DFP 2 | People Burnout

Wellness Wednesday Top 3 Reasons People Burnout: Let’s Beat Burnout – Discover Why It Happens And How To Prevent It


Today, burnout is becoming more and more common as the world becomes more stressed with the story of not enough time and too much to do. In this episode, Amanda discusses the top 3 reasons people burn out and provides tips and tools to recognize burnout before it happens. We continually push and give more of ourselves, but we have to realize that we can only offer so much. Learn how to step back and serve yourself first. Foster within that love for yourself and watch as the universe supports you.

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Wellness Wednesday Top 3 Reasons People Burnout: Let's Beat Burnout – Discover Why It Happens And How To Prevent It

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday. I'm here to bring you some inspiring topics and conversations, opportunities to get involved with helping ourselves become more self-aware so that we can dive deeper into a life of fulfillment, feeling incredible in our body, minds and spirits. I’m going to talk about something that is incredibly common, the topic of burnout. One thing that I love about doing these episodes is that it creates a growing online conscious community where people come together. Instead of checking out on Facebook, we begin to check in and we listen to content and things that truly serve us, our higher selves and our purpose.

It's these conversations like this that does create this container for all of us to see one another. The truth is that if you're reading this, it means that you're on the path of deepening your connection to yourself, finding your purpose and your passion. When we come together as a collective to share in this process, we begin to support one another and our growth both as individuals and as a collective consciousness. I truly do believe and appreciate the support that is here that we all co-create together. This is a conscious conversation. This is something, not a one-way stream. This is intended to create a conversation where you, the audience, can engage with me and engage with each other. It creates this opportunity for you to dive deeper, to ask questions, to get open and be honest and vulnerable about your changes, your struggles and your challenges.

I want to give Antony a huge shout out. Antony is an amazing member of our community. He shows up all the time. He completed, along with Donna, the 21-Day Detox. I saw a post from him about how he has lost weight and he weighs the same amount or less than he did when he went into the military. Congratulations, Antony for sticking to the post-Detox because this 21-Day Transformation is not just about the 21 days. What it is is about creating a lifestyle that you can continue to honor yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Welcome and congratulations, Antony. That is fantastic. We are here with you continuing to support you and rising into your most optimal state of being. Congratulations on taking that cleanse. Antony also won the challenge. He's super committed to the path. He won the challenge and got to do the Detox with us this last round for free.

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Burn Out

I want to talk burnout. Who here has experienced burnout ever in your life? What is burnout? What does it mean when you hear the words burnout? What does burnout mean to you? When you hear the words burnout, it's becoming increasingly common. What does it mean this topic of burnout? What does that mean? What does it feel like? What are the words that come to you when you think about burning out? When you hear burnout, what happens? What do you feel? What is your experience? What is your knowledge of it? Stress is definitely one of them. It’s huge. Burnout, for me personally, is the next level of stress. Stress comes and then when the stress gets so much, you can't continue to thrive anymore, you burnout. Too much, just feeling overloaded. There's too much on your plate that you can't get through it, that you are sinking. It's like a sinking ship. You're on that edge of where you're literally going to burn up and combust when passion turns to addiction with a thing that you love. It could be a person, it could be a thing, it could be a job, turns into this thing that you cannot stop. What was once healthy turns into something that is too much.

That is common in the entrepreneurial world. I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs in my past and this is often the case for them. They become enthralled with it that they don't realize that even too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Loss of energy and direction, it's like you're so fired up. You're on this path and then all of a sudden it's like, “I can't go anymore. Where are we going anyways? What is going on? Why am I even going to this place?” You're on the path. You think you're going where you need to be going. Oftentimes, we get obsessed with whatever it is that we think that the goal is at the end of the tunnel, the light at the end of the tunnel and we end up crashing. We become too stressed. We become lost in our pursuit that we’ve forgotten oftentimes even why we started the pursuit in the first place. It's when our passion starts to burn out and that flame that once lit us up is starting to dwindle.

Health Issues

It’s oftentimes in this place that we start to experience major health issues. If you have experienced burnout or the edge of burnout, I would love to know if you started to experience health issues. If it was your body breaking down, that began to create this red flag of like, “Please listen to me. If not, we're not going to make it much further.” When you were on the path or the edge of burnout, you experienced some physical, mental or emotional elements and what those were. This is important to hear from the audience because as other people join in, they'll begin to understand how burnout could manifest in your physical body.

DFP 2 | People Burnout
People Burnout: We think that the goal and the light is at the end of the tunnel that we end up crashing.


When I’ve worked with primarily entrepreneurs in the past who are on the edge or have hit burnout, many physical issues have come up such as adrenal fatigue. If you are experiencing adrenal fatigue, no matter what you do, you're constantly stressed. You constantly have anxiety. Your adrenals are overloaded. You're in this fight or flight-based nervous system dominant state and you cannot continue. This is definitely no good. Sometimes stomach issues, ulcers. Ulcers are huge, leaky gut feeling like no matter what you eat, nothing is working with your system. Weight gains, skin issues, gut-based issues, these are huge when it comes to burnout. It's huge when it comes to your body sending red flags of like, “I need help. You're pushing me too much and I’m starting to break down.”

High anxiety and anxiety happen when stress becomes too much, and then the stress turns into anxiety because you cannot stop the mind. Your body is in this state of sympathetic nervous system dominance, which means fight or flight. There's so much inflammation in the body that your body is not worried about producing the right hormones. It can't think about sex hormones and even neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin regulation when there's a lot of inflammation in the body. It's too busy trying to put out the fire. Inflammation comes from stress and it also comes from toxins in our environment. It also comes from the food and the things that we put in and on our bodies. When we have an excess burden of all of these things, this is what the straw that breaks the camel’s back becomes.

Burnout is often a symptom of the mind. If you're feeling you can't connect, if you have brain fog, if you're waking up in the morning and you're lacking passion and you're lacking energy, especially if you need your coffee in order to get going, this is often a sign that your body is unable to produce energy naturally. It can be incredibly bad for your long-term longevity. Often, we get so wrapped up in the story of needing to get there, wherever there is, that we forget to take care of ourselves. We get caught up in this fear-based state of scarcity and survival that we can't stop, and then it's our, “Can't stopping,” that puts us into burnout. Our physical body literally starts to break down. You get these little signs and these little taps. I often like to say the universe will tap you on the shoulder and then if you don't listen, it's going to grab your elbow. If you don't listen, it's going to stick a foot out in front of you before you trip over it and you fall and you cannot help but listen.

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This is why this Wellness Wednesday, I felt empowered and passionate about talking about it. If you're facing any of these minor issues, brain fog, skin issues, joint pain. If you are experiencing any of those things and a bunch of other things, digestive-based issues, energy-based issues, this is your chance to listen to your body. To tune in and to prevent burnout before you burn up. It is true. I’ve had to take many people from burnout back to ultimate health. Honestly, it's a lot harder to get back to balance when you've gone so far out of balance. It's possible but I’m trying to create the space to talk about it, to bring awareness to something before it happens. Being a nutritionist and being in the world of health and nutrition for so long.

I too when I was in school, I got wrapped up in my own story of what was good, what was bad, eating the right things and not having this because I had that. I got wrapped up and I almost felt like I couldn't eat anything. I was like, “Everything is toxic. Everything's bad. What am I supposed to do?” It was that alone at being so wrapped up in something that I fixated on it and it created more stress and disease in my body than if I would have balanced. What are the top three things when it comes to burnout? The first reason why people end up burning out is that they have poor diet and lifestyle choices. I almost want to emphasize lifestyle choices even more so than the diet. I’ve been studying nutrition for the past eight years and I’ve done about every diet under the sun. I’ve worked with a myriad of different types of clients with different issues, challenges and symptoms that they've wanted to tackle.

I can honestly tell you that I don't even focus on nutrition for the first month we work together. Generally, I focus on the lifestyle choices. It is our patterns and habits and the way that we choose to spend our energy that makes the biggest difference when it comes to being able to change our lives in the way that we desire. Toxic lifestyle choices, meaning how are you spending your time? How are you spending your energy? These things are really important. Who are you spending your energy with? Are you around people who are lifting you up and making you feel better? Are you around people, maybe it's your work environment? Maybe it's your community. Maybe it's your family or your partner that is bringing you down and creating this toxic negativity that is penetrating your own energy field. It’s continuing to add to the stress that is compounding on yourself. It’s so important.

DFP 2 | People Burnout
People Burnout: When you are under a lot of stress, you choose to escape.


Diet and lifestyle, making sure that you are in alignment. I did an interview where I talked about finding alignment with your purpose. It's important in this work in the world, and this is going to lead me to the third point. First point, the top reason why people burnout: poor diet and poor lifestyle. When you are under a lot of stress, that is when you choose to escape. You will eat foods that you don't necessarily eat because you're too busy to cook for yourself. You'll end up drinking more because the stress is too much. Smoking more or getting into these obsessive patterns and habits of escaping instead of truly choosing to deal with and listen to whatever emotions and feelings are coming up in your body. We are taught in our society to escape. We escape our reality so much. It's all about, “I can easily check out. I can easily go to social media. I can easily connect with my lover, whatever.” Maybe it's a porno addiction, maybe it's a workout addiction, maybe it's a food addiction and maybe it's a social media addiction. We are conditioned to create these patterns of checking out versus checking in. What that's doing is covering the surface as the thing underneath continues to grow. Make sure that you are truly sticking to the best diet and lifestyle that serves you.

Number two, you are giving more than you are receiving. This is an important point to make and I don't think that this would be often talked about when the burnout conversation comes up. My question to you is, “How are you showing up for yourself?” Oftentimes, when it comes to burnout, we are giving more than we're receiving. We’re waking up and we're having like, “I have to do all these things for the school. I have to do this and that and the other,” and we're giving so much more than we're receiving. It's in our giving too much and pouring from an empty cup that we don't have enough to give to our self. I am on a mission to help to change this idea of selfishness. Changing the idea of selfishness to honoring the self, understanding when you choose to honor yourself before you go and give to the rest of the world. When you give back to yourself, you have so much more to give back to your community, to your loved ones, to your partners, to whatever it is that you feel impassioned about.

Giving Back To Yourself

It's important to give back to yourself. How do we give back to ourselves? It depends. Giving back to you as far as time. I know a lot of friends and people in my community who have a hard time with time boundaries. They want to please other people. They want to go do all these things with their friends because they know their friends want to see them and want to connect with them. What happens is we get wrapped up in what other people want, “I know other people want to see me. I know so and so want to spend time with me. I haven't hung out with so and so in a while. It's important to so and so that I make it to this thing.”

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What's important to you? Take a moment to stop, step back and check what is important to you. What do you need to fill yourself? There's always going to be another play, another dinner, another social gathering. Truly if you don't have the energy within yourself to fully show up for yourself, then I invite you to say, “Thank you so much for inviting me. I would love to be there. I'd love to go but to be honest, I need to take care of myself right now. I need to spend some time alone. I have to consistently set time boundaries around myself. I cannot continue to do all the things that everybody wants me to do, even some of the things that I want to do because I’m not going to have enough.”

Next is not aligned with the third one. First, we have diet and lifestyle, a big reason why people end up burning out. You get super stressed. You stop taking care of yourself. You stop eating the foods that will truly serve you. That also decreases your ability to perform. You become more stressed because the body is taxed. Your diet, your lifestyle choices on how you choose to spend your time, and who you choose to spend it with are impacted because of that. The second one we have is not giving to yourself before you go give to the world. It’s important. Make sure you give to yourself so that you can have more to give to others and the things that you're passionate about. The last, and I honestly think might even be the most important one and one that is more on an energetic level than anything is truly understanding or checking in to see if you were aligned with your purpose.


Are you aligned with your purpose? This is a condition. We have been conditioned in our world to feel that you're being selfish. If you're checking in to see how this serves me? We have been conditioned to serve others before we serve ourselves. The truth is we can only serve so much of others when we are not serving ourselves. This is a big, old story that I am working hard to empower my clients and my community to help them change this old story, to change this old story so that we can begin to empower ourselves and take care of ourselves not only for our own wellbeing but for future generations as well.

Are you aligned with your purpose? This is number three. What's important is this understanding that there's an old story around what it means to be successful. That we need to go out, that we need to get the college degree. That we need to work hard, that we need to have the successful career and that then we’ll be happy. Once we have the car. Once we have the house. Once we have all of the things that we were told by little kids what we needed to do. It wasn't, “Johnny, what do you want to be when you grow up?” not, “Johnny, who do you want to be when you grow up? How do you want to be when you grow up? What excites you?” It's who do you want to be.

This is important when it comes to asking ourselves if we are aligned with our life's purpose. There's one thing that I found when working with my clients more than anything. When they're aligned with their life's purpose, they have more passion, power and drive. What they're doing isn't because they think that they should be doing something or for some reason outside themselves. It is truly coming from this vitality, this spring within them where their heart is like, “I cannot do this. I need to show up not for myself but for the world because I feel that this is incredibly important.”

DFP 2 | People Burnout
People Burnout: As you come to be more in alignment with yourself, you also become more in alignment with everything and everyone else around you. Then life stops being so hard and it begins to flow with effortless ease.


Once you find that purpose, once you're connected to your purpose, then all of a sudden everything else falls into alignment. You become into alignment with yourself and where you're meant to be in the world. I know a lot of people come to me after having had the successful career or they're in the successful career and they're like, “What am I doing? Why do I feel so empty? Why do I feel so alone?” It is this old story that we've been following for way too long around what it means to be successful. What it means to be a successful human in this world is to follow an old story that might not be your truth. It is when we're following that story that we become more and more disconnected from who we are and what our purpose is here.

There's one thing that I know has changed my life forever and it's getting clear on what my purpose is. There is something about it that when I wake up each and every day, I feel inspired. I feel excited. I feel that there is so much energy within me to give to the world because I feel that I am in alignment with what I’m supposed to be doing in this world and how I can be supporting. The truth is our old-school mentality is about you. It's about the individual. It's about what can I do? How can I achieve? How can I show up? Truly, at the end of the day, it's never about us as individuals. It's about how can I be a support to the collective consciousness? How can I show up whether it's for my family or for my community? That's what's most important.

It's so incredible to understand that when you are in alignment with your life's purpose, that it's no longer about you. The beautiful thing is that you begin to have the support of the universe and the community is supporting you. As you become more in alignment with yourself, you also become more in alignment with everything and everyone else around you. Then life stops being hard and it begins to flow with effortless ease. You're still going to have challenges. That's when the universe starts to ask you, “How bad do you want it? How bad do you want this? How much are your soul and your heart in it?” That's when you get to show up. You got to show up for yourself. You got to show up in your highest vibration and then others begin to feel that around you. Many people are working for the wrong reasons. They're working for the reasons to achieve instead of the reasons to fulfill themselves and give to the world.

These are the top three reasons that I find when clients come to me that they're dealing with, that they're struggling with. When we go back to their past and we work on clearing limiting patterns, habits and beliefs, I begin to see these patterns show up in almost every client. Many people come to me because they’ve either hit burnout. They're super stressed, or depressed. The work that we do is going back to the old and saying, “When did this start happening? What was the sequence of events? How did this show up?” This is so powerful.

It's incredible as we continue to walk on this path and life gets faster and time continues to speed up. We constantly tell ourselves the story of, “I don't have enough time.” The truth is we have more time now than ever. It's not about how much time we have. It's about how are we spending our time. You can begin to truly serve yourself and serve the rest of the world when you spend more time honoring yourself. If you know someone who you can see that they're on the edge of burnout and that they're not happy. They're incredibly stressed, that they're feeling disconnected, that they're constantly complaining about their physical elements or their mental and emotional elements, please share this message or tag them. Share this message with your community so that other people can begin to say, “That's me,” and they can get help before they burnout.

I’ve seen too many people come to me after having burned out. I hope to create this space where people can begin to wake up, become aware and get the support and the help that they need before they hit that space. Please share with your communities. Tag people if you know. Sometimes, especially the ones that is closest to us like our family and the community that is close-knit, they won't always listen to us. We're like, “Joe, I see that you're super stressed out. Maybe you should get some help.” Joe doesn't want to listen to you because he's like, “I’m fine. I have a couple more weeks before this project finishes or whatever,” or someone's on antidepressants or anti-anxiety you’re like, “Maybe seeing someone would help, other than a therapist.”

There's a big difference between therapy and coach. Therapy listens and allows you to create that space for you to be heard. Coaches listen and then give you opportunities to begin to change the old stories so that you can feel better. Sometimes when we share these messages and somebody outside ourselves tells the person or they hear it from an outside message that reconfirms what you've been telling them all along. Now, I’m no longer because it's not their family telling them and they'll listen. Sharing this message can be important, not only for your own growth and expansion but also for helping others. Our collective consciousness starts to wake up.

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These are the top three reasons for people burning out that I’ve seen in my personal practice and working with people. I hope that something has clicked. I hope that something has registered with you. It’s important as we continue to step into our power and what's possible to begin to wake up and to begin to support one another on this journey. Thank you so much. I do post things in The Vitality Path Health & Wellness Community. That's a community of people who are on the path, who are dedicated. It's a Facebook group who are already seeking support and connection. There are other people, both who come on the Lives and other people in there who are fitness training professionals, herbologists and other health experts, coaches and intuitive guides. They come in that community and support and cultivate the place for space to grow. If you have not yet joined us in that community, join us in there.

I share a lot more personal information online. Here, I share a lot about motivation, inspiration and hopefully giving you powerful content to continue to rise into your highest and best self. There, I talk about some more of my own personal struggles and challenges that I go with or go through. Thank you. Thank you so much for joining. I hope to see you next episode. I have a couple of cool announcements. If you haven't yet logged on to my website, AmandaBiccum.com, you can join the email list. I send out special announcements, incentives and things that are going to be happening until the end of the year. You'll be the first to know if you're on my email list. You get the inside scoop. Make sure that you join that as well if you want extra content. Each and every single one of you who commit in one way, shape, form or the other that enhances and uplifts the vibrations of people around you. Truly the most important work you could ever do in this life, I believe, is the self-work. When we do the self-work, we work on our own vibration which uplifts the vibrations around us. I will see you in the next episode. Take care.

Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode. I cannot tell you how much your support means. If you found this content helpful in any way, shape or form, I would it if you share this with your friends and family. If you haven’t already done so, please go over to iTunes and leave us a review. Your reviews help us rank higher, which means more people can get excited by this content. Together, we can support one another to continue on our journey towards our highest and best selves.

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