Staying Healthy on the Road- Food as Empowerment

(^^ This one I call the “Golden Elixir”)


As a holistic nutritionist, I’d like to think I am always pretty mindful of the foods I choose to consume. Yet living on the road this past year has presented its own unique set of challenges that I wasn’t exactly prepared to face.  It was my own run in with health that woke me up and made me realize how I am not just a traveler passing through, that this is my life; I’m on the road in constant flow, with nothing truly ever certain. No longer can I make excuses like “I don't know when I am ever going to get to have this again.” or “just this once,” because just once turns into many, and there is always another chance to indulge.  It’s that mentality, the “let loose and live a little,” which is what distracted me from the path I feel so grounded on.

One may not think that food has that much of an impact, but believe me, it does.  Food is the very essence of everything we are.  What you put into your body transforms, becoming the life within your body; your cells, your organs, your muscles, your brain, your mind– all of which is connected to your consciousness.  When you start to understand that you can change how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually, just by what you put into your body, you begin to realize empowerment is just a step away.


My wake-up call began with inflammation.  For me, it manifested on my skin with acne, yep at 25 I was dealing with “adult acne.” Never in my life did I suffer from acne, not even as a teenager, but there it was staring me in the face… literally, and boy did it take a toll on my emotions.

The untrained mind might have just resorted to the internet and read some articles that state it’s “normal” and happens to some people.  Or they might have gone to the dermatologist and been prescribed some pills or a topical treatment (not fixing the problem but providing some temporary relief.)  Fortunately for me, I knew this was just one way my body was telling me there was something else going on deeper inside my body, and I was determined to figure it out.

Inflammation is the root cause of most dis-eases; from back pain to skin problems, to bloating and even serious diseases like thyroid issues and auto-immune disorders.  Most problems begin with inflammation, once they go untreated they manifest into something greater causing complications that can take months or years to restore balance.

Most inflammation starts in the gut, where 80% of our immune system lies.  The gut is an intricate system of multiple organs working together and when even one part of this system gets off balance the whole system takes a hit.  If this prolongs over a period of time you are no longer wading in the waters of discomfort but swept out into the depths of disease.


Take control of your health and start by consciously choosing what you put into your body.  No matter where you are or what is going on, choose empowerment. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses sacrificing what you know is best for your body for short term satisfaction.

Below are some items I carry with me that keep me on the healthy track no matter where I am at.  Stay tuned for recipes and other healthy tips I manage to create while living on the road and The Path to Empowerment.

Healthy Traveler’s go to list:

Probiotics (increasing the gut flora)
Magnesium (trace mineral often depleted in our soil- important for digestion)
Green superfood powder (just in case you're finding it hard to get fresh greens)
Chia Seeds (high in omega 3’s- good for inflammation)
Turmeric (incredible superfood great for inflammation and high in antioxidants)
Ginger (anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial)
Cacao powder (okay no I just love this one, but has incredible health benefits, containing high doses of natural chemicals like dopamine & serotonin which boost our mood)
Mung beans (protein baby- sprouted= better for digestion)


Inflammation at the Root of Most Diseases


  1. leigh

    I’d been reading a lot of healthy tips here and there and I guess my mind had just so much to take. Well what works for me to be in shape and the best of health (at least how i feel) is to exercise,eat the right food ,drink healthy detox water, avoid stress,strictly no to alcohol, not skipping meal earthing and having enough sleep.Just pretty much healthy lifestyle 🙂

    1. Yes absolutely those are all healthy ways of being. I love that you’ve found what works for you! Keep on the path darling

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