Top 10 Benefits of Fasting & Why Your Mental Clarity Depends On It

Lately, many friends have been asking me why I fast and how often I do it. I’ve realized these are common questions many people have when deciding whether a fast is something worth trying. Which is why, in case anyone is considering giving fasting a try right now, I’ve decided to share this list of “The Top 10 Benefits of Fasting.” I highly recommend it.

1. Fasting Resets the Digestive System

Ah, yes, our trusty old digestive tract; it does so much for us and asks so little in return.  Fasting gives the digestive system a break, which is incredibly beneficial when it comes to dealing with any digestive based imbalances. Ever suffer from gas, bloating, constipation and infrequent bowel movements or the like?

Doing a 24-72 hour fast can often give you what you need in order to reset and get back on track.

2.Helps remove toxins from the body

Fasting asks our body to begin to tap into its natural reserves when it comes to fuel. Our body first uses stored glucose in the liver for fuel then converts over to using fat. Toxins are often stored in the fat cells and tissues of the body. Fasting not only helps us to burn fat, it also begins to remove the toxins along with it.

 3. Creates More Time & Gives You More Energy

In today’s world who doesn’t need more time? That’s one of the excuses I hear from my clients more than anything, “I don’t have enough time.” Well, let me tell you, fasting creates a lot more time as you are no longer consumed with all the thought, prep and energy that goes into cooking and eating food.

“Say what? Fasting will actually give me more energy?”

It’s true. In the beginning the mind may be struggling, and that alone might cause you to feel the opposite. However, when you get beyond the mind games, you’ll actually be able to tap into a large amount of energy you didn’t know you had (more about this below).

4. Promotes Mental Clarity

This one is HUGE for me and I also hear this often from my clients who choose to do the 21-day ‘System Reset’ Detox Program. The degree to which food controls our minds is insane, yet when we are constantly listening to that voice, it can be hard to hear anything else.

When we fast, we begin to see the grip that the mind has on us. We begin to realize how often we distract ourselves with food or other substances/activities instead of just allowing ourselves to truly sit with the sensations and emotions that are coming up.

5. Creates New Neurological Associations in the Brain

This one takes time, and doesn’t happen with just one 24-hour fast, but over time, you can begin to reprogram the patterns and habits you have around food, which then begins to retrain your brain.

6. Reduces Food//Sugar Cravings

I can’t tell you how many of my clients have talked about how much more in control they are after having done a fast/detox. Sugar feeds on sugar. Fasting with water, green juices or bone broth interrupts the sugar feeding frenzy and can reduce your body’s deep desire for sugar. This also goes along with training the brain.

For those who suffer with candida, this one can be key to your body’s healing.


7. Induces Natural Apoptosis/Detox

Our bodies have specific cells whose job is to kill organelles and other cells that are dead, damaged and no longer functioning optimally. When we are constantly putting food into our body, the majority of the body’s energy is going to breaking down the food instead of creating new cells and cleaning out the old ones.

Fasting helps induce natural apoptosis which sends messages out to the killer cells that it’s time for them to ‘clean house.'

8. Helps to Heal & Seal the Gut

When it comes to dealing with digestive issues, particularly Leaky Gut, it is important to eliminate the stressors that are perpetuating the inflammation. These are often foods that continue to aggravate the stomach lining and create inflammation throughout the body.

When we stop putting inflammatory foods into the body, the body has time to begin to repair. Not all fasts will truly help to heal and seal the gut. However, BONE BROTH fasts are incredibly good at this as they have particular proteins that work specifically with the gut lining to replenish and rebuild the cell wall.

For an amazingly delicious and easy bone broth recipe click here.

9. Allows the Body to Absorb Nutrients Rapidly

Think of fasting like an IV of nutrients going straight to your blood. Well, not quite, but close!  Basically, when the body doesn’t have to worry about breaking food down, it skips the process of digestion and goes straight into the process of absorption. This makes it easy for the body to utilize the nutrients more easily which is why people often report having more energy and mental clarity when fasting.


10.Reduces Inflammation

By eliminating foods that cause inflammation, especially when dealing with gut based issues such as leaky gut, where many foods can cause sensitivities, fasting often removes inflammatory foods and reduces inflammation.  Fasting has also been shown to reduce inflammatory markers in the body, which you can learn more about here.

11.First Step to Understand Bio-individuality

One of the best benefits of fasting, which lasts far beyond just the time of fasting, is the benefit of gaining insight into your body’s own bio-individuality.  Bio-individuality is basically learning what foods serve your body best, realizing that not every food (even if it’s healthy), is good for everyone. 

Often we eat foods that our bodies just don’t agree with, and this contributes to inflammation; the symptoms can be so subtle that we don’t even know it’s happening.

Symptoms of inflammation can occur in a vast variety of ways including; brain fog, forgetfulness, stomach/digestive issues, skin issues, depression, etc. 

When we give our body a reset with fasting, and slowly re-introduce foods one at a time, we can begin to see what foods may be causing your body’s symptoms.

After healing my gut-based issues, I created a 21-day protocol which helps individuals heal their own gut-based issues. The protocol eliminates heavy metals, harmful microorganisms, and helps individuals discover a lifestyle around food that serves them best.

After going on this protocol clients have found relief from chronic headaches, stomach pains, skin-based issues and more.

Here is a testimony from a recent #DetoxNotDiet Tribe member below:


Detox NOt Diet with Amanda Biccum

There is a Group Detox coming up May 7th, if you would like to learn about how you can join the #detoxtribe click <here> to learn more.

There are many different types of fasts. You can do everything from a water fast to a juice fast to a bone broth fast, and more.

It’s important to really understand why you are fasting, what you want to get out of it and make sure you are well-educated on how to fast. Practicing with a health care practitioner or following a protocol is best.

Fasting is not for everyone, if you are struggling with serious illnesses, always consult your primary care physician.

At the end of the day, the most important thing you can do is listen to your body.

Please feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions you may have.

Love & light,


Amanda #TheGutGal

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