract and I'm going to say it out loud. I'm sharing it with the world so that we both know it's been written.

Who knows, maybe someone else will be inspired to let go of you too.


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