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Shedding the light on shadows, exploring the depths of  human potential and unlocking the door to what we thought was possible…

Having taken a hiatus from holding in person events and experiences, Amanda has stepped back out in the scene this time exploring a new flavor. 

Embodiment & Sacred Sexuality. 

Having spent the summer in Europe hosting events and experiences for those looking to dive deeper into the shadows of sex and sexuality, Amanda has finally landed in Bali where she will be spending her time in Ubud creating workshops, events, experiences and even a retreat in 2020. 

Planning a trip to Bali? 

Fancy finding yourself immersed in a container with like minded individuals looking for depth, connection and intimacy in ways you've always dreamed yet didn't know how to find? Look no further tune into the list of experiences Amanda will be offering below: 


Photo's From Past Experiences

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