Bio-individuality At It’s BEST– How To Create A “Diet” Designed For YOU~



Just because a food is healthy, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

In this article discover ‘How To Create A Diet Designed For You' using by identifying the foods that serve YOUR body best.


Heal your Gut with the bio-individuality diet

I know, you’ve been taught your whole life that carrots are healthy and now I’m telling you they may not be? 




Confusing, right? Stick with me and I’ll explain…

Let’s talk bio-individuality


For a long time, we’ve been taught that a whole foods-based diet is healthy.  “Eat the rainbow” and “Have three servings of fruits and veggies daily,” experts have said.  There is no doubt that those are indeed healthy choices, but what if there is more to this story than we’ve been told? 

What is bio-individuality?


Bio-individuality is about understanding the uniqueness of each individual.  Bio-individuality when it comes to food choices is rooted in the basis that individual foods react differently in different bodies. 

By learning to understand what foods serve YOUR body best, you can begin to optimize your level of being in a multitude of ways; physical abilities, mental & emotional wellbeing etc.

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The Plague of Food Sensitivities


Today, gluten-free, diary-free and vegan labels run the market. 

Did you know many individuals suffer from symptoms of food sensitivities, yet because they are often ‘mild’ they frequently get overlooked?  (1)


But what is food sensitivity really and why all the sudden are they everywhere?!


Nutrition is complex. There are so many variables that come into play with each individual and any given study, isolating specific causes is almost impossible. 

Some of the most common understandings we have on why food allergies are so prevalent today are:

#1 There are more toxins in our food products today than ever before

From food colorings, flavorings, additives, preservatives, enhancements and other chemicals being consistently added to our foods daily.  These chemicals have a negative effect on our health.

Take for example:

A box of your favorite health or granola bars. Turn it over and read the label.  What do you see?  Chances are you see over 20 ingredients, many of which you have no idea what they are and most likely cannot even pronounce! What do you think happens when you put this into your body?  Not only does your body have to spend the energy to break down and digest this food, it’s also having to work extremely hard to detox these chemicals and nonfood substances you’ve just but into it.  It often takes more energy to detox from these “unknowns” than your body actually gains from the food itself. 

#2 We have more stressors on our body today than ever before


Not only are we dealing with toxins from our food products— toxins are present throughout our environment.  They are in our water supply (heavy metals from pesticide run-offs, prescription meds, etc.), the air we breathe and the products that are EVERYWHERE; from our household cleaning products to our beauty products.  And today 75% of Americans report they experience moderate to high levels of stress in one or more aspects of their lives.  (2)

Stress, be it from external or internal, taxes the body’s system.  We are humans, not super humans, we do have limits and when these limits are reached, problems begin to surface. 

#3 Are foods more complex than they ever have been


Look at most recipes, go to any restaurant and more likely than not, there will be an abundant list of ingredients in one dish.  Not only do we usually consume one dish at every meal, we usually have two or three.  Talk about a lot to process.  Today, with the modern world being able to access just about anything at any moment, you walk into a grocery store and can get exotic foods from around the world that you would never have seen in your life centuries ago.  Mix those with 13 other whole foods, 5 spices and 2 sauces and BAM you’ve got a whole lot your body needs to sort out and process.  Although these foods are no doubt tasty, they can tax your digestive system like no other.

#4 We are no longer eating real foods- GMO’s, HYBRIDIZED, PACKAGED


This is the sad story of our modern-day food supply.  We’ve allowed profits to come over people.  We’ve genetically ‘enhanced’ and morphed our foods so that they produce more bang for the buck, without taking into consideration the affect this gene manipulation could have on human health.  Yes, this topic is extremely controversial.  I’m going to take the controversy out of it by stating this.  With such new advancements on the market, you simply CANNOT know how it will affect the human body without years of testing.  Do you think the food industries are going to wait 100 years to see the effects these foods have on the genome?  No way!  (More links and studies on this have been provided below.)


3 things you can do today to help your body thrive

#1 Stop eating packaged processed foods 



#2 Eat Simply- Simple ingredients, simple recipes, simply made



#3 Buy Organic- Your dollar is your vote!



What serves your body, may not be what serves your neighbors’ body.  While there are 5 foods known to often cause sensitivities, there are many other healthy foods that people are sensitive too as well.  Without taking a food sensitivities test which can be quite expensive (upwards of $300), it can be challenging (but not impossible) to discover just what foods are working for you and which foods may not be. 

Did you know food sensitivities show up far more than just rashes, or hives?

Food sensitivities can manifest in the body as:

Acne and other skin sensitivities

Bloating, gas, constipation, IBS, and irregularity in the stool

Fatigue, moodiness, irritability

Headaches, congestion, brain fog

Weight gain

These are just a FEW of the ways our body can show symptoms to food allergies.  The problem is, we’ve been eating so many of the above foods for so long it’s hard to locate what the underlying cause is.

Begin the road to discover the foods that serve your body best

At the end of the day, your body is always talking to you.  Any symptoms you may experience, even if it’s just from time to time, is a message your body is desperately trying to send.  If you don’t listen to its subtleties now, it can easily turn into a major health concern in the future. 

To learn more about how detox can help you discover your food sensitivities check out this blog “Your Body's Symptoms Are A Cry For Help– Why Detox Is Important.

Love and Light, 

Amanda Biccum






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