Sweaty Palms Keeping You From Nailing that Downward Dog?

Damn you downward dog!

It took MONTHS before I bit the bullet and decided to invest in a proper yoga mat.  It also took months before I realized it’s not normal for your palms to slip in downward dog.


“$70 for a yoga mat?!  You’ve got to be kidding me?”

I would mutter these words in my head as I would ponder the isles of the yoga studio looking at all the beautifully arrayed (yet what I thought was overly priced) yoga mats.


Then there I was, on the mat slipping from one pose to the next trying not to break my concentration as I struggled in and out of each asana.


“How am I the only one who is struggling this much?!” I thought it was just me, turned out there was more to this magical little carpet than what meets the eye.

The moment my practice changed forever


I still remember the day I rolled out my fresh yoga mat for my first practice in the studio, I felt like I had finally stepped up to the ‘big leagues’.

Long story short, the mat changed my practice forever.  That little price tag, made a HUGE difference when it came to my alignment, focus, and presence on the mat.  When I think back on how much I use my mat, if I were to practice even 3x a week it comes out to less 50 cents a practice over a year time span and I had this mat for 3 years… Needless to say, it was money well spent.


It’s been years since then.  I’ve practiced on dozens of mats and finally have nailed down the one that is perfect for me.


It’s light and compact– making it easy to travel (some mats are so heavy they feel like I’m carrying around a sack of wet towels)

It’s got amazing grip– bye bye slippy hands, hello alignment

It’s environmentally conscious– well, the mat it’s self isn’t, but the company that makes it and the materials it’s made out of is



The Yogini’s Magic Carpet


My yogo mat goes with me everywhere, litereally!  It’s an amazing product that cares beyond their bottom line.  

It’s one thing to practice yoga, it’s another to embody it.  Practicing asana does not make you a yogi, nor does it make you a good person.  (I’ve unfortunately met a lot of not so great yogi’s out there– like you practice yoga…whhhaaatttt??! “Where’s dat patience doe?”)  Lol, but seriously.


It’s one thing to speak the truth, it’s another to live it.  Yoga is the path of union.  This union not only applies to our inner selves but our outer selves as well.  Being conscious of how we relate and take from the world around makes a difference.  I invite you to take your practice to the next level and move beyond the practice on the mat.  Try taking your practice to the next level.

Are you aware that your actions not only affect you but everything and everyone else around you?  

Are you sporting the latest and greatest new hot yoga pants so that you can look awesome in your down dog for the person behind you?  

Or are you choosing to support companies that have yogic principles embedded in their brand? 

Be mindful of your consumption, your actions matter.

Don’t just take my advice, have a look for yourself

Take a look at this amazing company and see how they are making a difference not just in the practice of yoga, but also in the environment at large.




I love this company so much that I’ve partnered with them which means you get to save a little extra chaching $$!

If you decide to take your downward dog to the next level you’ll save over $10 by entering my last name BICCUM at checkout!


With Love & Light Always,

Amanda Biccum


P.S. Did you get the mat? If so let me know what you think! I am always intersted to hear how your practice continues to transform.

Photo credit to the talented San Francisco Bay Area photographer Jenny Love


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