DFP 31 | Masculine Power

Reawaken The WILD MAN In The Bedroom with Swami Anahata

DFP 31 | Masculine Power


The most amazing contradiction of the life of a man is that men has the strongest, powerful body full of testosterone which basically manifests itself to competition, sexual drive, and pursuit of sexual pleasure. Being born in India where men and women are so apart from each other, that was a painful moment for Swami Anahata with his whole biology urging him to touch a woman's body. In their culture, you have to wait until you can have a decent earning before you’re allowed to marry somebody and then be able to touch. Anahata didn't want to wait that long. He shares how he was able to bypass that whole system without having to give up his masculine power, wildness, and erotic charge.

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Reawaken The WILD MAN In The Bedroom with Swami Anahata

Reconnect To Your Masculine Power

I'm excited to bring this special guest on. I was at the Tantra Festival in Delhi. I had the beautiful privilege of connecting with Anahata. Not only did we have an amazing opportunity to connect as far as in the Tantric space, but also truly what I loved about this man is hearing about his journey, where he's been and how he's gotten to be where he is now. He's an international Tantra teacher. He works a lot with men and women, but specifically with men. He holds these amazing retreats. I wanted to be able to take our conversation and bring it to you because he has so much to offer. Anahata, I'm going to give it to you. Why don't you begin by telling the audience a little bit about yourself?

I'm very delighted to be invited. I feel that something special is going on to manifest. To start this, I'm a small-town boy from India. I'm raised up in a very small town by a family with a single mother. The life was pressing me. My mother was an educator, but she had nothing to teach me. She left me like a raw in wild. The first thing that I want to share is that life was my teacher. I was playing with mud and clay for 22 years. I had no television at home. I didn't even watch television. I used to think these are all like a minus point in my life. I was trying to get the conversation in the school with some buddies. They would push me down immediately because I have no knowledge. I had nothing to contribute to those conversations.

This was a very sad point to be excluded from the tribe. That isolation brought me into deep spaces inside of me. The painful spaces that I'm lonely and isolated. I don't know how to connect. I don't know how to start a conversation. It's quite bizarre that this existence has given me voice and energy to share it and co-create. There was no way I could come into a conversation. The pain and suffering brought me to go into the community at OSHO International Foundation. The first one year was very rough. I'm trying every time to go into a conversation and then pull back. There is a lot of pain. I'm going into meditation and processing. I go to meditations, dancing, kicking the bean bag and pillows and all other things. I'm like, “What is wrong with me? How can I not be a normal guy?”

Those are the moments that brought some crystallization inside of me. From that space, I know how to hold a space for men because I know how they're going to argue. How they're going to immediately challenge what I'm saying. That painful moment became my biggest resource right now that I'm teaching. When sometimes a man comes who's stuck in a boy's psychology, trying to challenge authority. That's the typical men that come in the workshop sometimes. They say, “Yes, what are you talking about?” That painful memories are my resources to lovingly understand what he's experiencing right now and to lift him from underneath lovingly. This is the small story that I wanted to share about my journey and how I started teaching men's work.

I love stories. You're such a good storyteller. Everyone here can relate to that in some way, shape or form desperately wanting to connect. For whatever reason, it's not happening. I remember even at the Tantra Festival, a woman, she came up and she shared. She was like, “I kept trying to connect. I would go sit over here to try to conversate. They would walk away and leave or I would start a conversation over here and nothing was happening.” She shared that she had to go within, which is exactly what it sounded like for you. This darkness forced me to go within. In that internal situation, it allowed me to find a new light to which I can bring new tools to help others in this path as well.

Anahata, there's been a big part of your journey. You were at the OSHO community for years and there was a lot that came up for you. Do you want to share a little bit some of what your experience was in this community and how you began to tap deeper into yourself first of all? Your ability to connect with others and take us on a little bit of a journey of how it's brought you to where you are. It's such a big contrast from where you were to where you are. If you want to take us on a journey with another one of your stories, that would be amazing.

The most amazing contradiction of life of a man is men has the strongest, powerful body and full of testosterone, which basically manifests itself to competition, sexual drive and the pursuit of sexual pleasure. When I was on that high, my hormone wanted to push me towards women like, “Go there and mate and do this again.” Being born in India where men and women are so apart from each other, that was a painful moment that my whole biology is urging me to touch a woman's body. At the same time, I had to wait until I became 26 years old and I'm capable of having a decent earning, then I will be allowed to go and marry somebody and then I will be able to touch. I didn't want to wait that long.

I bypassed that whole stream that society was giving to me. I jumped into something different. I went into meditation. I thought like, “How can I calm down this testosterone?” That push, which basically either going to make me go into prison. Many men in India go because they had this powerful energy, which ones to really love and touch and give in to see pleasure. Because it's not allowed, that becomes a violent act. They said, “I have a very small moment to do that. Whatever first moment is most possible that I can get it, I will go for it.” They don't have any consent then. That was the situation. To avoid the situation, I said I need to go dive into meditation. I came into OSHO International Meditation Resort where basically the body is accepted as a meditation tool.

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When you go into the Vipassana and other retreats, their body needs to be set aside and still. The mind is running very fast. I didn't want to do that. I went into the space that I can use the body and mind system together to go into meditation. I spent the first few years trying to connect with people, feeling frustrated and going into doing some physical cathartic meditations, like Chakra breathing and Dynamic Meditation, shaking and all these things. The plus point was that I was 86 kilograms when I went into that. Within a few years, I lost ten kilograms of weight. I started loving myself more. That was the first thing that I started loving myself because I'm going into meditation.

I wanted to share that I was sitting at a place and my eyes were almost closed and this woman came to me and said, “Can I hug you?” I could not believe that moment. I am not asking for anything from existence. I'm simply relaxing and suddenly a woman coming and saying, “I feel your energy so inviting that can I hug you?” That moment I still remember. That was a highlight. I feel like when I am into myself, completely centered and grounded, existence will provide me what is needed. That gave me a lot of trusts. I still trust that when I am connected, centered and grounded, everything will be done. All my work is to ground and center myself into my own being.

Swami, I think that is absolutely so true. I love it. You shared that story of the woman coming to you. Often, we're programmed in our society to go out and get it, especially in the West. The truth is, hosting these Men's Circles, some of the men have shared with me that they feel as though they want something. For some reason, it's not happening. They're wanting to go dance with that woman or wanting to go connect with or to have love or whatever it is. What I can't stress enough is that if you're seeking something outside yourself to fulfill you, that energy of not enough and that energy for wanting to grasp is being felt. It's being felt by the people around you.

Nobody's going to feel safe if you're projecting, whether it's your happiness or your pleasure or whatever it is onto that thing or that experience. Whether or not we're aware of it, we are energetic beings. We feel people all the time. Sharing that story about how I had to go within. I had to cultivate my own energy, my own sense of grounding and through my energy of being present and being fully in my power, people started coming to me. I started having the experiences that I was craving all along. It wasn't forced, which is what I feel like a lot of times that we're trying to help men with now. It's like you have so much energy. You have so much power. You have so much fire, but to force it in any way, shape or form is not only destructive to you and to the person or the object of your desire but can also create disharmony. The energies between whether it's male and female or masculine and feminine or anyone in our sphere as well.

DFP 31 | Masculine Power
Masculine Power: When you are into yourself completely centered and grounded, existence will provide you what is needed.


That exactly brings us to our subject like, “How I can be completely alive, acting wild, ferocious and full of sexual energy and still very much centered with myself?” My eyes are saying that I mean business. When I come to you and look into your eyes, I'm going to turn you on, but I will wait until you get turned on. I'll wait that you invite me into yourself. Then I will show you how to make love and through making love, we can reach to God divine together. That's a whole journey for masculine. It’s so distorted in many ways, but one thing is that most of the men have a choice. One, to cultivate presence, silence and centering inside without diminishing the testosterone, power, and the wildness.

The second way when they can't do that, what they do is to diminish the power, wildness and erotic charge. Then they become a mediocre smart boy, a gentleman. From that space, they get the goodies in a slimy way from under the carpet. They get what they want because they know some techniques. They might be pickup artist or whatever. Deep down it's not nourishing something. The whole art is how not to give up your power, your wildness, and your erotic charge. At the same time, taking responsibility for cultivating presence. You can see the bull. When he's outside, he means business. Eyes and everything is powerful. Nobody can mess around, but he's so calm. He only gets charged when he's getting turned on. Riding the bull of testosterone requires a lot of presence and stillness inside. The whole art of a wild man in the bedroom is about a two-way approach. One is you cultivate your own stillness and calmness inside and that calmness feeds your wildness. It sounds contradictory, but without this one or another will be unfulfilled. A man who is completely wild and animalistic has no stillness and no presence. No woman wants to be close to that man.

At the same time, a man who doesn't have any energy to give, he's not directed clear, slime and manipulative. It doesn't work either. The time has gone that this macho man has already gone out of the system. Good boy is not serving anymore. This is the time when we could sit together and decide is it possible to merge the wildness, the animal instinct, which is inside, which is my gift? At the same time, can I take and go beyond biology? Take something from the sky, that awareness, consciousness, super energy and bring these boats together somewhere in the middle of the heart. That's all is needed.

We've been talking about this a lot. It's in the collective consciousness. It's becoming more and more talked about. The merging of the masculine and feminine, for so long, we've idolized the macho man because we've denied men their ability to feel with their connections. The truth is men, you cannot connect to a woman who is all about feeling and all about emotions. If you cannot connect to your own internal feeling because then you're not going to be able to understand how to read the situation, how to read her body, how to read if she's into you or if she's not into you. You'll be so overpowered with your own drive, your own needs and your own masculine energy that's not tamed. It's like a wild bull that's not tamed, instead of one that's in his element.

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If you try to bring a wild bull into a pen, it's going to be crazy to allow it to be into its own energy and its own element, then it's in its full power. Something that you said that resonated to me. I released an episode on How To Make Love To A Woman And Be The Best Lover She's Ever Had. What you said completes the beginning of what I said. When you want to make love to a woman, it begins with your eye contact. It begins before you ever even are in a room or touch her or even have a first few words. I love that you talked about it starts with the eyes. I'm curious if you want to dive a little bit deeper into that as a man. How we can give some more tools for those of us who are reading from your perspective.

It all goes like the eyes are one of the unique signatures of every being. You cannot fake it. That's why when you don't want to show your emotions, you'll wear sunglasses to pretend that nobody is going to watch your emotions. The eyes are the blueprint of your soul, your psyche, and your emotions. When you show and look into the eyes, you allow the person to look deeply inside of your being. From that space, if a yes arises, it's a deep yes. You can play many tricks by touching hands and going different things. You know the erogenous zone. If I caress a woman's hair and ears, those are going to be turned on. You can turn on her body, but her heart, her energy, her being is going to be waiting to be invited.

If you make eye contact and make it very clear, I want to really connect to you, to your being, to the deepest part of your being, then the body is included. Her body is the home for the being. If I want to connect to you, to your being, for sure I'm going to start from the body and go deeply and dive inside of you and allow you to dive inside of me. The fear is that I haven't worked out my own crap inside. Therefore, I'm not confident to show you the complete. I'm not going to open my whole house for you, I'm going to open a small window. From that small window, how much pleasure, how much joy or how much ecstasy it can be? Take an imagination like you invite a guest and say, “You sit on the sofa and we're going to talk only from here.” Next, take an example of another one that you invite a person, show the whole house, whole room, bedroom, everything and then sit and have a cup of tea. That cup of tea will taste totally different. That's eye contact. When you invite a person to look deeply into your eyes, you are showing that I want to be vulnerable. I want to be honest. I want to be clear to you. I don't want to play games and that's what it is.

For any of the women who are reading, I'm sure that every single one of them will say yes to this because it's true. I talk a lot about the #MeToo Movement and the #WeToo Movement and we're not clear. What's happening I feel with this is uncertainty is number one. We're moving from our hormones instead of our heart space. We're not as connected to ourselves as a whole being. Our hormones are powerful. They're beautiful. They're amazing. They're not to be disregarded. Use the testosterone. It's a fabulous tool. Women love it when it's appropriate. We don't teach our men or our women how to make love. It's not something that we teach. We don't teach people how to connect to these energies and how to begin to tap into and discern like, “What's a hormone and what's the truth? What's a part of me and what's being pressured from society?” A lot of the ways that we teach people to connect are through movies and through porn or through these external sources that aren't necessarily connected to their own internal guidance system.

DFP 31 | Masculine Power
Masculine Power: When you invite a person to look deeply into your eyes, you are showing that you want to be vulnerable and honest.


For the beginning of my life, it was closed eyes. You're making love and it's closed eyes. It's like, “They're looking at me. What's going on?” That shows that if you're not able to be fully present with someone, if you're not able to be fully there, you're not 100% yes. You're not 100% present and wanting to be there. It's important that every single individual, whether male or female, is learning to say, “Is this a yes or no? Is this true for me?” If it's not, then I need to take responsibility and set my boundaries. Maybe I'm allowing this idea of pleasure. Catch me up in some story, but I don't want to be there. Even a lot of rapes and unfortunate situations, I believe that oftentimes the person isn't clear in and of themselves. They start drinking. They lose their inhibitions. All of a sudden, they're in a situation that they didn't want to be in. Maybe they are blacked out. There's no fault other than our own and it's up to us, the individual to connect to ourselves, “Is this true? Is this me or is this not?” The most important thing, it's about connecting to your own heart space and doing practices to be able to go into truth versus what is the truth of others.

I say certain things that came to me when I was listening to you. There is no easy solution is this journey in that sense. Man is a complete open adventure. According to me, the boy needs a completely different understanding from the very beginning. If you take an example of these days, how the boys are growing up in the family. What behavior is seen in men, it's not only just coming out of the blue. It's getting cultivated. It's being fed by slow processes so that most of the men are very helpless. They don't even know what it is to be a man. What is my responsibility? What is my space in the society? We need to take it, what's happening to a small baby boy, a teenage boy, and a young man? We can understand the whole story. Maybe many of the women who were into #MeToo Movement and they got this feeling, they can understand why this man was behaving this way.

Let's take an example in the beginning that when a boy is going to kindergarten, the first thing is that these days most of the boys are raised by a single mother. There is no male presence there. This woman often has some repressed emotion towards the man who left her, who betrayed her and did bad things. This boy is sensing those energies from the mother, that hatred towards men, that betrayal, that wounding and this feeling is coming through him that men are bad. Men are the betrayer. They are violent. This energy, without even her saying it, but when she feels, this baby boy is feeling that. That's the first impression that come these days, quite generally, and often. When this boy goes to the kindergarten, he finds a female teacher there. She is there. The idea of this female teacher to behave or be nice, what would it be? A boy full of nine times more testosterone than girls, he is trying to tussle and wrestle with other boys.

This woman doesn't understand that part. She’ll say, “Behave. Keep quiet. Sit down. Share your meal with your buddy.” Testosterone is all about territory and competition. This boy from the very beginning is emasculated by this teacher. If he has to gain some recognition from this teacher, he has to stop his masculinity from there and hate those who charge, which is coming and trying to fight. This teacher is saying, “No. Love is a beautiful thing. Share your meal. Don't fight. Don't push each other.” Slowly, this boy starts feeling that being a man is not a good thing. Being competitive is not a good thing, but existence in nature doesn't care about it. It's fueling that. That's how it grows conflicting messages about his masculinity. Nobody's giving a container for this boy to say, “You are okay when you tussle, tumble, move down, and roll over. Don't share your meal. That's all perfectly fine.” Nobody will say that, especially in Christianity, “Serve others.” That's the thing. If a boy from the very beginning is trying to fight and snatch the meal of other boys, it's considered to be non-Christian. That creates a question mark on the mother's psyche. She tries to make him behave like a good girl. The body is saying, “I'm a man.” There's a penis, which actually can get erected and is trying to penetrate through the energy. That's the psyche a man grows.

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When he grows bigger, the young man is now completely confused because when he sees a woman lying on the beach, his body wants to go and connect and talk to this woman. All the voices that, “You need to behave like that or like this.” He's trying to behave like a woman or a good girl when he goes to this woman, “Hi. The weather is nice. What are you doing? The beach is so amazing.” That conversation, the woman knows that it's all fake. All he wants is he wants to penetrate me. There has to be a recognition inside of that energy that I am right now wanting to meet you physically.

What is wrong by having this desire? Why do men feel ashamed of it? That's the one thing that I want to question around everywhere because there is a grandmom telling her daughter that men have only one brain, the brain below the belt, “Men want only one thing.” When these kinds of messages are given to a girl or a woman, the man knows it. That only thing I had to hide is my sexual energy and then I can get what he wants. This is a fake and a wrong way of starting a conversation or starting a sexual connection with somebody. What I like to invite men is the first thing, you are sexually alive. Feel grateful that existence wants to manifest something through you. It has given you a privilege. That's number one thing.

Whenever there are a sexual drive and sexual pursuit towards some women, don't think about that, “I'm objectifying that woman. I'm just trying to see the woman.” Existence has its own language. The language is visual. When we see a woman nicely trimmed, nicely shaped or whatever, it triggers that same kind of thing. Nothing is bad about it. How you going to move from that desire and communicate that very clearly, honestly, it all depends how much emotional work you have done in your body. Otherwise, you could tremble when you go and want to be real, but the moment you look at a woman's eyes and you said, “I want to be real,” how do we start that conversation in a real and authentic way? That's what the whole journey. It looks very simple but for men, this is the most dangerous and challenging time. When he wants to be real, but his whole body and psyche are shaking. I usually invite so many times for men to come together and start working on their emotional vibrations in the body. When some men enter in the room full of men, what's happening to your body? How are you feeling?

DFP 31 | Masculine Power
Masculine Power: You are sexually alive. Feel grateful that existence wants to manifest something through you.


The more men start feeling inside this vibration, turmoil, and emotions, the more confidence he gets that, “I'm okay. The drum is beating inside of me, but I can enjoy listening to the drumbeat, that heartbeat inside of me.” The more he starts relaxing with his feeling, the more empowered he becomes. When he started becoming relaxed with the feeling, a woman can feel a man's eyes that he's so relaxed with his feeling. That's the language a woman knows, the language of feeling. A man can feel whatever he needs to feel, then she feels safe that he will allow me to also feel what I wanted to feel. This goes on and so forth. It's an amazing journey for men to slowly start dancing between that masculine and feminine, feeling and acting. That's an amazing journey. Do you know, Amanda, life is boring in that sense? If I don't create my inner level retreat and start enjoying those experiment, life is going to be all about power, sex, and money. That's the invitation for the wild man to come and start feeling yourself.

I know so many men who have gotten money, sex and power but they feel very empty on the inside. It's because we teach our boys how to become men and we often do so in a way that is denying them their full potential and denying them their ability to fully love themselves and to fully accept all parts of themselves. Then we wonder why we have these situations happening. It's so incredibly important to bring awareness to all sides of ourselves. Connect to all sides of ourselves and take responsibility as parents, as mothers who raise our children. Also as women, understanding that we are very different, that we're programmed differently.

I did a Facebook Live where I said, “If we could start being honest and transparent, if you want to sleep with me, if you're interested in me, then please be honest. Let's start to be honest.” What if more and more people were like, “I'd like to get to know you and I'll be honest, I am attracted to you?” I can sit in with myself and be like, “How do I feel about that? Let me feel into that. I'm interested in getting to know you, but I'm not attracted to you. If that's where you want to stay, then great. If not, then we can create so much more open and honest, transparent communication.” I feel like that's the biggest thing that's missing between our own self as you began with your story. It's like, “Let's start here. Let's be open and honest. What parts of myself am I denying? What parts of myself am I repressing? What parts of myself have I not yet connected to?” This is for men and women.

From that place, we can feel authentic. We can feel strong. We can feel heard. We can come to each other not denying aspects of ourselves because women have been repressed sexually as well. We've been taught that if we want to activate our sexuality, then we're sluts or we're promiscuous or whatever. It's huge. This #MeToo Movement, everything else that's been happening, it's coming to a place because it's time to invoke more authentic and transparent connection. More sacredness, more understanding of the value of what lovemaking is and how can it empower all of us in this place.

Do you know that I feel so sad sometimes when I do some sessions with couples or with single men and maybe a woman? How limited our experiences are in terms of pleasure and lovemaking? There are a lot of talks, a lot of books, everything is available there but it's creating more and more confusion. When we go deeper inside and trying to meet, I often see dismay that one way is if I connect with a woman, I like that woman. I'm attracted to her. The first question I need to ask, “What is it that attracts me to her? What exactly do I want to receive from her?” Without receiving something, I wouldn't be attracted or maybe, “What can I share with her?”

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The second example, I'm meeting somebody at a party or an exotic dance or yoga workshop or Tantra workshop, we are attracting. The meeting is happening between these two bodies that are thriving and vibrating in a frequency, which is basically very juicy and nice. They want to come and meet together, but there are certain fears. Is it going to be worth going so deeply connected to each other? The woman has a feeling that his body part is going to come and enter inside my body, is it worth it? She needs time to sense those things. Sometimes I talk to men and say, “Can you imagine if I try to put this inside your anus? How is it going to feel? This is exactly what a woman feels when you go with your sexual energy. If I asked you to turn back and I wanted to put something in your ass, what would it need to make sure that you will allow me, to let me have that inside of your ass?” It's trust. That you trust that I know how to do it.

The second, you need to relax your ass, otherwise, it will be painful. A woman needs these two qualities. She needs to trust and she needs to relax with you. For that, she needs to spend time with you. It's not that she's a bitch or she's trying to play games. She wants to sense that something is going to enter my body. I want to see that you know and I trust you and then I can relax with you. Otherwise, what happens if you don't give? That's why foreplay is not a duty. You are not offering something to a woman. Foreplay, you're doing a service to yourself because the moment you give these gifts of relaxation and trust, she opens her gate.

The Yonis has many gates inside. She can allow you to make love from the first gate and nothing will come. She will not transmit her juices in that lovemaking because she doesn't trust you. She is not relaxed right now. She's going for some kind of excitement. This kind of lovemaking will never nourish the man. The next day, he is again hungry. He is going for the same adventure. What I say that foreplay is you're doing a service to you. The moment the woman is relaxed and trusting you, she opens her golden gate. When you penetrate and you go deep inside of her, this is for the first time you feel a-ha. That kind of lovemaking when you go so deep inside and she's trusting you and you can rest there. At that moment, there's a connection between her juices and your juices. At that moment, your lingam becomes feminine and starts receiving. That's what the art or masculine and feminine. When she started pouring her juices in your penis or lingam, it starts to become receptive and it starts receiving that. You are also penetrating and she's receiving them. The moment that circle happens, the men after this lovemaking for a month don't even have to think about sexuality. He can use all his energy for creativity. He can clear that energy. That energy can be used to create magnificence in his life and his family. That kind of lovemaking.

DFP 31 | Masculine Power
Masculine Power: We need to negotiate with each other what a woman wants and what a man wants.


To reach to that point, we need to negotiate with each other. What a woman wants and what a man wants. That's the dialogue that never happens. It's the fast food world where basically we are connecting without having any energy to the negotiation. We are jumping, huffing and puffing, and feeling starved and undernourished all the time. Slowly men are losing interest in women because it doesn't nourish them and women are losing interest in men. This would be the biggest calamity on the planet when men and women are no more interested in each other. The most important thing is that if we can start sharing the right love language, right body language, and the right information. I can always tell the men, you wake up 6:00 in the morning, make love with your woman passionately, amazingly, and juicily for two hours and then go to the office. Is the traffic jam going to bother you or somebody is telling you or nagging you? You are already high. Why don't we make our laundry list upside down rather than making love at night when you have such little energy? Make love the first thing and then start your day.

We have a question from one of the audience members. Everybody is loving it. They're giving us a lot of comments and love, likes, “How do we nurture that deep energy?”

It's a very individual question because energies are given to us. When it comes into our body, it becomes very individual. Every day is going to be different. For example, when you wake up. You were given a bucket of energy by the sun, by the moon, and by the stars. We all need to cultivate intelligence and wisdom inside of us. How do I use that bucket of energy? Someday you might want to go for jogging and that's the best way to do it. Someday you want to sit down and have a cup of tea. One day you want to make love. Another day, you want to sleep until late morning up to 9:00. Every day is going to be different. That's why the rules are given for the stupid people. The wise people sense every single moment and trust that whatever decision I'm going to take is going to be in alignment with my energy. The frustration comes at the end of the day when you haven't used your bucket of energy in the right way. When you don't use it, the next day, learn from the day, “Where did I spend too much time talking or listening to some things or unnecessarily having a conversation or drinking too much coffee?” Whatever it is, no rules implied but creating wisdom every day. Maybe after four or five years of doing this, one day, you are so absolutely clear that I am aligned and I'm going to use my energy in a harmonious way.

I was reading one of Osho's books on Tantra and he was talking about how yoga people oftentimes need these structures like yoga and meditation and whatever in order to understand and clear away things. Eventually, after practicing so long, you begin to know your inner truth and your inner alignment. That's when your Tantra comes into play because you are so grounded in the self. You've allowed all of the other stuff to dissipate. Our audience member says, “How do we cultivate the deeper lovemaking between partners?”

The first thing is to find a lover with whom your electromagnetic function by itself. As if when two electromagnetics is automatically talking to each other, you don't have to do much. When this is not happening, then we need to do of things. Find a person with whom your whole body already wants to charge and get activated. That's one thing. For sure, it's not going to last forever but starting at that point is amazing. You can have an electric fan, but there's no electricity inside, nothing is going to run. The first thing is to find a partner. Women are very intuitive in that sense. Use your sense of smell, hearing the sound of the voice of a man and feeling how he's walking. Take time before you go and jump into it.

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Once you find that partner, then slowly take quality time because you are entering into the sacred temple. Whenever a man and a woman are mating, they are in the deepest communion possible on Earth. When we take lovemaking from that space, you will create an amazing bedroom for that. You will have a nice bedsheet, flowers, candles, and everything because that's the most precious thing. When you start having a nice partner, having a nice ambiance and then you start going into it, half of the things that are already done because you are tuned into existence.

The existence says you both are ready and you're going to create something magnificent with this lovemaking. Then you start pouring the wisdom and your body will move into the vibration, which is basically aligned to create something of the highest good. When you make love this way, that's what the Tantric lovemaking is all about. It's not about technique. It's about aligning yourself to that mysterious feminine, which is always there. She wants to dance over you as if you're ready. That's all is needed. When we can't do that, then we need to pull some emotion, past life experiences, trauma, and healing. The lovemaking will show you where you need healing. It's up to us to go into healing, heal and come back to the partner. That's how the Tantra journey goes on. Lovemaking always shows where I'm not in my full potential, where I'm not fulfilling my full orgasmic potential. That's the journey to make love to a man or a woman.

It's good to have this conversation with you. There's so much love from the audience. I can seriously sit and listen to you all day. You have so much wisdom. There was a bunch of people at this festival. I feel so grateful that I got to connect with you. We would have tea until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning talking about these types of things.

DFP 31 | Masculine Power
Masculine Power: Without discovering your purpose, there is no grounding for men. Once a man knows his sole purpose, he's guided by that energy.


I remember we did Chakra Breathing Meditation and it was so powerful for me. You were standing next to me. They asked to choose a partner and you were next to me. I said, “Would you like to be my partner for this meditation?” It was mind-blowing and amazing meditation. I knew that your vibrations are so alive. What a woman needs, it's thriving in your body. That's why I'm guided by this conversation every time that I meet you.

Thank you so much. It's been so powerful. I feel like there can be definitely more because there's so much that we can dive into. You have so much wisdom and so much knowledge. Thank you so much for being here. We have so much love from the audience. Everybody is saying you are incredible. This is beautiful and they're loving it. Swami, where can people find you? Obviously, we can talk about having another one of these for those of you who are interested. I know that you teach all over the world. You're in India now, but you live in Greece. He has an amazing Tantric partner, who they teach both men, women, and couples. What do you have going on? How can people find you?

The best way to find me is my website or Facebook, Swami Anahata. The website is TantraEarth.com. My mission on the planet is to awaken the masculine energy because men have gone hunting or fighting a battle and have never returned back home. Now, women are running the show at home feeling exhausted and lonely. Men have to come back. To do that, I have created a training, which is a four-part training. It's called Awakened Masculinity Training. It's designed for men. It has four modules. It's a step-by-step journey where men come together and embrace what it is to be a man.

The first module is all about sexual mastery. How you can reclaim your space in the bedroom and guide a woman to the ultimate peak of her orgasmic potential. Once the men take his space in the bedroom and he's awakened and alive while making love. The second stage is discovering his soul calling. Why is he on this planet in the human body? Without discovering your purpose, there is no grounding for men. He's driftwood moving around by the metrics of the world or banking system or whatever. Once he knows his sole purpose, he's guided by that energy.

The third module is all about becoming the master creator. Create a magnificent life for you, for the people who you love and for the whole planet. Finally, the fourth module is about awakened men. How you can be enlightened. It sounds like enlightenment is something somewhere far away. It's here now. We can embody that when we have clarity that I am worthy enough to be connected with that energy. These are the four modules and this training happens in Europe. They can check out on the website. I do some couples work and many more things. Our website to show other things but most passionately I like to share what you have invited me. I'm enjoying this conversation.

Hopefully, we can have another one now that we're all Facebook geared up and ready to go. Swami Anahata, it's been a pleasure. It's been absolutely amazing. I would love it. I'm sure everybody else would love it. You can connect with him on Facebook. Add him as a friend. This man has so much wisdom. Let's stay in contact about another one because this was absolutely divine.

Amanda, it's amazing to be having this space to share. Thank you.

Thank you, Anahata. Thanks so much for joining.

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About Swami Anahata

DFP 31 | Masculine PowerSwami Anahata is a gifted, intuitive, passionate teacher of Tantra. He designs and delivers programs that guide people towards discovering and living their fullest potential.

He has dedicated the past 20 years to his own growth and self-discovery through Tantra and other holistic practices. His current work fuses practical learning with spiritual practice and is firmly grounded in the teachings of Osho.

Anahata blends Eastern mysticism and Western therapy in a way that makes his message universally accessible. His magnetic presence is compelling evidence of his ability to channel his own energy: physical, emotional and sexual, and is an inspiration to those who wish to become masters of their own. He inspires trust and his heightened awareness ignites a fire of awakening in his students. His programs are designed for individuals, couples or just men.

Swami Anahata is a trusted specialist. His sound knowledge and mastery of tantric rituals, methods, and philosophy are infused by his warmth, his natural charisma, his gift for communication and essential understanding of what makes us human. www.tantraearth.com


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